903 Wheel Loader 2019 Roadshow

Hi I’m Matt from Tingalpa Landscaping and
we’ve just taken delivery of our new 910 Cat, and 2x 903 Cat’s. We went with Caterpillar because of the reliabilty
back when my parents started Tingalpa Landscaping they had a range of Cats there, the old 910’s
which never let us down. Product, service, reliability and the support
that we get from Caterpillar has always been second to none. The whole team was behind it, the comfort
and reliabilty of the machine with the speed of the machine and also the fuel efficiency
is one big thing that we looked at. Hi I’m steve Rykiert, I’m a sales representative
for the Building and Construction products here at Hastings Deering. We’ve recently delivered 3 new wheel loaders
to Tingalpa Landscape supplies, they have taken advantage of the Cat 903 which has been
recently added to our small compact wheel loader group. The 903 even though one of the smallest wheel
loaders on the market, still comes with all the same features and benefits as the big
brother machines. We’ve received such positive feedback from
guys already using the machine out in the field, that we’ve decided we’re going to do
a roadshow early 2019. We want to put them in yards, so guys can
operate them, the guys who operate them daily are going to see the features and benefits
and the comfort of it and we’re going to be deliverying them to landscape supply yards
in South East Queensland. We’re going to be a one stop shop, so once
they buy the machine, we’re going to be out there maintaining it, servicing it and making
sure its running.

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