7 Excavator’s Incredible Jobs Which You Don’t Know

hi everyone welcome to TTI’s welcome to
a whole new world of machines these giant excavators can perform some
miraculous stunts that definitely you won’t see again in your entire life so
just relax and enjoy the video number one rope walking excavator hey can you
walk on a rope without any physical support at six meters above the ground
sounds scary right oh you say you can do it well how
about adding some extra weight with you and midair I understand you’re probably
scared now introducing San es y7 5c the most popular Chinese excavator which is
produced by the innovative and successful company Sani excavator the
company did some show-offs at the popular Chinese TV show challenge the
impossible on CCTV won the impossible challenge was to drive the excavator on
a tightrope in midair by carrying 7.5 tons of extra weight this project consisted of three
additional problems firstly it had to climb on the platform at the height of
five point four meters then it had to walk through the 30 meter long soft wire
and finally it had to pass through the single bridge made of wood
with one single crawler belt fortunately this machine performed all those three
miracles you probably don’t need to understand Chinese to know how happy
this guy is oh oh oh shit what no don’t go forget to rope systems for balancing
this hydraulic excavator can showcase its skill beyond the limits the machine
can walk on this single bridge without losing its balance one foot above the
ground so I request you to not try any of these stunts number two excavator in china shop meet
caterpillars 301 point seven mini excavator designed to put the machines
agility and the precision of its controls to the test in the video an expert operator Ryan
Neill is driving the excavator and a highly confined shop but this shop is
packed with the most expensive and delicate guts which is worth more than
forty thousand dollars but somehow the caterpillar excavator doesn’t break
anything as it performs the most complicated tasks like stacking a
wineglass atop a shimmering construction of other glasses number three hot dogs excavator who doesn’t love hot dogs would you
believe me if I said that this excavator can also cook hot dogs for you a Norway
based company Statoil has showcased its excavators performance to the world the
machine can cut a bun from the middle then it adds spinach or vegetables then
adds a hot dog inside the bun what don’t you need ketchup and onions too don’t
worry it can add both for you you just have to
open your mouth and this machine will feed you so what are you waiting for
just open your mouth number four Michael Jackson excavator in 2016 a Chinese company XE mg
organized a real dance battle between a man and machine
definitely the design of the excavator was inspired by our beloved dancer
Michael Jackson this unusual and spectacular event was an excellent way
to demonstrate the capabilities of this vehicle
the excavator model ET 110 was chosen as the dancer which is also known as iron
spider because of its unusual and crazy wheels the machine is extremely
maneuverable and the crane chassis moves at the most unusual angles while the
operator uses the outriggers for support thanks to its most innovative design the
excavators movements do in fact resemble a robot dance number five laughter’s balanced in 2011
the audience of the Royal Show and Adelaide were lucky enough to enjoy the
dance of these extreme machines we’re highly skilled operators take heavy
earthmoving machinery beyond its limits these powerful Bobcat machines perform
pirouettes feats of balance and precision moves according to various
kinds of music from pure elegance to dumping intensity here the teams of four
operators are performing a vast number of tricks like balancing and driving on
front wheels and various type of dancing moves of course
the dance of these machines is really fascinating number six big RC toy hey RC fans would
you like to play with a serious toy this excavator is definitely the best for you
and all the movements of the machine as well as the wheel manipulation are all
carried out by remote control that means there’s no driver inside the
excavator and that’s how Driver life will not be at risk again in various
type of hazardous operations an innovative company XE mg manufactures
the RC model ET 110 this serious machine can not only move in different angles
but it also shows some of the most extreme abilities moreover the machine
can even hang in the air high above the ground relying solely on the bucket and
retractable outriggers its wheels are highly transformative which allows the
operator to make it stable even when working in mountains and places with the
complex terrain number seven excavator climbing if you think climbing on walls is only
possible for spider-man then I’ll have you know that in the German bedding
program in 1997 a bulldozer had risen to a tower which was built especially for
it by using only the hydraulic arm
caterpillars inside the bulldozer a skilled driver was controlling each step
the operator took each step carefully and a lock-and-key manner after getting
stable posture the bulldozer raises its hydraulic arm to the next level until it
climbs to the top of the tower the same company released a video where
it shows one of their large excavators washing a car but the results are a
little unfortunate thanks for watching which excavator did you like the most
let me know in the comments if you’re new here then feel free to be my friend
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    Obviously it all looks impressive,In reality it's mostly rigged up obstacles, the tight rope would have been made of steel ropes with grooved tracks to keep it in place..where is that even useful..It would be Impressive to see it in action suspended like that though. Number seven what a joke how many mountains are made like that and even if they were ..how much you paying the operator..not to mention health and safety.

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