A day in my life at the Alpaca Farm

So, I’m currently on my way to work And for everybody who has just been really interested for whatever reason about my alpaca job. This is going to be a day in my life at the alpaca I guess. So, here we go Okay, we have arrived. So, here is the aplaca farm Awe, look at them all. Cuties. So, let me park. And, we will go. So, first things first. We have to let all the alpacas out And so, here’s the momma cage. All the pregnant ones. Hi guys. Hi. So, I gotta get their water going. So, hold on All of these guys are free! GO!! Bye mommas! Okay, so the moms are free and they have water. And now it’s time for the little baby pen. Hi guys How are you? So, all of the babies are already outside.Waiting. And these ones are really fun. To watch when they get released. Cause they jump around a lot. And this one is very curious. And, freedom babies! We have these guys And they’re very very excited. Freedom! And these ones are upset. You can see they know what’s coming. Hi buddies. Hi fluffies. Ready, GO! And all these are upset. Go ahead guys. Go out. They’re fun. Roll around! Water ♪ Alright, they’re ready. GO! Freeeedom!! ♪ And they’re upset. And the baby boy stall, here’s all the baby boys. And that one’s my favorite. Cause he’s really cute. And this is the curious one. They’re gettin so close to me. Hi babies. Freedom. And stragglers. Come on. Go babies. Go babies. And they’re upset. But, their turn is coming. Here we go. These guys are humming loudly. They really want out. So.. Freedom! ♪ And these guys are upset, but they’re already outside. And, that’s about all I can do. I acctually have to work now. So, I will *oh* I will be back when I round everybody up. Alright bye. Hi kitty. He’s really nice, but he’s not one of the farms cats. I don’t know what to do with him. He’s pretty nice though. I like him But, I.. I don’t know what to do with him. So, I’m taking a five minute water break. I wanted to show you guys all the outside pens now that they’re done. So, here we have this one. And and the lovely gentlemen inside. And then we have dis one. Which they’ve already dirtied it again. With all these lovely gentlemen. And then over here we have Phortune guarding these guys. And these guys are always very interested *in what I’m doing* Oh! In what I’m doing, so they’re cool. I’m going to step away from that one because he keeps spitting at me. Wich is really weird. So, yeah. That’s these guys. So, I’m going to go get my water and keep going. So, see ya. So, we are about to go into my least favorite pen. And you’ll understand why in a second. Because out here it’s really really beauftiful. All the alpacas are out And it’s gorgeous. Until you realize the whole center of it is what I have to clean. So, yeah. It’s exactly two o’clock right now. And, lets see how much. Or how long it takes me *oh* to clean this stall. This is my finished outside product. And as you can see, llamas still doing their llama, er, alpaca thing. And they have a clean spot to ruin. So, yeah. So this is my last pen of the day, and it’s one of my favorite pens actually. Because it is the baby girl pen. And look at them. They are just so cute. And some of them are really good with people. Some of them are not so good with people. But, like look at these ones. They’re all kinda just checking me out. And stuff. Like, see. Some of these ones over here are even coming to me. Which is kinda cool. Hi buddy. I don’t know, but for some reason when you whistle they come. Oh yeah, see? They’re all coming. It’s the whistling man. It’s the whistle. They’re all coming to me now. Yeah, so this is one of my favorite pens. There’s not much to do in this pen. But all the little girls are really fun. So, like see. I don’t know if you can see them, but like, they’re all following me when I stop for a couple steps. Or they were. So, yeah. See? There they go. Follow. Follow. Follow. It’s weird. So, I guess we have a straggler. Back here. Oh yeah. See? They’re following. So, yeah. This is it for today. Once I’m done with this pen, I’ll water everybuddy. Then I’m going to leave. So, I have a stalker. Alright. Bye. So, it is closing time at the alpaca farm. So, it’s time to get everyone in. Some of them are stubborn, so this should be fun. Alright come on guys. So, that didn’t work. So, now I have to round them up. Whick is always fun. Except the babies are really good at it which is surprising. Like, I wouldn’t have thought that. Yup and there they go. Except for this one. There we go. Come on baby. I like that one. She’s very curious. That one likes me. And I like her. Come on. Schotch your boot. One dowwwwwwwn. Six to go. This is what I get to say bye to every single day. They’re pretty cute.

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  1. Carole Traynor says:

    There's not much room for them to move, that's not how they should live all cramped up.

  2. Matthew Chaisuwan says:

    I've never seen an actual alpaca in real life, but I wanna know do they stink a lot? And how soft are they?

  3. Zahid Usman says:

    They are beutifull.

  4. Asad Khan says:

    You are a lucky girl.

  5. Jack Donegan says:


  6. Samantha Wertenberger says:

    can i have one

  7. Samantha Wertenberger says:


  8. Abner Ortiz says:

    Where is that?

  9. Namaste says:

    you are so beautiful.

  10. Jesica Stilwell says:

    I have an alpaca myself and its supposed to be breeded

  11. Baby Mammoth34 says:

    Fluffy heaven!

  12. creamyturtle says:

    man they look so sad when you have to lock them up in that cage at 430

  13. Ri Le says:

    You have one of the cutest laughs in the world

  14. kneedeepinbluebells says:

    Bravo Amanda …  How fortunate you are to live in America the Beautiful … Where You could own your Own Alpaca farm someday

  15. Can Hitler reach 2000 subs says:

    They look like Abraham Lincoln if he was resurrected and became an alpaca

  16. Alex says:

    Alpacas are underrated

  17. GatesDaBaws says:

    i will hunt down every single disliker…. one at a time…

  18. Carina Sellers says:

    How many Alpacas do you have?? It looks like you have over a hundred lol

  19. BREEEDAS says:

    I don't know how alpacas work so please tell me they are raised for the wool.

  20. Mike Valencia says:

    You are soo pretty Amanda =)

  21. Lord Freeza says:

    Why the farmers put the alpacas and llamas in different places I mean why they put the different genders in different areas? And the babies are cute :3 they looks like mix teddy bears and llamas XD

  22. Paula Hines Lonergan says:

    I saw some cute Alpacas at a farm in Oregon believe it or not https://youtu.be/wrzWbRgTyuE

  23. Alexis Dooley says:

    How many alpacas do you have?? At the farm I volunteer at, there’s only like 20

  24. Amber Animations. says:

    Got some questions!

    Before I start, I watch this video on repeat a lot.

    Do more alpaca vids!

    1) how many suri alpacas do you have? The huacaya alpacas are amazing though. Just saying.
    2) do you sell their fibre? And if you do, so you sell it for much? Alpaca fibre is worth a lot! You will know that though hahah.
    3) how many have you named?
    4) do you believe I could have a job like yours when I leave school, if so, how would I start? I cannot just sit down one day and make it happen I am guessing hahaha!
    5) last, it is not a question but I have alpaca phone cases, notebooks, pencil cases, shirts, Pj’s, teddies and more! <3

  25. EBseelo says:

    OMG I LOVE ALPACAS!!!!!!!!!!

  26. PinkPixel Productions says:

    Soo cuuuutteeee

  27. PinkPixel Productions says:

    I think they spat at the camera not you right? I’m not an animal expert xD

  28. Kira May Cry says:

    Theyre so cute..i wish i could pet one😭😭

  29. Yesaira Michelle says:

    Lucky Job!

  30. Jesus Fernando says:

    Theres no doubt, you are so lucky. I could fall in love every single day watching that little baby alpacas , even if i know that kind of work is a little heavy.

  31. The Rat says:

    Awww 🙂

  32. Xid.E says:

    i always watch this video when im sad. it always makes me happy <33

  33. Amy Tran says:


  34. Jasmine Black says:

    My little brother absolutely loves this video.

  35. WwXxxHh Winslow says:

    Alpacas + llamas are my fav animals

  36. Hendy Hans says:

    They look cute, can't fine here in Indonesia

  37. Tanya Onysko says:

    I 💜 ya! Thankyou SO much for sharing your experience. Education is 🔑. The Alpacas that you are dealing with in this video are lovely & clean (thanks to you & those who hired ya!), & they don't appear to be miserable sardines in a can. I have big dogs and they like to be close together & with me…. lots of room in the rest of the house yet we stick together. We love our cuddles. 😊 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  38. Mary Goodnight says:

    I love the different/ varicoloured fleeces and the pompom heads. And they are smaller than I thought they were. Little and pretty animals.

  39. J. C. says:

    Omg, YAYY!!

  40. Grimm.Llamas says:

    Why am I so surprised that they sound like complaining babies??

  41. Logika Kompleks says:

    Why u speak in english?🤔

  42. Amber Miller says:

    I love this

  43. Fluffy Alpaca says:

    I love it

  44. Poco Loco says:

    Their cage is to small though. It's all to crowded for them…can you make them bigger???


    Thank you for the video I really enjoyed it and all the hard work you put into it is well appreciated.May God keep blessing you.

  46. Waffle Butters says:

    Let me steal these precious babs

  47. EBseelo says:

    SO CUTE! Great video!

  48. EBseelo says:

    6:24 Alpaca putting its head on the fence xD So cute!

  49. Honoka says:

    I prefer cats but holy shit they're adorable!

  50. Skippy Jones says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful videos Rock on…❤️☮️

  51. supermelodia says:

    well we don't need to be expert or smart to know the animals has no enough room.

  52. Isaac Schmitz says:

    I work there also! I’m a student at Ohio state ATI and its a nice part time job for me. Phortune and X-phactor are my two favorite ones

  53. Hannah Huaytalla says:

    I think Ive found my dream job

  54. Nada AlabdulElah says:

    So cute 😭 I want this job

  55. Shinethelight says:

    These are most definitely one of the cutest animals in the world

  56. makio kanpyo says:


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    How long do they get to be outside per day? How many are there total?

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    I love animals 😘😍💕 your are so lucky to have a job being around beautiful animals all day 👍

  59. Owen Ngadari says:


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    Thank u for this upload i was laughing the whole time.

  61. Deleted says:

    This is the best vid on he planet , I love alpacas sooooo much

  62. Serplux says:

    5:28 pause and look on top of the hay theirs a black cat

  63. Manacloud says:

    I love these baby’s

  64. Manacloud says:

    She says the same thing over and over haha they’re so cute

  65. Manacloud says:

    That’s so sad them baby’s do need more room 🙁 I’m not saying it to be rude I just always worry to much about animals.

  66. Maya C says:


  67. Myles Garcia says:

    Jeez. How many alpacas are there in that farm?

  68. Dan Murphy says:

    Not gonna lie, i was on a different site where you said you worked with animals and were youtube famous… i had forgotten why until now but i fell down an alpaca sized rabbit hole in youtube

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    I love their cute faces of the llamas. And love them running to the fields.

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    I love this video, puts a smile on my face every time I watch it. I want an Alpaca farm now.

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    Very cool and lovely

  75. STE7EN 77 says:

    a more honest review of jail. i met surprisingly many likable regular people.

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    I just got one and I’m scared I’m going to get spit on

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    Minute 5:08 there is always random interruption in videos lately. But I like them ❣️, anyways what a nice life you have, dealing with all these cuties 🦙 might be the best self care.

  80. Robert Din says:


  81. Roofstone says:

    I want to hug an alpaca.

  82. animallover09 says:

    At your farm, do you use it for their fiber, or something else?

  83. Josh Parchure says:

    Hi there. Just wanted to ask, why do you have to keep them in the pens? Are there predators or poachers?

  84. syed rizwan says:

    which country ?

  85. jannah says:


  86. Bim Henderson says:

    I have watched this like a hundred times and I love it more each time.

  87. Celtic heroes ash says:

    Why the stupid speedy voice?

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    How do you move an Alpaca from Perú?

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    OMG they're so cuuuute!!! It's like having sheep that are personable and not giant assholes.

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    They're look delicious.

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    Went to the Alpaca Loom in South Africa Today. Was a great experiencehttps://youtu.be/r1p-NRHXc5M

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    can alpaca

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