.50 Caliber Hawken Muzzle Loader Demonstration

and equipment what I’ve got here
something just a little more traditional this is a replica of a 50 caliber
Hawken rifle it’s made by Connecticut Valley Arms what’s different about it if
you look at it compared to what Paul showed us has this hammer the cocks back
as you can see the one that he had had a pullback hammer and it also had where
you put your percussion cap inside your percussion cap goes right here this is a
much more traditional kind of rifle what’s not traditional is this scope and
what’s also not traditional is this the bow slug they’re both designed to give
accuracy and consistency and shooting that way you don’t have any missed shots
animals are wounded we don’t want that the traditional thing actually before
had been the patching ball as you can see a lot of trouble you got to oil them
and they’re not nearly as consistent or accurate so I’ll tell you what let’s
load this rascal up and shoot it first thing I’m gonna do though put on some
safety glasses and some ear plugs what I have here are fast loaders you
can load your gun in about 30 seconds in the woods it’s pre loaded powder 90
grains is what I use so I’m going to do now its pour the powder down the barrel make sure it all gets down in there with
that it also what’s really neat about these things
I’ll show you didn’t hear is you’re Sipos lug just starter here going and
we’ll use our boat starter take everybody knows this you’ve seen this in
the movies this is a ramrod we’re gonna do now is properly seat this round now
mine I’ve got the ramrod marked right here so I know that now that this is
completely seated there’s no space in there and it’s ready to shoot except for
one last thing we’re gonna put the cap on now again with this quick shot it’s
right in here mm now you’re ready shot all right I put
the target out there about 50 yards cuz that’s usually about what I set up for
I’m gonna check the accuracy of this scope okay

9 comments on “.50 Caliber Hawken Muzzle Loader Demonstration”

  1. Rifleman2.0 says:

    Cool set up with the scope, does the glass get fouled up after a shot?

  2. Danny Boy says:

    Just picked up a Thompson/Hawkins 50 cal muzzleloader from a guy for $200,can't wait to shoot it this weekend

  3. Dakota Duree says:

    What's the point in a scope at 50 yards?

  4. yooperpitbulls says:

    Never put the ramrod under your chin like in the video

  5. TEST Fifty says:

    How did you mount the scope drilled and tap? And what mount did you use . Thanks!

  6. Youtuber Trump says:

    A scope on a side lock just ain’t right.

  7. Todd Haub says:

    nice. when the day comes requiring it, i would rather put a scope on a muzzleloader like that vs. something plastic.

  8. Medicine Lodge says:

    I subscribed to your channel, would you subscribe back?

  9. Louis Cifer says:


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