18Vx2 DC-OPE Series New

for the people and the planet Li-ion 18V Battery 190+ Tools Outdoor Power Equipment Cordless Multi Function Power Head DUX60 Multi-function system Brushcutter EM403MP Edger EE400MP Cultivator KR400MP Shaft extension attachment LE400MP Pole saw EY401MP Pole hedge trimmer EN401MP Pole hedge trimmer EN410MP Ground trimmer EN420MP Coffee harvester EJ400MP Cordless Grass Trimmer DUR365U /364L/366L Delivers High Power and Increased Torque. Delivers motor power directly to the blade. Minimizes reduction in rotation speed under load. Reverse switch The best choices for use in noise-sensitive areas (e.g. residential areas) Bike Handle Type / Loop Handle Type Cordless Hedge Trimmer DUH551/651 5-position rotating rear handle 6 speed dial High-performance trimming Cordless Lawn Mower 380mm DLM380/430mm DLM431 Grass box indicator indicates whether the box is empty or full. Easier installation and removal of grass box. Cordless Chain Saw 350mm DUC353 Delivers High Power and Increased Torque. Provides high operating efficiency by directly rotating saw chain. Delivers high operating efficiency equivalent to 30mL class engine chain saw Cordless Powered Pruning Shears DUP361 Smooth cutting similar to that of a hand pruner. Smooth and fine cutting Cordless Brower DUB362 The air flow capacity similar to that of handy petrol blowers. High power Low noise level & Low vibration level Variable speed control trigger Cordless Brower DUB361 Lightweight at 3.1 kg (with battery)

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