4 WoW Gold Farms You Haven’t Seen Yet | 10k-500k Per Hour

Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold, and today we
are taking a look at four gold farms in World of Warcraft that you haven’t heard of yet. Now, these are all by YouTubers that are smaller,
under 5,000 subs. So, if you like any of these farms, and I’ve
included a good mix of different gold making techniques – you’ve got transmog and professions,
and pet farming, and a whole bunch of other stuff – then go check em out and subscribe
to em, and let em know I sent you, so we can share the love, and build up this community
a little bit more. These guys are where the fun, new, and original
ideas come from. So, let’s get into our first technique. This first strategy’s by a guy named Sharken,
I’ve talked about him before but he’s fantastic, and his video is called WoW Gold Farm Instant
Respawn in Desolace. Now, this is a transmog farm, and we’re going
to be focusing on ilvl 30 to 35 stuff. So, if you are an experienced transmog farmer,
this is th stuff you get out of Uldaman. Most of the stuff is pretty cheap, like, 100-1000
gold, but occasionally you’ll get a 20,000 gold 50,000 gold 500,000 gold item, you know
the super duper rare green stuff. So, what we’re doing, we’re farming Slitherblade
Invaders, a whole bunch of Naga. And you are nagana believe how easy this farm
is. So, the cool thing that this guy brings to
the table is creative ways of farming instant respawn transmog farms. He brings up the idea of rolling a trial account
for a brewmaster monk where you test out the level 100 brewmaster monk, you can on that
toon go put an ox statue down. All these naga run to the ox statue. You kill em, you loot em, and it’s pretty
AFK. He does the same thing with a druid, so go
check this farm out. Spend a little bit of time here. For any transmog farm you need to spend at
least like 30 minutes to an hour to get any kind of results whatsoever, and of course
you want to have 500-1000 transmog pieces up on the auction house in order to get reliable
income. BUT, this is a great farm if you’re looking
for a creative way to get your ilvl 30ish stuff. The second technique is from a guy named Organic
Gaming and his video’s called 6000 gold in one minute by trolling people on the auction
house. And I love this video, because you can see
the sparks going off in his mind as he’s talking about this, and it’s an important part of
my gold making journey. Where I remember when it first clicked for
me that people would pay gold for the luxury of being lazy. What he’s talking about specifically is buying
muskenbutter and flaked sea salt, and dalapeno peppers, and stonedark snails. All the cooking reagents for legion. Buying those from the vendor and just selling
em on the auction house. Not even selling em for a lot, just 2 gold
5 gold 10 gold, whatever you can get for em. But this is something people are willing to
pay for, this luxury of being lazy. And in fact, the gold queen…it’s not a new
idea…the gold queen has a group that she calls the Copper Rod Squad, and these guys
try to see how much gold they can get for vendor items. And I’m not talkin about anything fancy, just
the stuff you have on the back of your traveler’s tundra mammoth: rune thread and vanishing
powder, and just silly stuff that costs a silver to buy, you can sell on the auction
house for a thousand gold and people will buy it because people are lazy. The third technique is for all you miners
out there and this is actually my video, so I’m being a little self serving but this is
my channel I can do what I want. Cash me ousside how bout dat. So, the point of this strategy is that Khorium
Ore and the price for Khorium bars has been going up and up and up every month, since
mists of pandaria. Khorium Bars are selling for 1,600 gold each
right now. It’s nuts. And granted, you’re not going to be selling
a lot of em, because they are expensive but whenever someone wants to craft any of the
BC epic transmog stuff, they gotta buy a lot of Khorium Ore. So, sell it to em, and make em pay as much
as they can handle. So, in my video I go through Nagrand, Isle
of Quel’Danas, and Netherstorm, and I talk about the results you get from each. Generally you’re looking at like, 10 to 25
ore per hour. Not a whole lot, but you’re also getting felslate
and, err…fel iron ore, and adamantite ore, and a whole bunch of other goodies. Motes of Fire and Earth, all that good stuff. But I talk about the pros and cons of each
zone so go watch that if you’re a miner. Khorium should be part of your weekly routine. And this last technique we’re gonna talk about
is from a good friend of the channel Hikons, and this is 1.2 million gold per hour. We’re kicking things up a lot. Now, this is RNG dependent, it’s pet farming,
and in a nutshell, what this guy’s doing is killing the lich king on as many different
toons as he can every single week. Specifically he’s farming the Drudge Ghoul
pet, and the drudge ghoul pet right now is selling for between 50 and 100,000 gold. Prices have gone down since he made the video,
but this thing’s still super duper expensive. It’s rare, it doesn’t drop very often off
the lich king, and so you can sell it for a ton. Now, the special thing, the reason why you
should watch his video is because he does a great job of not only the math behind how
he can justify 1.2 million gold per hour, but how to farm this on an army of alts as
efficiently as possible. What he does is he shares his lockout with
his own alt. So, you start a group in the premade group
finder once you’ve killed everything up to the lich king, and then you log into your
alt. And you have your alt queue up for that premade
group finder group, and then you log back into your main, and then you accept that,
and then you log back into your alt, and then you walk into ICC and you’re right there at
the lich king…or at the portal before, you know where the Valkyries carry you off the
edge, you know, you’ve been there. But if you haven’t ever done this sharing
a lockout trick, I recommend you go watch his video, and you subscribe to his channel,
he’s fantastic. All these guys are great, but that is it! Go farm some drudge ghouls. Go get some khorium. Go get some vendor junk and sell it for as
much as you can. And go ahead and get some transmog in Desolace. All these places are at least 10-100 gold
per hour. So go make some gold. Thank you for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t. Like this video if it helped you out. And I’ll see you later. Good luck and happy gold making!

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  1. Ithilween Shadowsong says:

    the guy from the ice cream citadel is a GENIUS

  2. Ass Boi says:

    Drudge Ghoul only drops from Lich King 10 man.
    That's why he is so expensive, because everyone just runs 25 HC for the mount chance. Also, he drops a different pet on 25man.

  3. Amund Eilertsen says:

    The pet is rare from the lich king and expensive!??!?!? WTF IVE TROWN AWAY OVER 10 OF THEM

  4. Matt says:

    whats that scribbled damage number font addon you got called if it is an addon?

  5. Beev says:

    i learned to love to use a brewmaster to farm, the oxstatue makes everything so much more relaxed

  6. Bloodheal says:

    I tryed the ICC thing it doesn't seem to work anymore after the 2nd toon

  7. Theo Hagglund says:

    4:14 what the hell, turn on subtitles lol

  8. JaronZ says:

    I used to play vanilla WOW back in the day, where gold was hard to accumulate. Is gold not an issue in the new WOW?

  9. kheath580 says:

    shitty clickbait video. transmog farming videos are fucking worthless. that shit never even sells and just inflates your title amount.

  10. Steve Tippet says:

    I have bought for the sake of being lazy…not proud but ,ost likely will do it again

  11. Leslie Williams says:

    I had actually recently subbed to some of the list here. Good job on promoting them they had great videos.

  12. ShadoWolf says:

    tokens are 300k on europe so…

  13. Pablud3S says:

    4 retarded techniques to waste your time.

  14. Johannes says:

    Put the group on auto inv and save some time relogging

  15. Matthew Duce says:

    The community does not need bad puns. It's not punny at all.. See how dumb it sounds.

  16. Nola Bae says:

    Id like to join your community! I just started putting up gold farming videos! (You said you share the love) 😉


  17. BRO'VERLORD says:

    pretty good. shows blizzard has gone off the fuckin rails. gold is diluted anymore nothing matters.

    i recall when lich king released, i would farm a single leather for 1 gold on the AH. i made tons of gold that way for my uses. i was pretty rich.

    i hear now that lv110 toons can get tens of thousands of gold per item vendored. the whole thing has gone the way of a private server where all the numbers are broken.

  18. Logan Holkem says:

    Could the first method be considered exploiting at all? Would love to give that farm a try, but don’t want to get banned haha

  19. jojo's wacky quest says:

    transmog farming makes you next to no gold and you’ll be stuck with the items forever. just farm mats like everyone else

  20. Jim Wertman says:

    I stopped watching after your pronunciation of jalapenos.

  21. Stillow says:

    Why don't you put 1k-10million per hour? seems more accurate

  22. Apatsi says:

    you are not going to earn gold doing this…. you will waste your time for pennies………. but i'm glad that videos like this exist because they distract people from good ways of making money lol

  23. Paulo Vitor says:

    Serve nos servidores Br ?

  24. Brandon Ruggles says:

    Here's how I went from following guides like this to ACTUALLY making a lot of gold:

    All the time I would have spent aimlessly farming transmogs, I instead invested in getting good at the game, joining a Mythic raiding guild, then gearing my toon out and selling AotC carries for a consistant, reliable 500k-1m/hour.

  25. Ultra T says:

    the trick with the lockout doesnt work anymore.

  26. Wake up says:

    Yeah so if 100k per hour was possible at all people would have gold cap in one week if they played 10 hours a day.

  27. Michele Parisi says:

    1.18 what prebuild UI are you using?

  28. mohi mi says:

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  30. Szenczi Boldizsár says:

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  31. padreBusko StreamON says:

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  32. NatersTheGamer says:

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  33. Blixem says:

    back when 50 gold per hour was a lot…long gone.

  34. Anomander1 says:

    Transmog prices ruined the game!

  35. White Spirit says:

    hello, can you please list the addons you were using when farmin khorium? That map looks awesome

  36. joaquinfrias padron says:

    i do it like 100 times but no one buy the items

  37. Ghosteondoge Doge says:

    Naga-ganna believe….

    Me: face palm*

  38. 卐ADOLfHITLER卐 says:

    fuck i gave my friend the drudge goul for free because i didnt think to sell it…

  39. FROSTBITE Online says:

    Sorry new to wow I have a question about the first method with the naga. how long the loot stay on the ground after killing the mob? I only ask cause I see ppl leave piles of bodies in that method just curious when ppl actually pick up the loot.

  40. west coast flava says:

    That #4 method has been out for years now. It was posted on ownedcore as a method to farm invincible reigns…wonder if the guy who posted the youtube vid of it gave credit to the orginal finder

  41. SoulBlues says:

    Not only are these farms well-known. They are also pretty bad compared to most other farms.

  42. card969 says:

    I make enough gold in the first 3 months of a new xpack to last me the rest of the xpack. Farm and sell stupid high everything. Rich bastards want to level their profs at the beginning super fast and will pay big.

  43. Kobatzz Kobatzz says:

    The only thing that I'm missing now is the game time, Nice guide btw

  44. Adam Cartwright says:

    Gold making option number 2 is exactly what I've been doing, except with foxflower flux because there are a surprising number of blacksmiths currently who were just too lazy to do the quest to be able to buy it yourself.

  45. brian laurenborg says:

    thx buddy

  46. Stan TWICE You fools says:

    Thank you, this really helped

  47. Alex F says:

    whats that addon the guy has at 2:30 with the golden ring?

  48. Trevor Daniels says:

    Where are the most expensive transmog items found right now? As of 7.5.3?

  49. nyxxie023 says:

    The Desolace thing… meh. I tried it and got two pieces of gear in 30 minutes. That's not enough. I find it more fun to just use the NPCScan addon and farm rares across the continents. You actually get transmog gear faster. This is how I made gold when I first started. It works.

  50. Mr. Grey says:

    The problem with these ___ gold per hour things is it may have taken an hour to get your merchandise but it'll take days/weeks and multiple reposts to sell the stuff and in the mean time you have the choice of either waiting to sell what you have which makes "gold per hour" really misleading or farming more which will result in them piling up.

  51. izidor says:

    if u have millions of gold ur willing to pay more its normal. Happends to me everytime. Standing in the AH and buying random cooking recipes for 300g

  52. H0 PE says:

    Ive subbed to you straight away after few sentences. Because you sound very kind of promoting others and not yourself first. A rare character nowadays… Now teach me goldfarming quick… 🙂

  53. Band Helix says:

    Nice! Glad I watched this now, was lucky enough to get a Ghoul on the first run and another a few toons later 😀

  54. DanDan123yoo says:

    How to find a 100k+ farm spot. Go to some shit hole zone in bum fuck nowhere with good respawn rate. Kill mobs for green items with huge ‘value’. Proceed to farm zone for hours on end and put all the junk on the auction house. Wait 3 weeks before u realise all the shit u farmed dont sell and suddenly realise u spent 5 hours to farm about 200g. The End.

  55. ipressedabutton says:

    this is not playing the game, looks like a waste of time, and extremely boring, but good try

  56. Gyro says:

    The AH trolling method have i used alot, bought stylish blackshirts for >1g sold them on AH for 650g

  57. Link Gamer says:

    what addon you use to change your ui?

  58. Scorch428 says:

    Sweet, my secret method isnt up yet still!

  59. Sarys says:

    lol I just came back to WoW since launch of Cata, and on my second day back I ran into the first one. I was gonna make a video of the instant respawn rate to show my friend what I found.

  60. Darkness Team says:

    good video easy to make money

  61. Jerry Smith says:

    zomg… take the marbles out of your mouth and get to the point

  62. Jerry Smith says:

    xmog, xmog, more like 10k a pet, and selling vendor items on ah.. which.. is actually kind of clever

  63. Jerry Smith says:

    i make 300k a month just from class hall missions.. another 200k a month from crafting 1 legendary a week.. only one because i don't want to bother with other toons.. with the phone app, i probably spend 15 minutes a day for the 300k, whenever i have a spare 15 minutes, and the 200k takes a couple hours each week generally.. it's not millions, but it has no reliance on transmog or current pet prices.. the legendaries are generally priced at over 100k on the AH, so selling them at 65k takes less than 12 hours and is currently guaranteed income

  64. Grand ɪo says:

    Sadly on a low pop, PvP server like the one I'm on, only one or two of these would actually work. Transmogs and pets just never sell.

  65. midder says:

    Ok, today i tried Desolace farm and in 1hr i just got two items in value of 1 000g, so bad rng or it is already nerfed.

  66. Beastmaster Slim says:

    As far as profiting off of people's laziness goes….i just sold 5 copper rods for 18g each…

  67. sleepy cyclops says:

    cant you just stand in goldshire or ogrimmar and dance naked for gold?

  68. Richard Ransier says:

    What is the addon you use with the green circle showing you nodes

  69. sleepy cyclops says:

    how to fck is this a "fast" guilde

  70. Willy Milano says:

    I just started playing again after ten years, so I have no idea what's going on these days. What do you need so much gold for and why is that green gear so special that it sells for so much?

  71. Jacob Andre says:

    Are you related to wowcrendor?

  72. bevo rob says:

    You can do icecrown on heroic and not screw up the lock out, you just wait till the lead passes to your alt the switch the raid to normal BEFORE you enter the raid. Then enter the raid on normal, accept the normal lockout THEN switch it back to heroic and accept the heroic lockout and you’re good. I do this all the time. Also when you make the raid on the lock out toon you can check auto invite and you don’t have to switch toons, wait till lead passes to alt then unlist the group. I’ve only had people auto join once cuz I forgot to delist so I just kicked them.

  73. Mightylink says:

    omg i have 3/3 drudge ghouls from trying to get invincible so much, ty so much im going to sell them now, still wish i had invincible 🙁

  74. Jordan gebolys says:

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  78. Horkslair says:


  79. Cheburushka says:

    its takes me 90 min to run icc with lockout on 16 alts (creating lockout, all the running, all the loading screens). This pet is worth 30k. This pet drops 15% chance (~). So in 16 runs you would make an average of 72 k gold, or 48 k gold per hour. So this youtuber is only off by a factor of 25. And all of this while you could be farming heroic mount.

  80. Wozzard says:

    tried the khorium farrm for like 4 hours, got 5 ore, not sure why im not getting any but felt like a real waste of time, price for a single bar is around 3 k on my server, and i can see why

  81. Apollo Grumdimor says:

    I could not do this macro in Portuguese BR where it is a language that I play = /

  82. John WESLEY FOX says:

    so at the beginning of this video you were jumping off the world tree.  After watching the Sylvannas war video and old soldier video, I thought you were making a joke.   Then I noticed the date you posted this video.

  83. Bjorneboy says:

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  84. Jago Gamer says:

    70k people following a clickbait channel.. nice

  85. Stanley Bob says:

    So many alliance videos boring

  86. Solrex the Sun King says:

    I bought a pet from the darkmoon faire, waited till the time of month it was no longer available, and then checked the AH price, and lol and behold, it was worth a lot of gold. Way more than I paid for it.

  87. Dusk Wolf says:

    Heck I sold ice cold milk for 10 gold each on the AH during Christmas. And it sold a lot.

  88. Narwhal_ Dust says:

    I only disliked this video because of the horrible puns

  89. rosalia muñoz says:

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover wow gold making guide try Panlarko Gold Getter Planner (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my neighbor got great success with it.

  90. Omnipresence tv says:

    anything above 18k gold an hour is clickbait

  91. Matheus Bueno says:

    The pun in the beginning of the video made a star die

  92. Jaymz Sanders says:

    i wonder if this sale could get me in the copper rod squad i sold 190 elemental flux for almost 52 k https://imgur.com/a/YuRWskV

  93. Jubach says:

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  94. Jubach says:

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  96. adam5610 says:

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  97. Николо Паганини says:

    The Guide is cool but that old stuff atleast for me 🙂 I play Battle pets, from Pandaria and i farm and sell them 🙂 And in time of Pandaria and Draenor even make power leveling i get gold for that 😀 Old resourses are alway expensive 🙂 like Khorium and Titanium, and saronite 😀 And at last i'll tell u i sell Blacksmith hammer since WotLK 😀

  98. Andrei Radu says:

    The Thumbnail tho.

  99. Dick Stephenson says:

    No. 1 looks pretty nerfed to me.

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