100 comments on “✔ Minecraft: How to make a Tractor”

  1. TheJcproductionsjc says:

    What if we sent you some of our ideas to help you with your channel? 😀

  2. DugspiUno says:

    I cant wait to see more videos by you 😀

  3. Kayden says:

    Sweet design as usual Magma I'll definitely be using this in my own world

  4. Ashes says:

    I freaking love vehicles and these kids are helping me with my town 🙂

  5. Rudaba Amin Chowdhury says:

    Can you make a tutorial for the girly week called how to make a GIANT FLOWER HOUSE (Which means a house in a GIANT flower) 😀

  6. UniverseRSful says:

    I signed up can u say my name in on of ur vids?

  7. Zoocanadanda says:

    Hum the video appeared in my box as "WATCHED" again. This has been happening with only Magma Musen. WTF?

  8. Newtt says:

    @MagmaMusen  – How to make a harvester

  9. CandyGarnet says:

    tractors have license plates?

  10. Georgey Castillo says:

    Can I help u do minecraft pe videos plz

  11. TheMinecat12 says:

    hey my grandpa pig can you make a western train plis???

  12. Marcel says:

    Ghostgamer these kids "these"

  13. kolmasraita says:


  14. Alpha TV says:

    Make a combine havester

  15. Alpha TV says:

    Make a combine havester

  16. Quan Minh Tran says:

    🐷 -> 💻+🎥 -> 🎓 -> 😒… 😀+💻+🎥 = 🐷/💻/🎥


  17. Woxot says:

    lol keralis already made all these XD

  18. Dream Department says:

    No keralis intended.

  19. raditya aulia satyabudhi irzan says:

    Dude,why in every tutorial you're in survival mode ?!

  20. Nightwing says:

    When you are wearing a tuxedo when all are gone you look like a pig

  21. Gabriele Cappellano says:

    You can make a video in which you build a combine?

  22. Little Red says:

    i love your vids so much you are my inspiration so thank you so much for your awesomeness one simple request can you please make more building vids i thought your movie theater was excellent and so was your beauty saloon but it would be awesome if you could make more but houses especially thank you

  23. TechnoTurquoise [GD] says:


  24. Melih The BassBooster says:

    also you can make with nether brick fence 😀

  25. NP70707 says:

    wow you steal keralis designs! reported.

  26. Mirppuli says:

    AAAA!! Pig with a trsctor!! RUUUNNN!!!

  27. Husky Pokemon says:

    May i ask what do you use to record your screen? :3

  28. Cesty_Plarpis says:


  29. Bud Light says:

    How to make a submarine or a garbage truck or a UPS truck or a boat or a jeep or a WalMart or a world||

  30. iGrace TTG says:

    Can you make "How to make an Airplane"?

  31. Rakha sulthana says:


  32. grace gellinger backup says:

    My mom and dad were wacthing a movie while I was wacthing this I looked over to see a scene for s minute and I look back to finish the video but it was already over

  33. 멋진일 빈 팔 쿤 says:

    so funny TRACOT

  34. zombie Pro master zombie says:

    how to make a fourwheeler

  35. Perencanaan Imigrasi says:

    i love trucks

  36. rockstar_1209 says:

    I absolutely love this one and I am so exited to star off my making my own tutorials for PE on an island like your but in the jungle

  37. rockstar_1209 says:


  38. Зеко says:

    why you puting so retarded music in the video?!

  39. Trekker Tris says:


  40. reign kuchta says:

    pls make a farm..😇

  41. AnDemon Monster says:

    How to make a motorbike, please!

  42. Niilo Nieminen says:


  43. Venominon BG says:

    The tractors in Bulgaria are way difrent :I

  44. SpiderMan FutureFoundation says:

    I've done this on pe it worked version is 0.14.0

  45. CJ DEATH says:

    Such Brain

  46. josh Hose says:

    dont put rail as steering whel put cob web 😅

  47. Lili says:

    :O :0 😮

  48. Parker matheson says:

    Such sad music! 🙁

  49. RJCrafter YT says:

    I am the 1000th liker yeah

  50. Joseph says:

    can you make a limo

  51. Fuze - says:

    i made it with a working seat! (minecart seat) im on ps3, and i play minecraft! im very good at building, my psn is Fresskiste, but i dont have ps vita

  52. Untung Litang says:

    hahahahaha kau jelek kawan

  53. Red Flamer says:

    A pig in a tractor? what the heck is wrong with you people

  54. Kızıltaş modlar kralı says:

    Tractor love

  55. PeckedFreshMemes says:

    Yours looks like a Case IH

  56. Mia Monster says:

    Cool Video!😎

  57. THE RAM says:

    I want to help him to

  58. Emirhan Aydemir says:

    I like your build style

  59. Antonette Jivers says:

    make a cup

  60. Clarice Pelais says:


  61. Souksada louangsavang says:

    pls can u make hospitol with your idea
    to help your channel

  62. Jeppe Tofft says:

    Jeg ved at du er dansker

  63. Jose Castro says:


  64. JACOB Toy review and gaming says:

    If that nother tractor color red its a harvester

  65. Alex Loyer-Bales says:

    hey MagmaMusen I'm not try ng to be picky of anything but i think u should make the tractor a little bit taller

  66. mepper30 says:

    is MagmaMusen danish

  67. mepper30 says:

    i speak danish

  68. Melody doughnut cat :3 says:

    SUBSCRIBED c; your amazing keep the good work up! 😀

  69. Jackson Hillman says:

    magma if you make a mini cruise ship i will never kill a pig for the rest of my life

  70. francismhae says:

    hey magmamusen you should build battle besides your good at building

  71. The Communist Chicken says:

    Been watching since 2012.Hey magma.I made 2 of these with my brother and we made them move.They didnt look like tractors,hehe

  72. Citrine Gordon says:

    Hey, my mom has a Ferrari.
    Do you think u can make one of those? Plez

  73. Angjelos Bega says:

    magmamusen cann you making the Bing Bang Theory?(series)

  74. C .Tipaldi says:

    Make a combine. 😉

  75. 123 says:

    C418 Sweden is one of my favorite mc songs

  76. FGFW Deniz Yüksel says:

    48 dislike what is this

  77. WastedBroccoli47 says:

    I have a world called Minescapes City where I use all of your creations.

  78. maddie the llama says:

    What if… the end is heaven abd the nether is hell in minecraft… like if you agree 🙂

  79. Szymon Orłowski says:

    it's not inspiration, you copied keralis

  80. Shameer Farrukh says:

    you should have your channel intro.

    and i also love your videos.

  81. Hara Gopal says:

    I AM A BIG FAN OF YOU. And I am a not a noob but not the pro I have just started Minecraft and I am not able how to find resource packs can you please tell me how to get resource packs in Minecraft pocket edition for Android.

  82. Sean McComb says:

    I prefer John Deere green tractors

  83. Patik Kutik says:

    Kert like your videos

  84. Cool Ki 05 Studio says:

    Cool design

  85. Kid Fury says:

    I live in the south and I love this!!! Pretty accurate as well

  86. Muppet the Noob Gamer says:

    Its great and detail, but i more like bredbu's one! Becuz its moving and working

  87. Random Central says:

    Can you open a sever?🐷

  88. Keith Costanza says:

    I miss old Minecraft, the oof (ROBLOX Just copyrighted that,) the OG music, No Fortnite, Best game. R.I.P Old Minecraft 2014-2018

  89. GeorgeTroll says:


  90. Gillian Hunter says:

    How does this kill chickens

  91. Adrian Alarcon says:

    Build a harvester dude

  92. Adrian Alarcon says:

    I mean…build a combine harvester

  93. Abbie Dovewood says:

    This is a great design because it was nice, simple and easy. This was also perfect for my world which is a farm. I'm subscribing and liking this video! <3

  94. Lemon_Playz YT says:

    thank you <3

  95. Martin says:

    Eres chileno🇨🇱🇨🇱😁

  96. owner Justine mason mailgaya says:

    A e i o u

  97. Maq Stoqnova says:

    МОЛЯТЕ направи клип как да си направя стол

  98. Tinh Nghia says:


  99. Duncan McAllister says:

    tractors are slow-moving vehicles and don't need license plates if you could make a slow-moving vehicle symbol somehow that would be awesome

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