#122 Why Would You Buy a Kubota B2601 Compact Tractor?

Oh Good morning. Welcome back to Central Ontario and GP Outdoors! Looks like it’s almost spring out here. It’s about five to six degrees, snows melting again We didn’t get much to begin with but hopefully we are gonna get colder temperatures tonight and a lot more snow Which will give me a chance to fire up the old blower and the rear blade tomorrow. So I got my fingers crossed I’ve had the tractor now for about 15 months as many of you know, I’m still very pleased with the decision on this B2601 But to this day I still get a lot of questions from a lot of new tractor owners or people considering a tractor asking me questions about You know how, the B2601 is able to do this, or if it’s big enough or if it has enough power to do that You know – asking me questions about compact tractors and I get it. Two years ago, I’m exactly where they were I finally decided it was time to get serious about getting a tractor for the property I started looking around and you start looking at all the different tractors and the different brands and you know This one’s got a hydro stat transmission. This has something called a shuttle shift. This one’s got you know position control This one’s got four-wheel drive and you get a little bit confused And then what makes a little bit worse is you get out to a dealer lot You start talking to a dealer and you know, you look to the right side You see these bigger utility tractors Maybe an L series or something larger an M series and then you look to the left and you see these small little compact tractors And in fact, you can also see little subcompacts which are even smaller and you know, in your mind You have a thought that a tractor is a great big piece of equipment So you immediately dismiss the compact tractor, but I’d say that although I’m not an expert as you know I’ve had this for 15 months. I’m still a hundred percent Happy with the decision and I figured for you folks that are asking the questions. I thought I’d do the video maybe spend some time to talk about what this compact tractor actually can do and Then I thought it probably is a little bit better if I just showed you So I welcome you to grab a coffee Have a seat and take a watch of this Cheers! So I hope that was a little helpful and gives you an idea of the things I’ve been able to do over the last year or so With that tractor. As I said, I’m a hundred percent happy with it There has been one or two or three times when I’ve tried to do something where it just does not have the power to do it. You guys may remember the big huge triple maple stump that I had out in the back by the shed and Even my friend with his L-series couldn’t get it out So as you remember We had to call the big guns in but generally speaking it has done at least 99% of everything that I’ve tried to get it to do. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right tractor for you. You may need an L You may need an M or some other manufacturer in a different size But what I’d suggest is if you have a smaller property that’s, you know, Less than eight or ten acres and you’re getting to the dealership and they are suggesting that you also consider one of these compacts take a look at it and then put it out in your chart, figure out between the differences and how much money you have to spend. I Get it. You don’t want to overspend and get something way too powerful for what you need But you also don’t want to spend a lot of money and find out out after the fact that the tractor you bought does not have enough power to do what you need. So anyways, I hope that was helpful for you folks. One more thing I want to talk to you about before we leave. I was watching the Joe Lesage channel last week and Joe had mentioned that he found a channel called Tractorman44 and He had mentioned it on his videos So I had a little bit of time in the week and I thought I’d try it out Tractorman44 and sure enough Love the channel! It has now become my favorite channel currently and I in fact, I actually binge watched that channel on the weekend In fact my wife, late in the night. My wife came down the stairs took a look She said I can’t believe it. Are you still watching videos? And I said, well, yeah, they’re they’re pretty interesting and she rolled her eyes at me And of course shook her head went back up to bed But I gotta tell you I love the channel if you like tractors this gentleman, he’s got a really nice way about him He’s got, I think 20 some-odd old tractors that he tinker’s around with, fixes gets them up and running and he’s also got a gorgeous Beautiful workshop in his barn with so many different tools. He’s always doing projects. He’s very creative and very skilled. So if you’re interested in that kind of thing Like I am, I’d suggest you give it a try -Tractorman44 Subscribe, check out a few videos and I’ll bet you’ll like it just as much as I have That being said I hope the video was helpful, especially for the new folks considering a new tractor if you like the channel Please click Subscribe, hit that like button And if you want to know when I’m posting new videos, just click the little bell. Have a wonderful week with your families! I’ll see you again on the next one. Cheers!

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  1. Laurie Harding says:

    I hope Kubota sees this and recognizes you for all the good exposure you’re providing on this model tractor. A+.

  2. Jeff Jeffers says:

    Do you see yourself using the cutting breaks alot on your tractor?

  3. Neil Hillman says:

    Great points made each tractor is made to fill its nitch. Looking at what you're doing you had a good salesman who directed you to the right tractor. Anything bigger you would have had trouble going in among the trees.

  4. bank80 says:

    Don't listen to anyone that says buy as much as you can afford. That saying was made popular by tractor dealerships. You just need to by the right tractor for you. Buying too much tractor is a lifetime of additional cost in bigger implements and more fuel consumption. GP probably could have easily afforded to pay more money fora B2650, but he purchased the right tractor for him.

  5. Tom Ashbaugh says:

    Thank you Gordy for this video. I have a bx24 because I thought I needed the backhoe. It was useful but I feel like I’d like a heavier machine but still be manageable around the yard. Looks like yours is great.
    Thank you, cheers

  6. Joe B. says:

    Have you ever done any videos on using a diesel tractor in extreme cold temps? Using fuel additives…ect. Appreciate all your videos. I went and got me a B2601. Learned a lot from you. Thanks! (Duluth, Minnesota)

  7. Pocket spill says:

    Good video, but the music was torture.

  8. Kcender says:

    I forgot just how much work you have shown in your videos. These small tractors are invaluable when it comes to doing work and maintenance on a property. I don’t use my B2650 much but I really appreciate it when I do. Thanks for the video.

  9. That Guy C says:

    I completely agree with your assessments. Having too big a machine is as problematic as too small of a machine. Big machines may not fit into an area you want to work in, or may just sink in. I decided that I wanted something that fills all of what I do regularly and most of what I forecast doing in the future. For the very rare jobs that require serious power I hire out.

    The other big consideration is how long will parts be available. I had another machine that was almost the same capability set as my B2601, and was wonderful, but they stopped making parts for it not even 10 years after they stopped production of the machine. After that experience I would only buy one of the big brand machines.

    You covered all of what I have done with the exception of the wing plow. The B2601 will pull a 14” wide single bottom plow through heavy soils at about 12” depth.

  10. MD H says:

    GP, another great video. Your B2601 is a pretty nice tractor and I enjoy your videos. I have a L3901DT I don't know what I would do without it now. Sure beats my Ford 2000 gas, most because of the FEL. I can't believe that I would find out that my cousin-by-law ITractorman44) has a YouTube channel. He is a great guy and does great work.

  11. RCAFpolarexpress says:

    Good evening GP, very good video and yes Wendel ( tractorman 44 ) is very interesting and generous of himself by giving a lot of importante information and ho boy ! he is very funny !!! Keep up the good work GP !!!

  12. Louisiana Tractorworks & Projects says:

    You are right GP.  It all depends on what you need but these class of tractor can be more then you think.  Really enjoyed the video! Have a good one GP!

  13. Jim 2506 says:

    You should do a line up video of all your implements GP, I think you have quite the collection now?

  14. Tractorman44 says:

    Good evening sir….That was an awesome video highlighting the versatility of not only the 2601 but compact tractors of all types. So often, they are overlooked as ineffective. Your compilation should convince those doubters otherwise.

    Needless to say, I was sure surprised at the ten minute spot when you so unexpectedly spoke so highly of me. Thank you so much for the shout out because as a direct result of your comment, more than 100 people subscribed to my channel today ! Thank you for the binge-watch. I thought I was the only guy that did that !! lol. On a lighter note, just HOW do you stay so clean..? It must be a Canadian thing. lol. By ten a.m. I'm usually already looking like a bum. Thank you again sir.

  15. Sean Hartley says:

    Compact tractors sure are a force to be reckoned with. Thanks for the video montage of your B2601. As always really enjoy watching your videos GP.

  16. AkDadStuff says:

    Good evening Gord I love my B2601 I think it is the best thing I ever bought. As far as watching videos . My older Kids would come around the corner and yell MOM DAD IS WATCHING TRACTOR PORN AGAIN. LOL

  17. DIY My Way says:

    Nicely done, GP! Great montage of what you can do with a compact tractor! Also good advice at the end. Glad you are fan of Tractorman44. He’s one of my favorites as well. Cheers!

  18. From Steel To Wood says:

    So many people around satisfied with a B2601!!! It's indeed a great machine. It has most of the capabilities of the larger series and yet the agility of a compact one. I am glad you enjoyed Tractorman's channel. I hope I can get more time to watch more video between a few flights and welding projects! Thanks!

  19. Roger l says:

    Love the size of the tractor but I dt think I can get this model in a shuttle shift can I? Thinking about buy the RK 37 because price, shuttle shift, and cab. Not looking to resell just needing it for the 10 acres I have to take care of on a ridge. Rk seems to be Reliable also.

  20. Duck Cluck Goose says:

    I drove 3 miles down the country road and tested the B2601 then I drove 25 miles and bought a Massey-Ferguson 1726E for $2,000 less. The MF is a slightly larger and heavier (more robust) machine, made in Japan by Iseki (one of the largest compact tractor mfg in the world). I couldn't be happier with my tractor and I hope you are also happy with yours. I did like the Kubota also, and recognize they are the market leader in the US compact tractor market. My local Kubota dealer are jerks and the machine was significantly more expensive so I opted for the MF. Stay safe!

  21. mike hale says:

    so far we love the Kubota 3901L we got the package deal pull up hook trailer and roll..and now that we have it out here on our property we need more attachments ..like a rake ,,wood chipper for sure, we are heating with wood and i dont like the brush laying around..and the trailer that the Morgans got from RK with the dump thats on my list as well ,,love the videos, your doing a great job,,,i get exited about the projects around here now that need done and new tractor that starts every time you need it make you smile..

  22. Chris A. says:

    Impressive! We are looking at this or the Deere 2025r, resale 10 to 15 years down the road is why I am partial to those two brands in my area (central NY). We have 4 acres to mow, long driveways to keep clear in winter, some horses, and of course some tree and other work my wife will find for it. The B2601 seems to be a rarer bird in my area, people gravitate towards the BX series or skip over and go to the 30 and 30 horse tractors. Same for the Deere, 1025r is all the rage, or it seems to skip up to the 3 series. Anyway I just shows the wife a couple of minutes of what you can do with this size machine. From the glint in her eyes, I may regret all the projects she dreams up. I am probably going to be glad I cannot afford a backhoe with it. Nice video.

  23. Andrew Andron says:

    Wow! You have a lot of implements and a lot of use for this tractor! I only have the front blower for my bx18

  24. JD Creamer says:

    Really enjoy the channel. Just got a b2601 myself. Actually being delivered today! Was looking into them when I found your channel. Glad we made the switch and look forward to the Kubota!

  25. bota driver says:

    Pretty hard to argue that compact tractors cant pound out a lot of work 🙂 Another great video

  26. Nate Antieau says:

    Excellent video Gord! Like I've always said; "Don't tell me about Show Me!". Not everyone needs a large tractor. Like you've said before, get a tractor that fits your needs. Of course, once you bought a tractor there will be jobs that you wish you had on bigger one. But at least you still have a very capable tractor if you do your homework and don't over buy. If money was of no concern ttjen buy on of each…. but until then shop reasonably. Great job! Thanks again.
    You're friend from the Great Lakes,

  27. Dan Anderson says:

    Nice demonstration of the capability of the tractor! Ive been watching for a while first time comment great channel and nice place enjoy watching keep the videos coming

  28. starnet36 says:

    GP, great video. Can you say something about the difference between a 2-wheel vs. 4 wheel drive tractor? What are the pros and cons? Is there much of a price difference between the 2?

  29. Jerrann Howard says:

    Excellent compilation!!!

  30. H2OFunforlife says:

    Enjoyed seeing all your projects with the B2601.

  31. Country Family Homestead says:

    That Kubota can do just about everything. I really like that log grapple. Maybe someday I'll upgrade my Bolens. 🤔

  32. Mr.NaughtyPants says:

    I like the tree chipper attachment, that was pretty cool.

  33. AceTuningOutdoors says:

    Your videos are excellent! I also live in Ontario. You helped me on my decision on buying my Kubota b2650. Ive now started to post a couple videos of my own. Thanks GP

  34. Ron Standley says:

    Well done, Gord. I actually laffed at the snowblower action. I can't tell you how nice it is to stay warm and dry inside my cab when that powder snow is gettin' blown back at ya. Cheers back on ya.

  35. Thomas says:

    How much of a hindrance do you think a cab would pose manoeuvring in the woods at your property? Also, with the incline on your laneway (I believe I saw you say on one of your videos it's 25%? …that is steep!) do you ever need chains in the winter? I'm in the market for a tractor and have a similar property to yours, putting in lots of research. Your videos are very helpful.

  36. BuildFunction says:

    this little thing is a beast

  37. The last Engineer says:

    Because John Deere went out of business????

  38. Mike Bell says:

    That's awesome,how much do they run for.

  39. bert26a says:

    Has anybody bought a tractor to make a living off of?

  40. The Suburban Country Boy says:

    I am a John Deere owner and am very happy as well. Just wanted to say, good video. Nicely put together and you speak well on camera. Good continued luck with your machine.

  41. Stu2366593 says:

    Can’t really recall how I ended up here, but I am enjoying your channel! BTW, thanks for the Tractorman44 tip, you are right, he has a real nice style and way of seeing things, but so do you. Cheers from Eastern Ontario.

  42. TheAussieonvanisle says:

    Been watching a few of your videos, lot of good content and info but I have one big issue, I have drunk waaaay too much coffee 🤣

  43. Brian Hartman says:

    First time comment, long time watcher! Quick question. You seem like a taller guy like myself, do you find your 2601 comfortable to operate? I’ve begun my tractor search and I’m leaning towards a 2601, but they are scarce around here and have only been able to look at one. Thanks!

  44. Phil A says:

    I have a B2620 which I bought mainly for a lawn mower. As a lawn mower it is fine but nothing spectacular but that kind of a task is not what you buy a compact tractor for. I also have some other property that has to be brush hogged and I have had to do some loader work. These are the situations where the tractor comes into its own, the thing never stops amazing we with its capabilities. For its size it is a beast. I would say do not underestimate a compact tractor. Obviously there are times when you need a bigger tractor but for smaller parcels of land they are ideal. A bigger tractor on a smaller piece of land sometimes could be just to big to maneuver.

  45. Іван Зозулинець says:

    Супер тракторець я такий хочу

  46. Nick Freyermuth says:

    Great video would the blower do 18” snow. Does it have shear pins if you pick up a stone. Thanks

  47. Steven Meyer says:

    What I like about that size tractor is that you don't have the aggravation of "regen" staying under 25 HP.

  48. John Hansen says:

    You’re 100% correct on the buying thought process for those new to owning a tractor. It is tough to filter the process down to the size and options that really matter for each of us in our own situation. Enjoyed your letting your tasks speak for themselves in the video, thanks.

  49. Janos Bozsoki says:

    Impressive!😁 Good video! My question is how much you spend on everything?

  50. Fredrik Steen says:

    Thanks for this video

  51. scott tyger says:

    Why??? I honestly have no idea!!!! I owned ONE Kubota compact TLB, and a Kubota zero turn……………….and sold them. They sucked!

  52. Mitch Smith says:

    I showed up with coffee in hand! I have to admit, the effectiveness of that size tractor w/ a grapple is surprising. I feel like that's a good size for a lot of small land owners. Considering one.

  53. Appletree Homestead - Jim says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. 👍

  54. David Carrow says:

    Well Gord great video KUBOTA should have givin you that 2601 or commission on all the tractors you have sold with this video. Very helpful for a new tractor buyer well have a good one CHEERS

  55. Harlan Norris says:

    I own a bx25. All the tractor I need for my 40 aq. ranchette. It's the perfect size to get into the shoop enclosure in the barn to clean it. It has enough horsepower to run a 4' pto mower. I've trenched over 400' 4' deep for installing outdoor watering hydrants with the backhoe that came with it. 200' of ditch for power supply to my barn. Much much more. 17,000. all in. and worth every penny

  56. James Lythgoe says:

    Very good demonstration. Typically, people think bigger is better but as your video demonstrates the B2601 would probably suffice for most people. The smaller tractors also don't burn as much fuel as the bigger ones.

  57. CaptainPetrolburner says:

    You get some really good use out of that grapple! Thanks for the great video. I'm considering the 2301 & 2601 myself. For the $1,000 difference it's probably worth going with the 26 even though I don't have any immediate needs for PTO power. Just loader work.

  58. Mark McCoy says:

    Outdoors, good video sir. Impressive. You have a lot of very nice Attachments. Mark.

  59. Mark Davies says:

    Great Videos

  60. L. GT says:

    my property is 1.2 acre, i like to get one, which tractor should i buy. i like to dig things, haul thing, and push over some small brushes etc.

  61. Amber Youtsler says:

    Great Vid. Thank you for the time. You really helped me with my decisions.

  62. danny29600 says:

    Did you add the screen to your front bumper..? Have you had any issues with the hydraulic lines on the bucket ,being damaged

  63. Jeffries Crambo says:

    Was going to pick up a John Deere tomorrow, lol. You just cost someone a commission. Kubota here I come.

  64. Loc C says:

    Man you got all the attachments. 👍

  65. ktmxcw400 says:

    Very good video. You not only provided great content, but you did so in a drama free manner that is very pleasant to watch. That's nice change of pace from most UT videos. Thanks!

  66. skeets says:

    Man you got all the neat toys!!!!

  67. Jake Townes says:

    You tube sure is nice.

  68. Jimmy Allen says:

    Thank you for the video. So nice to see a video where someone is actually showing instead of just talking. Very informative!

  69. Tony Navarro says:

    This is probably the best video i have found for the versatility of the Kubota Tractor. Well done!!

  70. Lee Morgan says:

    Well you not only have the tractor but what appears to be every attachment for it so what did you end up spending for all of that? $60,000.00 that's the biggest thing I cant stand about all of these places is that non of them ever put the prices on the machines and equipment for the world to see because they are looking for the many that don't now what they should pay so they can mark the price up and rip them of for a few thousand extra. Tire stores do the same thing now you go in and none of the tires displayed or the tire charts have the prices marked so that you will have to deal with a salesman so he can size you up and decide what kind of mark up he can throw at you and get away with making you have to pay more if your wife goes to pick up the tires instead of if you had the time to go to yourself and could say heck no. I wish OUR government would quit worrying about who is sleeping with who and who is not PC enough and says mean things that hurts a snowflakes feelings and make companies put their prices on the product clear and plain

  71. Lee Morgan says:

    You seem to have most of the attachments to go with the tractor, and I now people don't like to talk about $ But would you be willing to List the tractor model and each piece of equipment , when bought and how much you $$$ you paid so that others like myself will have some idea of what retail is and have a chance at not being ripped off by a less than reputable salesman? Thank You and enjoyed your video

  72. Philippe Riopel says:

    Japanese made over India or China product anytime!We still have our 1980 Made In Japan Ford 1510 tractor and use it all year round.Bullet proof!

  73. Rich Knebel says:

    Will the b2650 lift a 1000 lb. round bale on front end, with bale spear of course? If so, will it do it without counter weight?

  74. Jose Rivera says:

    You were not kidding about how complicated the process is for a first time buyer. I started convinced w/ the B2650 then started seeing comparisons w/ LS, Kioti and Mahindra…all of the outperforming the Kubota one way or another. Heavier, cheaper, more loading capacity, more hp, etc., etc. So I went back and forth several times w/ my indecisiveness. But every time I went back to this video, saw again and again what the B2650 was capable of doing which was perfect for my needs. Price difference wasn't that significant to make me go to the other brands so finally pulled the plug and purchased one….still hesitant because everybody says that get as much hp as you can afford:) I want to thank you for the great reviews, I think you saved me some $$ in the long run…if it doesn't work, they resale value is a lot better to go higher:)

  75. Brian Bezer says:

    Have you tried the backhoe that fits this tractor?
    Great job "showing" your work. It answers quickly what to expect.

  76. Kevin Kollman says:

    A+ I have a B2920 and it's a toy compared to my Case backhoe' but it does so many things I could not even think about with the
    Case… Very kool video ///

  77. Dennis Lederer says:

    Great video!

  78. Damien Bull says:

    Great video. Having all those amazing attachments make that machine Unstoppable.

  79. Hector Innes says:

    how did u do anything without that tractor

  80. Douglas Street says:

    I'm sold, nice machine and ya don't have to pay just for green and yellow paint.

  81. Krooked krake says:

    What brand/model is the grapple root rake?

  82. Joe A says:

    Fantastic video for someone who is considering buying a tractor I really appreciate such a well put together video.

  83. P-O says:

    Great and super inspirational video!
    I have an old IH 434. Without a loader sadly. That one has 43 hp 2 WD. But without the loader it lacks the most important function IMO.
    I am considering an upgrade and this one looks phenomena!
    Thank you for sharing this!
    Greetings from Sweden

  84. Michael McLaughlin says:

    Love your videos, and it looks like you're getting good use out of your tractor investment.  I just purchased a Kubota BX2380 earlier this year with a front mounted snow blower and a mid-mount mowing deck.  The dealer was surprised at my choices (specifically the snow blower) until I told him I lived on a sixth of a city block and just wanted something that fit my frame (I'm a big guy) that I could mow with in the summer and move snow with in the winter…and hopefully be able to grow with me if I ever am able to get the property I want.  What I ended up with is probably too much machine for what I have now, and not enough for where I'm going later…but I do love it!  Never had this much fun doing chores before.  I guess that in itself made it worth the investment.  The wife just shook her head (that must be a thing with wives)…but quit giving me so much grief when a neighbor about five blocks down got one too!!  Keep up the good work on your channel!

  85. Scott Turner says:

    Great video! I did have some questions about what I would be able to do with a compact tractor but after watching your video, I'm sure a compact will work for me. Thank you!

  86. MaximumRamYT says:

    I have a Kubota BX2380 and it’s still amazing. I also have a L2501 and they dominate our over 200 acre farm

  87. ZAM 078 says:

    Very helpful video. Thank you, sir.

  88. Bill Crawford says:


  89. Billy Darico says:

    Can you put a back hoe attachment on your Kabota

  90. Steve Rudan says:

    I have been watching your videos on and off for the last month. I have to make a decision soon, and of course, you have helped me with my decision. I'll be asking for the GP Outdoors package.

  91. Jason Broom says:

    I am torn between getting a B series or L series tractor and videos like this really help with making that decision. How wide is the flail mower you were using? I will need to flail mow several acres at a time, so that is one of my primary concerns. Thank you for putting out such a good video on what the B series tractor can do.

  92. nick drumm says:

    Anything on the b3350 opinions on the cab

  93. John Wesley says:

    Thanks for another great video Gord. I know what you mean about being overwhelmed at the dealer. So much to chose from. You can't go wrong with Kubota, love their products.

  94. Gary Elderman says:

    I have aBX25D. like it a lot but really do envy the B2601.

  95. H Phillips says:

    I have been on the fence between the B2601HSD, L 2501 and the kioti CK2610. The ck was eliminated when I tested the loader it’s extremely hard to do 2 functions with it at the same time. I finally got a good price on a B2601HSD now if the dealership can find one I will be happy. They have sold 5 so far this month. Your videos have been a big help and kept me from buying a tractor that is to large. Thanks and have a good one 👍🏻

  96. skeets says:

    You got all the neat toys !

  97. Anonymous says:

    What's the name/make/model number of the attachment at 5:20?

  98. David Wagner says:

    Great YouTube.i live in Texas Panhandle….nothing like this. You look like your having fun.

  99. Douglas Stewart says:

    I love my Kubota. I work it to death and it never gives up.

  100. Silent but Deadly says:

    I use the Mx 5800 in chicken houses it pulls its weight and then some

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