🔴 LIVE: XFL Team Schedules Released

Welcome back everybody to another edition of XFL newsroom alive. I’m here with my man Jay – from the XF podcast and we’re talking XFL team schedules and ticket sales. How are you doing tonight, sir? We may have lost them It wouldn’t be a live stream if there wasn’t some technical difficulties. Let me try to ring this fella back Give me one more second here So while we’re trying to do this, how’s everybody’s night going today? I see we have a few people in the chat Hey Jake, H. Hey, Jay – I see you in the chat as well. Sorry we kicked you out there Let’s see if he can pick up otherwise we may be going solo. We’ll see maybe we’ll have some other people chime in I don’t know But yeah, today’s big news. We have the ticket sales and we have the team schedules We have a few statistics about them and will run through kind of all the details here in a minute but we’re just gonna try to Try to sort out these technical difficulties in the moment. Let me just ping him here So I just kingdom there so while we’re waiting for him, let’s just move over Let’s just take a look at the schedule here and see pretty much what we’re looking at so the big thing to look at here is the first game the first televised XFL game the first XFL game to take place period is Going to be the dragons at the defenders. We’re going to try to give J – another call here So and then that’s followed up by LA at Houston, which I know I’m gonna be there I hope you’re there. If you’re in the Houston area. Hey, you backing out my man. Yeah, don’t hang up on me Hey, that was not me. I try I even called you back and it did you didn’t answer but either way we’re back How are you doing tonight? My man. I’m doing groovy. We got games to look forward to now Austin I’m excited so you’re gonna be at DC at least for the first game right correct live podcast We’re gonna do a live on-site Show for the kickoff of the 2020 season at Washington DC Carlos and Russell movieguy will be there He’ll be hosting the event kind of I’m paying him hosting it but except Hawk has will be live there You know, we’re trying one We’re try and get this as an actual event try and get people involved and you know meet and greet and do something that other Podcasts may not be doing they’re not associated with the company. So yeah that’s worth looking forward to and I can’t wait week one It’s gonna be nice after the Patriots win Super Bowl then go up to DC and represent the XS phone, you know We’re probably the only two Football fans that would admit to being a Patriots fan. I fought it off for a long time I won’t I won’t lie, but you know I am a Lions fan. So you always have to have the Lions and then a playoff team and It’s the Patriots. I just can’t hate Tom Brady. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t get it But either way so you’re gonna be at the very first XFL game that’s that’s pretty damn exciting. Yes. We were at the first AF game It was nice. Well, don’t bring that kind of luck Hopefully are not the bad Oldman of the group but we’re looking forward to we’ve been playing them for this for two years now So now we’re down to a couple months So if anyone’s interested in joining the Xtreme football podcast live in DC just give me and Carlos a holler and We’ll set things up and have a good time a little tailgate some beers and go watch some football and get this Show on the road for twenty And twenty twenty I’m gonna say 2018, but 2020 2020 baby 2020 vision and the good news is is I don’t have to wait much longer Than you because I’ll be at the second game that day. So we have at least the kickoff day covered, right? So right between the XF podcast and the XFL newsroom, we got you cover baby now day two Hey, I don’t mind talking about some football from the comfort of my own lounge chair So, you know You never know what you’re gonna see but we’re definitely both of us going to be doing some live streaming at Different points of the day and if you’re in Houston or DC come and hang out with the other of us I know I’m gonna be tailgating sounds like you’re gonna be tailgating Hopefully have some good music and some good times. But LA at Houston for week one That should be a good one as well. You know, I don’t know if you know much about, Texas But we’re not very fond of Californians Now I don’t particularly mind them, but I’m not a native Texan, but I I expect that to be an exciting exciting game Right, so that’s that’s day one day two of week one We have the Vipers at New York and the battle Hawks interestingly enough in Dallas so You know it at least according to the public records that we have on the globe life transition It sounded like that Stadium wasn’t going to be ready for week one so it sounds like they they may have put a little pep in their step and And maybe hurried construction here, but it’ll be interesting to see because they’re gonna have to meet that deadline I’m curious why they just didn’t have it in st. Louis the the domes ready, but either way I’m excited I’m excited for really all these games. I think when I look at least week one Maybe the Vipers in New York might be the snoozefest for me But that’s just my opinion We’re all allowed to have one Let me ask you week one, you know taking out the fact that you’re gonna be in DC What what’s your what’s your pick of the week? What what do you think is the best one on this list here? oh, it has to be the battle hawks and then the Renegades the reason why is because you get two of the top right currently right now in the Social media world you have the two teams and the xfo who are kicking butt to the fans there are buying tickets That’s st. Louis and Dallas. You gotta you gotta go with the two cities that are going to be maybe your flagship cities and like you said, it should be in the dome then more of a bigger crowd, but What sounds like in Dallas? I know I think me and you both tweeted it out last week when the schedule came out for Saint Louis Which is completely accurate by the way sign us up Yeah, we broke that first, but it by the way not the other sites and then I confirmed that st. Louis will be playing Dallas the first week but The question means that’s all the news about the stadium. I’m like Are you sure about this then I get reliable source I might be having a conversation with a certain coach in the Dallas area Not not the big boss. Maybe one of the Oh Caesar DC’s and I’m working on that Because other news related to my alma mater I had dig into some information. It’s another standard that is different We’re talking about schedule I’m more looking forward to saying even though I’m gonna be there DC getting dropped with my boy and having fun with the fans On Sunday, I’ll be recovering most likely or returning back for a flight and hopefully catching some battle hawksin or any eights ohmicide Rough Riders but renegades Yeah, it’s I know I do that a lot too. And I’m local to the area luckily I haven’t said it to anybody who works there yet I tend to agree with you. I think that battle hawks renegades game is gonna be top notch And then also give Hayes kind of an opportunity to make for himself I would say when you look at the list of coaches on the list. He’s probably the one with the least coaching experience But I think I think he’s also gonna be one of the more experimental ones others. Yeah Jones Jim Jones He will do what he wants when he wants he is it’s gonna be a madhouse in Houston, which like I said They’re just having that LA matchup. I think that was smart, right? Week two so we have New York at DC. So DC’s home two weeks in a row. We have Vipers at seannal.com To pay to see you have lots of travel. Yeah, that’ll be fun Well, and then yeah, they’re – they’re on the road both weeks – the first two weeks so they’re going from New York probably back to Tampa Bay and then to Seattle which Oh, Which I expect to tap with the host of first two weeks because of the weather Issues, yeah, you know That’s what I was thinking – I thought we would see a lot of Houston a lot of Dallas LA and in st Louis and yeah, and st. Louis is easy because they have the dome but yeah interestingly enough we got element games for alphabet and especially in DC and we’re gonna have in New York in the week one of those are gonna Be cold games up up north. Yeah, New York. I’ve Those early half season games are gonna be chilly and yeah DC as well It’s not it’s a little bit more mild there. But you know, it’s not anything I would like to do Yeah, you know I completely agree, but then we have another, Texas California matchup Dallas at LA and then battle hawks at Houston which I’m excited for that one – right? I’m curious to see if The battle Hawks are big just in st. Louis or if they bring out their own crowd out here now I do think that I have a good fan following that follows them. I do believe so. Yeah It’s gonna be fun either way I’m glad that Houston has two home games to kick off the season at least one Saturday one Sunday game Week three so Houston going on the road to Tampa Bay Dallas at Seattle New York at st. Louis and then the offenders at Los Angeles the Wildcats You know, I don’t know if there’s any matchups here that stand out to me right off the bat But again, we haven’t seen any of these teams play by this point in the season We’re probably going to see some of the strengths and even and furthermore some of the weaknesses of these teams. Well the game that’s like Shines for me is st. Louis their first home game. Yeah, that that’s probably going to be Brought in the marquee matchup that way and that’s why ESPN has that game? Yeah. Yeah Yeah, and I have a couple stats and we’ll run through that here once we get through the schedule but looking it’s interesting to see what teams are getting the most coverage on broadcast TV as opposed to Cable TV Bowl. We’ll run through some of that here as well Wait, so it’s not on bleacher report. Yeah, no, no that you don’t need to use an app to stream it to your TV or Plug in your laptop or anything like that. This is a Like a legit football organization, you know, it’s funny at the Houston post draft party I was talking to a guy and He’s new to the team Right and you kind of when you do this as much as you and I do you kind of forget that Some of the other fans aren’t really caught up as much as we are, right. Oh, no, no. No. Yeah. That’s awesome That’s a great. I have a story to tell Tell after you say this, keep going to go soon when you’re saying yeah for sure so I was talking to this guy and he asked me he’s like so What are these gonna be on TV? Are they streaming them? Is it gonna be on the WWE Network? And once I started listening? listing, you know Fox ABC ESPN Fs1, you know his eyes kind of lit up he’s like wow, this is like legit and he the same thing he started talking about the AAF and you know, he said, Most if not all others. He said most except for the first game of the season with the AAF he the rest of me watched on YouTube with the bootleg streams and I Believe me I saw they would pop up on my recommended feed in YouTube and I saw them they were getting like 10 20 grand Viewers, but none of the average none of the benefits, right? the good thing we know what the the WWE right now you would assume this would cascade down is They have their eye on these types of things. I really don’t expect anybody getting away with streaming an XFL game I figured I assume those are gonna be flagged very quickly Some people will like that Some people will dislike that but the good news is we’ve kind of mentioned a lot of these games are just on free TV all you need is an antenna you don’t need cable or anything and then even the ones that are on cable their names, you know, they’re not, you know, it’s not on like sci-fi or Whatever. I don’t even know what else TBS is actually a pretty decent network, but it’s not number one, right? but yeah, I think I Think that in itself is gonna do the XFL justice, right, you know just to jump forward real quick You look at the two Thursday night games. Those are on Fox right broadcast television primetime Thursday night games generally aren’t the best but I think we have some two decent Thursday night games lined up, but well We’ll get to that so we were at weak force moving on to week 5 we have Seattle at Houston New York at Dallas vanil Hawks at defenders and we have the Vipers in LA And this is another good week of matchups again I’m curious to see how the dragons are, but I’m hoping that we rough them up here in Houston New York I think is gonna be one of those sleeper teams. I think they’re actually going to be I think they’re gonna be pretty decent but Bob Stoops is you know, he’s the man right battle Hawks at DC That should be pretty decent And again to me the the one the one soft one of the week would probably be the Vipers in LA But by this point the season I could be completely wrong, right? Oh, yeah be our top teams Problem. Like I was just looking at schedule week five I’m like, okay treating you finally get New York in Dallas you get that rivalry between those two cities but St. Louis DC kid, I know I know you got fans out there who listen to us St. Louis DC might be the top two teams in the East this could be preview of the first round of the playoffs now and They play each other twice And this is the first time you can see them hopefully because how I look at I’ve looked at all the rosters. I Know everyone’s going to giving your own opinion. I think that battle hawks and DC had the two best rosters in East and That Sunday March 8th at 3 o’clock Fs1, which was I wish was on Fox. But anyways, I think that could be the sign of who wins the East and Maybe Houston Seattle could be the West we don’t know about the Dust Brothers But for some odd reason when I think of Tampa Bay, I just think beds. Yeah, I don’t know I hate to say that but me too. I don’t know why I feel bad. But I’m hoping they prove me wrong I just hope they don’t prove me wrong and beat Houston That You we’ve seen our fault NFL college for years there’s always you know that marquee team that has struggles throughout the year and They need that key win at the end of the year to make the playoffs and the team that spent eliminate from the playoffs weeks Ahead of time are the ones that come up and bite you in the butt and ruin your season for some odd reason I think that’s gonna be Tampa Bay. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, I think you’re right. Right. You kind of have it’s like a trap game but exactly yeah Week six so we have Houston at New York st. Louis at Tampa Bay Dallas in DC and LA in Seattle You know The ones that jump out to me is Dallas in DC again, right or is this the first time they’re playing here mine This is the first time but I think that one’s gonna be a good matchup same thing with LA, Seattle I have a feeling that those teams are gonna mesh well at least for a competitive Advantage there the rest of the games They’re gonna be good regardless, but really yeah by this point the season who knows, you know what I mean? We should have a good idea of who is possibly going to the playoffs But at week six no and well, it depends right you looked at Was that the Apollo’s for the AEF? I think by week six everybody kind of knew Okay there go there at least gonna make the playoffs. Oh, yeah when you have, you know Elena in your conference Who’s the other team knows in their copy of Memphis? Yeah. Yeah if it’s in LAN you knew Birmingham in Orlando Bronk Lynch Yeah, that’s a bring up a good point which are they’re the only two teams that clenched in the AEF They never played in the playoffs. They clenched the postman. It’s Burt man that still baffles me to this day I’ve never seen such a thing where company has shut down in the middle of its first season Yeah, it sucks. It is a bummer. I would have liked well, especially because they they moved the championship game from Vegas to Texas and North up in Dallas, but I shit ticket for like 20 bucks and I’m glad they didn’t go on sale or I would have never gotten my money back Lucky their week seven Dallas in Tampa Bay LA in st. Louis. That should be a good one this is the first time we’re seeing those teams that is going to be a Just a huge built-in rivalry just for the reasons that everybody knows of st Louis has lost a couple teams, but most recently they’ve lost that team to LA I think that happened twice actually, but I could be wrong on that well, New York In Seattle and defenders in Houston, which I’m excited about and that has the late-night Sunday game But yeah, what do you think? LA at the Dome. I think that’s going to be packed I think even if it dies down from week one to week six week seven Regardless how that teams doing, I think The battle Hawks the Kaka if you will whatever whatever the hashtags these kids are using nowadays Ready to engage or someone thinks they’re gonna be filling that dome that dome should be a maximum capacity just to show The people that took the team and moved it to st. Louis what they’re missing out on now granted. It’s a different situation I don’t know if they can necessarily do that. What the Rams if Because they didn’t lose anything. But either way we’re in that situation now, I think st. Louis fills that place up New York Seattle, I think that’s going to be a competitive as well. Just looking at least at the coaching staffs Gilbride and Jesus name is orange God his name escaped me for a second there But that that should be a good week matchups here then week eight Tampa Bay in DC st. Louis in New York Houston in LA and then Seattle in Dallas None of these again really jump out at me maybe st. Louis New York. That one seems pretty good again I’m a fond of the Texas, California rivalries, so You know, of course, I’ll be all about Houston in LA any of these want any of these stick out to you Actually and this is gonna be different and they bet they don’t all stick out to me But they all have something to comment week eight week nine and week ten all division games Yeah, they say this is where yeah, you get the week seven. You’re all non-conference are done Then you get week nine week ten or week eight week nine week ten. That’s playoff football Playoff football starts week eight. So you got you know, Tampa Bay depends on how many teams or where they are on the standings I can tell you right now. I’m gonna guarantee you can lock it up You can sign it up we can do whatever you want people There will be a team that clinches a postseason berth in week eight. There will be one Oh, yeah, I think so and my guess is gonna be st. Louis st. Louis. I can see DC Dallas maybe. Yeah, definitely, I think This is what’s so fun about the first season like next year We’re gonna be able to talk about this with a little bit of experience, right? We’re gonna have we’re gonna have a little bit a little bit of knowledge Just looking at the things that are going to happen this year, right? But this is what makes this more fun It’s such a we we know the coaches. We know the players We know what they can do, but we just don’t know what they’re going to do, right? All right, some week nine that kicks off First Thursday night game interestingly enough Dallas is in both Thursday night games one at home one away Which I’m excited for because the first ones in Houston Dallas at Houston’s first Thursday night game again broadcast TV Fox not Fox Sports one not Fox Sports 2 Regular Fox both of these games. I think that’s huge news right Then one Saturday game so then we have DC at New York Tampa Bay in st Louis and Seattle in LA all of these are gonna be I think pretty good matchups, right and like I said if if our intuitions you’ll say are true and and Tampa Bay really is kind of that Soft team of the leak. This is where they’re gonna strike. This is it’s either gonna be against st Louis or it’s gonna be New York which is the week after and I feel like one of those teams one of those teams is gonna get the bamboozle off of a Win from Tampa Bay, but we’ll see. We’ll see. Yeah week ten. Like I said LA at Dallas, so California, Texas rivalry Houston going on the road for the last game of the year in Seattle DC in the dome, which makes sense? if you’re not gonna kick off the season with the dome you might as well close it out and then New York and Tampa Bay to close out the season. I don’t know how I feel about that. I feel like Dallas LA probably a bigger name or even close it out the whole the whole thing with the dome, but Maybe they know something that we don’t know look at Sunday, April 12th games time to be announced name The team the game that’s gone getting the mower of the spotlight will be a game that has playoff implications Very good. I I did not notice that that is that is a good thing that that’s very interesting. Yes So the one is gonna go either way basically. Yeah, we will know Who the two representatives of the Western Conference will be on Thursday and on Saturday? We won’t know one side of the bracket Yeah, then that following Sunday well know the East and I’m we’re just gonna make a prediction the DC versus st Louis game is going to be the same first-round matchup in the playoffs. Just giving you a Nugget there hotcakes. Yep, I like by see Houston and Seattle the winner that taking the number two seed I’m re telling you who I think so in the one quest I think Dallas is gonna win the West my opinion Houston will be the two With Seattle Houston being the two teams balint for the two spot. I don’t think la is going to be a threat I think they back off later in the year, but that it’s all speculation right now It did exactly, you know I’m perfectly fine with either of those Texas teams taking the West just so I have an extra opportunity to go see another game right, assuming assuming these games are on home turf, I would assume they would be The championship game on the other hand. Well actually before we get to the championship game, let’s talk about the playoffs So they’re a little bit different Than the original XFL. So the original XFL it was the best in the East first the best in the West and the second in the West versus second in the East I believe yeah and then the winner so you could essentially have a championship games with two teams in the East or two teams in the West this is Guaranteed this is different. We have East one verse two West one verse West two So you’re going to get an East versus West game in the championship? Which the location is to be determined? This isn’t no notated on this But Oliver Luck recently stated that They’ll be they’ll be talking about the location of the championship game Now I think to me the obvious choice. I think you’ll agree with me. The obvious choice is Las Vegas There’s a couple reasons, right? Hey. Thanks Dave for Subscribe and sign you up and hey anybody else if you’re subscribing your name will show up on the screen as well? but sorry to deviate a couple things to point out about the Vegas thing, so championship game Takes place one day after ESPN’s coverage of the NFL Draft which also takes place in Las Vegas I I think if you’re gonna have a neutral location one Vegas was already kind of a easy one one It’s fairly inexpensive to travel there you You have a lot of people that are excited about football with the Raiders moving there And then you add in the fact that the draft is taking place there so you already know that there’s going to be Tens of thousands of football fans in that city that weekend Well potentially nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon Now I’m just gonna say if the XFL does what they did with the regular season tickets Maybe a little bit more expensive because the championship game but if they keep them affordable that game sold out if This is what happens And the game should be played and Sam Boyd I think so. Yeah, okay Cuz I don’t think I don’t think they’ll put it in. I Only think the rhaegar statement would be done by then. Well, it may be but even then that’s that’s that’s a long sell That’s a hard sell Yeah, now would it be great would it be like off the chain as the kids would say if they could sell out? Wherever the Raiders are playing. I don’t know what business owns the rights to that stadium It’ll change yeah it I would think Sam Boyd For sure one you get that throwback to the old XFL because they played there with the the Vegas outlaws And of course – I think that’s an easy sell out. You could probably even add some extra rafters in there I don’t I don’t know what the configuration looks like now 40,000 40,000. Okay, that’s actually a pretty decent set up. So I think I actually I think that’s a perfect size for the championship game With the game being on the weekend of the draft. I think it’s going to be an easy sell There’s going to be curious people there. And again, this isn’t like the old XFL by this time in the season people there are because right now we still have the Stragglers the ones that don’t want to believe that the XFL is going to be less. So call it a gimmick League exactly yeah, they’re gonna learn pretty quick that this is a AF but better Write better production better quality better players better coaches better logos Better everything. I don’t know about the merchandise I’m just gonna say this is you know, people like me to toe the company line, but I’m gonna say one thing The XFL merchants is not that good yet The quality of shirts are not that good I’m just gonna say that I know I might get some crap for it But I assume that will change by the time that we get to the season I don’t have any AF merchandise, so I can’t say if it’s better or worse or on par? Or I don’t think the hats the XFL hats are legit. I’ll say that the shirts shirts. I don’t know man Yeah, yeah, tell them tell the chat. I don’t care Championship game though let’s say it is in Vegas you going ah Let’s just say Vegas XFL championship game Depends it’s an April Should be perfect weather. Yeah, I’m planning a if it is in Vegas I’m gotta go. Well, like I said the big thing If it’s in Vegas, I think Carlos if you’re listening still If it’s in Vegas We start the season off with a live show on location DC. We finish it off at the XFL championship in Vegas but this time We join all forces together yeah, and actually I know a few other folks that at least planning on going to the championship game wherever it is so I don’t Know if you’ve ever met John Turner from a football world. He does he does a lot of live streaming on Facebook He’s good guy. I know he’ll be there. So I you know, that’d be great for him to join us I don’t know if he’s listening, but I can reach out to him separately. I would assume Probably Mike Mitchell will be out there. So maybe we can connect with him I know There’s some folks From the site he works for that don’t like us but all in all I still have a good relationship with them I have no problem with them. I have no problem with anybody. The people that have problems are the people that problem with me And at might be my fault, I don’t care Yeah, whatever. We’re just having fun on the Internet but either way, I think I Think championship game almost has to be in Vegas. I thought Vegas before I even realized that the draft was going to be out there it makes sense and maybe possibly Get a look at where they might try to expand. I I know this year. It kind of works out in their favor But I’m curious to see where the championship game is next year So do they follow the NFL and do kind of what? Smaller wrestling shows do to the WWE which I think that’s kind of some poetic That’s that’s very poetic in itself. Right? So you’re calling the XFL aew Well, well, I’ll give me w this how do you make it W is they don’t do that? But I would definitely call them the Ring of Honor Okay. I said no. That’s kind of the quality though Ring of Honor. I feel bad for them. They They’ve pretty much had every one stolen from them at this point between NWA Impact Wrestling Aew and WWE. I don’t even know who’s an impact anymore of Ring of Honor which is And poor Ring of Honor either way. Sorry to change the subject here So championship game. Let’s let’s run down some interesting stats here. So Most games on broadcast TV to me. Those are the most valuable Games to have right? If you’re at least if you are franchise, I would want most of my games to be on ABC or Fox Rather than Fox Sports 1 or even ESPN, right? So we have that least the top three New York with a Houston was seven and Seattle was seven so the second to tight now I First I was surprised but then it makes a lot of sense. Right? So New York is a huge TV market There’s just a boatload of people there, right? So that that makes sense to me Houston’s about to be the third largest city in the country Probably gonna happen in the next census. I would guess we’re going to knock Chicago out of its place Seattle’s the one that maybe Surprises me a little bit. I would have expected maybe st. Louis or Los Angeles But interestingly enough st. Louis Has the least games on broadcast TV? That surprises me that surprises me, but maybe it doesn’t so much maybe there There is some there is a merit to the argument of the rams leaving for LA Based on the things that they said. I don’t know. What what are your impressions on that? What do you think? So we have New York Houston Seattle leading the way st. Louis at the bottom for broadcast TV? Well, yeah sailors men be on the bottom broadcast TV But it’s not like we’re gone onto some distant third party website to go look for them Yes Fox Sports 1 is very accessible if you have basic But not basic a basic It show it should Andy it oh Yeah, it’s not you know some Fox it’s not ABC. I know what the except those trying to do. They’re trying to Get there bigger markets and right now in New York Houston and Seattle are the bigger markets of the XFL and You want to have hopefully I don’t know why New York has the most That’s question and questionable to me not downing the Guardians is fan base, but I don’t think they’re gonna fill the stadiums as big as where the Roughnecks are gonna run Yeah Roughnecks and and the dragons going to do but what surprises me is that yes, st. Louis is home for four games at you know, they’re all home for five but Yeah, it’s it’s not big deal mean. It’s not hard to access Fox Sports 1 it’s not bleacher report so ya know and I agree. I agree. Yeah when we’re looking at the Again, when I say the word not the best accessible, I’m just talking about all of the channels available But yeah, all of these even Fox Sports to which there’s only one game on Fox Sports 2 Interestingly enough st. Louis and Tampa Bay Which I get I get that would be probably the most obscure Channel does list, but it’s not even again I believe Fox Sports to probably comes to basic cable now to I again, I don’t know. I don’t have I haven’t had cable In for or I need to get it because we have XFL coming on but I don’t Because I don’t watch any TV. I just watch sports and talk crap online Wow, that’s how we do it here too exactly. That’s what we’re getting signed up. So Looking down the list, so I want to run through. So the The most on ABC is a three-way split we have DC, Houston and New York Fox had doubtless has the most games on Fox ESPN st. Louis which lucky we just spoke about ESPN is a good destination And what honestly I think they’re really trying to work on building that channel back up to what it used to be not to say that it’s in like dire straits, but it’s definitely not where it was in the 90s and I think you know it’s kind of it’s a two-way street here ESPN wants to Get good content on their channel during these these times that the x-files playing Because right ESPN they get baseball once a week, maybe. All right. I don’t have hockey They get maybe a couple NBA games. I know I could be wrong on that. So is the time of season four? Yeah, I thought all right guy. I’m not breaking news, but I can’t inform you the reason why it’s on Fox Sports to st Louis and Tampa, do you want to know that? Let me make a guess Let me make it guess I’m a I’m going to guess that there’s going to be some type of playoff game During that week on Fox Sports It is going to be the big 12 men’s basketball tournament. There you go. Yeah, so That’s how that one’s gonna be a tough one that one’s gonna be a hard week for probably well We’re gonna see a lot maybe a little bit of a downtick during that March Madness. I Think still though there’s enough football fans that don’t watch basketball To at minimum sustain a good two million per per game at minimum Alright, we’ll see we’ll see it could be much higher than that It could be lower than that But I really don’t expect it to be much lower and this is just based off of what the AEF did and you know when you look at them being on Bleacher Report a Half-a-million people for some really obscure app that nobody had until the day that they needed to Download it, you know what I mean, so and I’m sure the half of those people have deleted it and the other half Will just always have the Bleacher Report app on their phone for no reason now Just like I’ve never deleted the AEF app, even though it doesn’t work. It’s one of those Relics that I’m like, you know what I want I want to remember you I’m gonna keep you on my home screen as a reminder of what not to do when you’re trying to start a professional football league They did a lot of different shots fire. Yeah, they did a lot of things right We all know it’s the money. The money is really what killed them. They weren’t really upfront about it. I Get them not being upfront to the fans because I like what do they owe me, right? To me that them not being upfront with their players and even their staff and their coaches that that’s a different level Yeah, that’s true because we actually have reported cases of players that were Reluctant of entering the XFL Draft because they believe that it they’re about to get you know you know blindsided again just like they did at the AF so Yeah, this work that is reported documentation. You can find out or people’s not that hard to look up You don’t need us to go find it for you. Yeah Well, I mean the good thing is this Vince McMahon has deep pockets and he’s already sunken a good chunk of change into this and I expect like I said if if all goes well and Season two has more viewers than season one. I think the TV deals get restructured where they’re very similar May you know, maybe the distributions different as far as which ones are on broadcast TV or cable But I think the exit file starts getting some extra money on top of the broadcast costs at least in this next schedule reconstruction of the contract But like I said, that’s what makes it fun now right we get to watch this, you know I can only imagine a being like an NFL fan when the Super Bowl started right the first Super Bowl And probably a lot of people don’t know this but it was only half full they moved everybody to one side of the stadium So it looked good on TV Nobody would have imagined that now right when Super Bowl tickets again Inflation is a big part of this as well But tickets were a hundred dollars probably equates to maybe a thousand bucks or something like that. I don’t know Super Bowl tickets are not cheap. You can’t get them cheap like you’re talking worst seat in the house. They are not cheap Not even that cheap so I think You know, this is this is the fun point a couple years from now Ten years from now we’ll say it’s much bigger. It’s gonna be a lot harder to one get access, right? I don’t know if they’re gonna be as they’re not they’re definitely not going to be doing fan engagement events You know all over the city’s Multiple times a month right in ten years from now if they’re around there They won’t need to they might do one before the season after that still do it I don’t think they’ll do them as much I don’t think like you look at st. Louis They’re almost doing like one a week over there. I Would be hard-pressed to believe that that’s gonna continue Hopefully in ten years from now. It’s not just eight teams. We have 16 Teams. Yeah, well and yeah, I definitely I think that’s another thing, you know, everybody wants to talk about expansion There’s no way I’ll be amazed but there’s no way that it happens in the first two years one The one main reason I say that is they have TV contracts, right? So In my mind if they’re if a television network agreed to a contract That also takes an account the number of games right because they’re gonna be foot in the broadcast bill They you know, they’re not gonna want to pay for 15 games instead of whatever, you know so that to me is a big reason why there’s no way we’ll see it in the first two seasons, correct and you it would be stupid to do that that they need to build their fan bases where they have them and Here’s another thing that I think a lot of fans are not gonna want to hear when they do expand it’s probably going to be in another NFL City or Maybe something like an Oakland where a team has recently left, but I don’t think I don’t think you’re gonna get a Birmingham team I don’t think you’re gonna get a team in Iowa. I Don’t even think you’ll get one in Atlanta. Even though there is an NFL team Right. Yeah I don’t think we’ll get one in Canada. Even for that fact But not yet Yeah, but yeah I think Season 3 maybe tack on two teams that that goes well Maybe tack on two more after season five and then probably cool it down for a good Few more years just to see how everything goes but it’s so early even now We’re still we’re almost a hundred days though hundred days alert to the XFL. It’s getting close. I think we’re only Just a few days away. There’s 109 days I let me just look this up so I can give you a specific number. Well, either way we’re getting we’re getting close it and it’s feeling Real right. So we have You know you’ve been around for a while We’ve had everything going back to the spring league or even before that just the team locations now we got the locations the spring league the showcase the identities and the logos the Drafts, and now we have players tickets went on sale Now we know when each team’s gonna play each other really the big the big Nuggets left We have the rule book, which I assume is coming soon The uniforms which it sounds like you’re coming in November at least according to the battle Hawks Twitter And then we have some team practices some scrimmages and then the season Right. It’s it’s down to the wire. Yep. 109 days left until the XFL kicks off 109 days Think about that until you and I are in our respective locations covering these games live on the scene at the first the first two XFL games to air now I’m a little jealous to you that you got the first one, but I’m fine with number two. I’m alright See single tickets, so those went on sale at least early access one on sale today. I picked up some tickets to the The Roughnecks when they go and visit Dallas and I’ll say there was a little bit of a difference in the ticket prices But it wasn’t much so Comparison if you would have gotten season tickets in that section, I believe there were eighty five dollars a ticket and total cost after everything with regular season was about 100 and 105 so there is a little bit of a luxury tax if you want to go to one game There’s no reason for me to get single season tickets for Dallas But I am excited to go check out globe life and I did and I purposely sat in The janky new bleachers that they’re putting in because I’m curious to see if they’re nicer or worse Than the old sitting I might regret it. I really hope they’re not just bench seating We will find out And I’m also not too excited about staying in Arlington, but that that goes back to when I went to Slammiversary TNA Slammiversary a few years ago I don’t know if I ever told you that story probably not but I stayed I stayed at the scariest hotel It was like America’s best hotel in or something America’s Best Inn or something really weird and it was like they had an indoor swimming pool the pictures online made it look sweet right, and it was right across the street from 880 From the where the where the Cowboys play and then you know, the the globe life is right across the block from that so I was like, yeah nice easy access to everything and Affordable and I get to this place and I’ve never had I’ve never smelled a stench so bad It was it was the worst and I’ll have to dig up my picture but my hotel room, you know How they have those chain locks. Yeah, somebody must have like clipped off three of the links. So the chain wouldn’t reach the lock And beyond that that the door was sealed. So instead of wet weather sealing they had duct tape This is the janky Estelle so I’m gonna tell you when I do go up there because I’m probably gonna get a hotel because I’m probably gonna have a couple Beers at this game, and I’m not gonna want to drive three three and a half hours back to Houston I’m getting a hotel or probably an air B&B nowadays air B air B&B czar my favorite thing You can get they are there are scary Airbnb ease out there just to warn ya I know we’re getting a little off subject here. But I think that’s what makes these shows fun You know you can get an air B&B for just a couch So no room, no, nothing you just crash in on someone’s couch so you got to be careful When you’re looking through those listings, I almost got caught doing that. I was like I was thinking why is this Airbnb? $25 this seems way too low right and it’s like a one-room But this looks like a house and then they finally read through it and it’s yeah, you’re sleeping on their couch so beware But Airbnb is awesome. I Don’t know I got way off track there. But yes regular season tickets at least early access one on sale today we have General public goes on sale Thursday So let me ask you this. So I know you’re going up to DC You’re in Florida, but you’re North Florida, right you’re near Tallahassee No, I am near the city what they like to call through the wall, okay? Jacksonville – okay. All right I actually I know some people out in Jacksonville and they always talk about nice it is is that true? I don’t know. Yeah Okay. Yeah, I can say the same about here. There’s nice parts. There’s bad thing That’s what I’m trying to figure out people’s image. You know, they curve the it was a Thursday Azzam. Yeah. Yeah going yeah Yeah, thanks. That’s big. That’s basically what Jacksonville is CH gif Yes But yeah, I don’t know how far Tampa Bay is from you. That’s probably what four hours Three and a half four you plan on heading out to any games out there um maybe but the Answer right now. I really don’t know. Yeah, so if there is a game of Tampa might go to Maybe the final game of the year in Tampa Hopefully it could be a possibility of a like a playoff application type again between them in New York But if not, I might try swing by this either the Renegades on the week 7 or possibly the battle Hawks at week six or maybe Houston week three, so You know, it just depends if you’re if you are willing to come to Tampa That’s a hard sell but you know, I’ve tried to do it. Let me see. You know that Houston game When is Houston playing in Tampa what week three? Oh, man, that ain’t gonna happen man I Don’t have that kind of money man. Oh, yeah, that’s that’s a little too too soon, but that would be fun maybe though the Renegades play there week 7 March 21st, what’s going on, March 21st? March Madness. Yeah. Yeah, it’s hard. I don’t know Tampa Bay is a little rough, but I will look into that because that could be a fun trip, you know, probably to wrap this up soon, but One other thing I do want to talk about. I don’t know why people are surprised by this But I figure it’s worth talking about But there seems to be some surprise from fans online that the that the XFL is running Games during WrestleMania weekend. I don’t see how they would have any other choice unless they Wanted to do all of the games on Thursday or throughout the week. I Don’t know the specific day of Wrestlemania, but I must wrestle WrestleMania is April 5th April 5th so yeah Tampa Bay as as I would have guessed and assumed they are on the road because their fields probably going to be It’s probably going to be busy for a week, right? Interestingly enough. They do play a home the week after I thought that might be that might be another one and but they’re there on the road the week before which also makes sense because there’s That’s like a week long event of setting those things up at that point You look at week nine you get Thursday’s game piece Dallas to Houston. Then Friday is the NCAA basketball Final Four The nice Saturday you have New York or Washington New York then on Sunday? or On Sunday, you have a no crap, but take it back the NCAA file for is that weekend on Saturday and Monday? WrestleMania is on Sunday. So that whole sports week is crazy. Yeah, it’s gonna be nuts especially. Yeah, you add another Sport and another league into the mix really? Yeah, it’s gonna be nuts because I know WrestleMania is one of those things where it’s like Well, at least at this point, it’s almost like a 24-hour event when you if you’re there but even online at this point There’s so many different companies that are streaming their their event piggybacking off of having like You know sold-out crowd again. I love TNA and I’ll continue to call them TNA But and the only times they ever had sellouts were in the old weekly pay-per-views Which is I don’t know a thousand people some of those early Universal Studio ones and other than that it was the UK and even I don’t know this probably nowadays It’s pretty easy because I think it’s only like 300 people that go I did hear a rumor though that I’m excited about it the true that TNA may be running a retro Event or something like that during mania weekend The problem that exists to me is I can’t think of one person That really represents old TNA that they can get other than maybe James Storm I could see The NWA having a decent working relationship with them, but you know to me if you’re gonna run a retro TNA event and I know we’re going way different sport way off field, but who cares? To me you need AJ Styles You need a just Isles. It’s a nice to have to have Bobby Roode Oh Smokey Joe’s almost another need to have Abyss is probably need to have Jeff Jarrett. I need to have all of those guys under contract to WWE I Know they were talking about the young bucks, but they’re not there’s no way there’s no way that a e/w That it’s not even that atw allows them to go. They don’t need to because they are a TW Yeah Yeah, they are executive Executive vice presidents they are au Delpy. Yeah, exactly. They’ll be it’d be cool. It would be Mitch It would be fun now. I guess it all depends if it’s not televised and they’re not selling it or anything like that maybe maybe we get like I don’t know maybe abyss I could see WWE letting abisco cuz I think he’s just like in creative at this point Maybe a Sanjay Dutt because I think it’s like the same thing maybe God Stole behind the scenes guy can’t remember his name. Jeremy Borash But Yeah, you’re not gonna get the big names. So it’ll be TNA in name only Which it is what it is TNA at this point Is TNA. Yeah, let’s impact the TNA They had to buy a TV network so they could be on TV That’s why I like to call hard sell right yes So, alright, I know we went some left field here any last thoughts before we cap this bad boy off We’re running a little bit over an hour on this one. And honestly, I need to start pre-gaming because the Astros We have the World Series tonight, baby. Take it back. So any last thoughts? Last thoughts. Well, I do have a Really nice thoughts. I Want to give the XFL fans here some rumor updates before you guys get too Worried about it of our did my research and one of my connections of one my other disc courts There’s rumors a few coops college football or you read news for state university is Pretty much about the parkways with the head coach Willie Taggart one of those candidates for the replacement of Willie Tiger is Bob Stoops. I got in contact with the assistant coach of the Of the Dallas renegades and he might be joining us for a podcast later in the week or later Later this month, and I talked to him a very extensive Questionnaire about the situation – before you guys get freaked out about hearing rumors about Bob Stoops going the florist date I’m going to tell you right now but that the rest Bob Stoops loves the XFL. He wants to build the Dallas team He it’s less work for him. Basically, he doesn’t have to recruit and what come to find out He’s getting paid pretty good for being a coach for only six months. So heard that rumors of breast just telling you guys so you guys don’t when you see on Twitter or One of those other sites reported that Bob Stoops is eligible for that’s the trash. It’s not eligible. He is staying in the XFL for a lease for this year and next year don’t know about year three because we don’t know if it’s going to be around here three, but other news that want to get outs We’re launching a new podcast in XFL news room Homeboy hasn’t finished the logo But it’s gonna be called XFL newsroom Unhinged it’s going to be hosted by me and me only I’ll be by myself is basically me being Steven a Smith Skip bayless Kirkman hand-on type of individuals if you don’t know who those individuals are look them up and look we’re listen to their shows then you’ll realize This might be a podcast where you may not want to subscribe if you get easily triggered Because I’ll be calling out a lot of stuff about the XFL fans and as the season progresses little things But they’re gonna be a little short 15 to 20 minute episodes not really long. We’re just you know rant post and you guys enjoy so besides him that Yeah, it’s been a very active week on my end for rumors and stuff So yeah, yeah, you know I really wish I had that triggered gift on hand for that just to flash that one up on the screen that’s one of my all-time favorites is the Probably shouldn’t even talk about this. But anyway Yeah, I’m excited, you know, like I said we’re getting some more content We recently got a a correspondent for DC So check his article out on XM fowl newsroom. And if you’re interested if you’re in any of the You know locations where there’s a franchise being held And that’s probably not the best way to work it but if you live where there’s the XFL and you’re interested in writing for XFL newsroom drop us a line and Correspondent. Yeah sign us up. Like I said, we’re gonna try to get everybody access to all sorts of events Like I said, we were at the summer showcase out here. We’re at the spring league I know there’s going to be events across the country that we can attend, but we still want to cover them, right? So yeah, hit us up. Click the contact page on XFL newsroom comm which you should be checking out daily There’s a reason we’re the number one source in XFL news And we’re not just having a good time while doing it what we’re signing you up as well But hey before we let you go, if you didn’t know we’re also on facebook and twitter So make sure you drop us a follow over there and get signed up while you’re doing it. And since we’re on YouTube Make sure you drop a like comment subscribe and hit that bell to see more drop in new videos plus if you do all those things as well as join our Discord you’ll be entered into our next giveaway for two tickets to any game in this upcoming season So sign you up, I think the X F podcast you guys have a giveaway going on as yes, right? Yes, we’re gonna be doing and while are we start doing our weekly podcast? We’re gonna have a little trivia questions And basically it’s supported with dedicated listeners who have listened to our shows over the year over the last two years I’ll ask question about what? Carlos said or what I said and you guys give us the actual? You know what we said and do you write? Week two tickets, they’re not going to be but they’re not gonna be Club seats people just saying, yeah There’ll be not mine either so don’t care They’re gonna be they’re either gonna be nosebleeds if there are nose blues available or they’re going to be the $25 ticket range And it’s games of your choice if you’re located if you just want the contest and you’re nowhere near thank you for joining the contest but yes each week of the 2020 season will be giving away two tickets to Your game of your choosing if you win our contest so we’re really looking forward to doing that It’s just get more interactive and spreading the league join, you know Our main goal here at XFL newsroom and x-bar cast is to grow the league One thing that the AF did not have was dedicated fan podcast like we do here in the XFL side we do have our competitors who they do their thing and we have us You have that in the ADF. So our goal here is to promote the league So we’re helping the fans who can’t you know Get tickets win the contest and you go enjoy your time again your day at a local Xfo game that’s our goal or does it make you the people happy and remember like share subscribe? Sign number one up. So hey, thanks everyone for joining us tune in again Friday I’ll be there for this week in the XFL every week at 11 a.m. Eastern and What is it 8 a.m Pacific cheese, I don’t know my time zones anymore. I think it’s about time to sign up Thanks for joining me dead cheese. It is time for me to sign out. Thanks for joining me. Je – click the links down in the description, you know, like I said subscribe here subscribe there and then once again sign, everyone up You

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