1959 Porsche 356A: A Phoenix Rises From A Tractor Barn

My father was an aeronautical engineer.
He built aircraft his entire life. I had an inclination toward technical work so I started my career
in a design office for car parts. My first hand-on experience
was on my 2CV which I would use to go to work
and on holidays. It would break down regularly
so I spent every weekend fixing it. Even though it was only a 2CV
it already had a cooling system. Then the Buggy arrived in France
and it triggered a new project for me: to build a Buggy from scratch. I started with a British reproduction
of a Buggy body, a big Buggy, and of course equipped with the 2CV. Then Nicholas arrived. New projects arrived with him,
always mechanical ones, but this time it was
a father and son project. When we talk about construction
it is completely different than restoration. A restoration is a long process,
with good and bad surprises, full of pitfalls, euphoric moments,
and sometimes despair. It is a long journey, often longer
and more expensive than we expect. This project was for us the
journey of a father and his son. From an early age my dad
used to give me carburetors to disassemble. I would take my little screwdriver and I would try to assemble
and disassemble them. I was introduced to mechanics
at a very young age. Then for Christmas, I got a Piwi 80. That Piwi allowed me to follow my father
wherever he would go to do repairs, so I already enjoyed mechanics
and loved all types of mechanical sports. Once I had my driver’s license
I bought a 1962 Beetle, which I went to pick up
with my dad in Touraine. I made a lot of modifications
on that car. We had a shed in the garden
that we transformed into a workshop where we could work
and stock our pieces. We set up all the tools we needed
like a drill press and a compressor. Our friends would come over
to change their oil or work on their mopeds or Vespas. This is how we came to call it
“The Modern Garage.” For an aficionado of the brand, the logical continuation of a more
ambitious project would be the A356. The idea started emerging
in the early 2000s. By chance, we followed the tracks
left by a gas leak and we ended up at this farmer’s house
from Orleans who had a tractor collection. He was a bit of a scrap dealer. When we visited his shed,
between all the tractors, three unusual shapes appeared. It was nothing less than
an SP, an S90, and an AT2 with an open roof. We started negotiating with the farmer. However, he was only willing
to sell the cars in one batch. We had very long discussions
with my dad, and I finally managed to convince him
to buy the entire batch. So we went back to the
scrap dealer’s house and negotiated until we became the happy owners
of three cars and around twenty boxes of loose parts. After 15 days of doing inventory, we realized that the boxes of the A
were complete and matched the vehicle. So we decided to sell the other two cars in order to finance the restoration of the A. For the body of the car, we decided
to put the A356 on a rotisserie in order to restore it as best as possible. For this we called our friend Jules
who is an expert. He and my father spent no less
than 800 hours working on it. For the gearbox, we called
a well-known gearbox specialist in France who made the necessary adjustments. For the color of the car body, we wanted to avoid the classical gray
from the catalog. We realized that the color chart at the time
had a color called auratium green. This is the color
we finally chose. Finally, for the leather parts
of the interior, we met Jean-Philippe Duval,
who is still today a very good friend. We spent a lot of time
with Jean-Philippe deciding which color would go best
with the auratium green. We finally opted
for a mocha color. We decided to add a few
technical modifications in order to make it more stable,
like a high flow pump, a full flow, B brakes,
and convert it to 12 volts. We also added
a bigger exhaust pipe. We really wanted a car that would fit us,
one that we could personalize, so we also added aluminum plugs
that my dad crafted. Today we have a car
that really shows who we are. I’ll always remember the first
time we took it on the road. As you can imagine after seven years
of restoration with my father, the first time we put the key in
and took the car outside the garage, we were like kids. We drove in circles around
the neighborhood the entire day. Those moments will stay
with me forever. My name is Nicholas de Meerler
and I drive a 1959 Porsche A356 AT2.

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