A Dog Was Walking on the Piano (1978) movie

Central Studio of Youth and Children’s
Films named after M. Gorky Dear mister pilot… …19 640. I’m writing this letter to you. I invite you to come to dances to be held at the club of the
“Krasnopolets” collective farm. Tatyana Canareykina. A DOG WAS WALKING
ON THE PIANO Written by
Victoria TOKAREVA Directed by
Vladimir GRAMMATIKOV Director of Photography
Pyotr KATAYEV Production Designer
Semyon VELEDNITSKY Music by
A. RYBNIKOV English Subtitles by
Galina BARDINA Starring: Alyona KISHCHIK
as Tatyana Canareykina Aleksandr FOMIN
as Mikhail Sinitsyn Valery KISLENKO as the Pilot
Dasha MALCHEVSKAYA as Veronica Also Starring: Leonid KURAVLYOV
Georgy SHTIL and others Frosya! Frosya! Are you deaf or what?
Where are paperclips? Check up on the wardrobe. Don’t lift the bucket, okay?
Vera, help your mom. Look at him, putting
his ass on the line again. Komarov. Why are you flying at low altitudes
again? This is the last time. I swear. Next time you’ll be penalized. I got it. It’s not kindergarten here.
“I swear” . This is baby talk, you know. Remember it, Komarov. – May I go?
– Go. Wait. I’ve always wanted to ask you. Why are you wearing so much iron? Let’s take this thing. What is it? This is a compass. And what’s that hanging around
your neck? A propeller? No, it’s a rock. The hen’s god. Why? This is a talisman. For luck? Right. For luck. All right. Go. Yes, sir. Incredible. – Hi.
– Hi, Misha. – Tanya, let’s go, okay?
– Wait. That’s all right. Keep on studying. Focus on it. Stanislav Popov
and Ludmila Popova – Misha.
– What? What’s your dream? To get married. – I don’t mean this.
– And what do you mean? You don’t get it, do you?
I’m talking about a dream. When I come home from the army,
I’ll buy a Eureka electric guitar. – And then?
– And a Zhiguli car. And what’s the meaning then? What meaning? Every person should go on a quest
of the meaning of life. Let those belonging to superstructure
seek it, and we are the basis. We provide bread to them,
that’s the major meaning of life. And who are you gonna marry? You. Interesting. Did you ever ask me? Why these empty words? When I get back
home from the army, I’ll marry you. What if I turn you down? No big deal. I’ll marry
Valya Malashkina then. You’re so down-to-earth, you know. I’ll wave my arm and he’ll start playing right away. Valya Malashkina will get stunned
and ask… Who is it? And Misha will say: ” This is Tanya” . And then everyone will start to dance, like in the ballet. Tatyana Canareykina and the Pilot – You’re so naive, Tanya.
– Why? Like he’d come to our dances. Dream on. Do you know what dances
they got in town? I just want to get him involved
in our community life. Look, you better sing to him. Remember me singing at the New Year’s
Eve school party? Vadim Solovyov and the sixth-grader
Prokhorov fell for me right away. And this guy will fall for you, too. Where will I sing for him?
At the airfield or something? Why at the airfield? We’ll invite him
to come here. He won’t come. And we’ll send him a subpoena
from the police station. Where we’ll write that unless he comes
himself, he’ll be convoyed here. – I saw how they write it.
– Where did you see it? At Vadim’s place. His dad got
four subpoenas, you know. Give me a break. Young man. Mister. – Are you speaking to me?
– Right. To you. I got a registered letter for you. Subpoena # 19,640. To mister pilot. To be delivered to the hostel for
the airfield staff in Verkhny Yamki. You’re supposed to show up at Senkino
Bog near Beresnyovka Village You say hi to him,
and he says hi to you. You say: ” I can sing for you. Do you
want it?” He says: ” I’d love it.” You’ll sing to him and he’ll say:
“We can be just friends” . And you’ll say to him: ” Lay off” . Tanya, look, don’t be scared. Cool. – You like it?
– You look gorgeous. Go hide yourself in the bushes. If he wants to kiss me, you say:
“Tanya, your dad is calling you.” But I’m curious to see what’s gonna
happen then. He’s coming. – Is it Senkino Bog, young lady?
– Yep. What are you doing here? Huh? Let’s go to Leshchevka.
They’re playing a new movie there. I can’t . I must stay here. Why? If the pilot wants to kiss her, I must
say: ” Tanya, your dad is calling you.” He won’t . No way. “I’m writing to you – what can be more
than this? “What else to say could I attempt? “And now I know you might
if you would please, “Punish me with your contempt.” Aunt Malanya, do us a favor, go lie in wait in the bushes
by Senkino Bog, please. Tanya and the pilot are hanging out
there now. If the pilot wants to kiss her,
you just say: “Tanya, your dad is calling you.” – What pilot?
– From Verkhny Yamki. No, I won’t go there.
What if he hits me? – Never. He’s a cultured guy.
– And a musician, too. A musician. So what? – Misha! Misha!
– What? Go lie in wait in the bushes
by Senkino Bog. Why? Are there any other bogs around here,
young lady? Nope. Could I ask you for a favor,
young lady? If a cop shows up, tell him I couldn’t wait for him
any more and went home. – Okay?
– Okay. Thank you. Mister pilot. Hi. Hi. I can sing for you. Do you want it? Why? No reason. All right, sing. Tanya, you dad is calling you home. Hey, you, get out of here. – Who are you talking to?
– You. What are you doing here? Get out of here, I said. What’s your problem? Why are you pestering her? Who? – What’s your problem?
– What’s your problem? No, what’s your problem? And what’s your problem? Mister pilot, you got no right! – What’s going on here?
– What? – What do you want?
– And what do you want? Misha! Look, what’s your problem? – What’s your problem?
– No, what’s your problem? That’s how you’re talking, sucker!
Now you’re gonna get it! Mister pilot! – No way.
– What will you say now? What you heard. No way! Mister pilot, let go of him. He’s just
had his appendix removed. Get out of here. – So you’re giving in?
– No way! What?! I’m so sorry! He’s drowned. Mister pilot, please, don’t file
a report about this to the police! I sent this subpoena to you! Some hero you are! I’ll file a complaint with your Scouts
organization. It’ll teach you a lesson! Who asked you to butt in? I would’ve delivered
a triple suplex on him… He says: ” Hi” . And I say to him: ” Hi” . It’s hot. And then I say to him… Thank you. You’ve come to collect
your necklace? No, I’ve come to pick you up. Do you want to go to the sea?
To Sochi? I’ve got work to do, you know. And we’ll make it a quick trip.
We got wings, okay? Then let’s take Misha with us, too.
He has never seen the sea, either. No problem. Pasha, look. And you was worried. Hi. Hi. Hi. The sunset is so beautiful. Really awesome. I fell down. It’s all right. Look, I’ll go hit the sack. I lost
my way, you know. Sure. Had to roam about. Go to bed and get some sleep. Excuse me. Atop of all, he’s a drunk. Misha, wait! – Misha.
– What? Is this gold? Copper. Why is it stamped then? It’s stamped
583, which means it’s gold. Why ask if you know it yourself? – Is it a gemstone?
– Just a rock. Who’d have an ordinary rock
on a gold chain? A hippie. Let’s go to town tonight. No way! Why would I want to waste
gas on you. I buy it with my own cash. And besides, I’ve got a date with
Malashkina. “The canary sings day and night. “A windmill is circling over the village, “Some dudes are flying this windmill. “They’re called chopper pilots. “Some dudes are flying this windmill… “The canary sings day and night! “A windmill is circling over the village! “Some dudes are flying this windmill. “They’re called chopper pilots!” – Look, I got something in my eye.
– Where? – Closer, still closer.
– I don’t see anything there. Freeze! Where are you going? To meet the pilot. We’ll fly to Sochi
together. You got no safety helmet! – Stop! Stop!
– Easy, easy! – Where’s Tanya?
– What Tanya? Canareykina! That’s my bike here! Dream on! It’s our bike. – It’s the boss’ bike.
– Where is he? – Who?
– The pilot. We are all pilots here. The new one, with a chain
and necklace. You mean Komarov, right?
He’s over there. – Get him!
– Freeze! 640, 640, you got a man, grabbing at
the undercarriage of your chopper! 640! 640, you got a man, grabbing at
the undercarriage of your chopper! Bring her down!
Make a landing! Now! – Where is she?
– What is it? Here he is! And where is she? Who? Don’t pretend you don’t know!
Tanya! – What Tanya?
– Canareykina! What Canareykina?
Have you gone nuts or something? You gonna get it, damn lady’s man! I’ll chew you up and spit your chains
and necklaces out then! What’s going on here?
What’s all this buzz about? She’s under 16, and he’s harassing
her, bastard! I’ll break your legs and snap off your
head! Why are you yelling like hell?
Tanya didn’t come here. What do you mean?
That’s my bike over there. This is my bike. Pasha, this is our bike. And where’s Tanya, then? Let’s go look for her, okay? I warn you, I’ll beat the hell
out of you! He’s a nutcase. Who the hell
is this Tanya? We got our own ways around here. This
is not some Moscow, it’s a province. – Got it?
– No, I didn’t . Villagers live in a very close-knit
community, you know. You can’t hide away here. This is
our way of life, Mister Komarov. But I swear I don’t know any
Tanya Canareykina. Where are you going?
Freeze! It wouldn’t stop. There’s a small gas pedal there.
Down there. Press it down! Now! Freeze! What the hell are you doing!
Freeze, I said! Hi. Hi. I brought your necklace. It went off when I hit you with
that piece of wood. The hen’s God. And you said
you didn’t know her. That’s his talisman for luck. Didn’t even say ” thank you” . And I went through so much trouble.
Look, I got scratches all over me. But why did you hit him with
a piece of wood? Wanted to get him involved in our
community life. Pasha, can you believe it?
This is Kolya Canareykin’s daughter. Really? She’s so grown up. Chudakov. Hi, Chudakov. This is Yefimov from
Verkhny Yamki. Did you get new uniforms? Look, cut to the chase. And Korostylyov got them. And we are the last in line,
like always. Probably she got killed in the crash
and you’re gabbing about threads. Chudakov, any car accidents
reported in your area recently? Ok, sorry. Take care of yourself. Probably, she went through
Leshchevka, huh? Call there, please. Come on. Do it. Karavayev? Hi. It’s Yefimov from Verkhny Yamki. Did you get new uniforms? You got them? And we didn’t . Hi. Misha, let’s go. – Here she is.
– All right, bye. This is my statement for the record –
this young lady has stolen my bike. Misha, what’s wrong with you? I’m not talking to you, young lady. Don’t butt in. Write it down.
She’s stolen my bike. Why me? You’re supposed to file
a report that your bike is stolen. Have you gone nuts or something? In this country private property
is protected by Law. You’re such a jerk, Misha. Sit down, young lady. – Go ahead. Write it down.
– I will. Go ahead. I will, I said. Young lady, tell me, please. Is Makkei Canareykin your relative
by any chance? He’s my granddad. So… You look like Lyalya then. I look like my mom. How is she doing? Still sings like she used to? She got no time for this, okay? She’s to take care of 100 cows in
the cowshed and of the two of us. Speaking of me, I’m an adult already.
But Vera must be kept an eye on. She’s growing through this difficult
teenage period now… An adult…
Here. Here you go. My report. Miss Tatyana Canareykina has totally forgotten about
her pride and modesty which are real assets of any
Soviet girl, and is jumping out of skin to get
this immoral pilot’s attention. For this purpose she’s stolen my ” Voskhod” motorbike, license plate 1 7-39. Signed Mikhail Sinitsyn. Doesn’t fit the standard format.
But that’s okay. You may go. – Let’s get out of here.
– No, I mean you may go. As for Miss Canareykina, I have
to hold her up. You must be kidding, right? We got
to cover 10 more kilometers. And what am I supposed to do? You press charges for stealing
against her. And according to law we’re supposed
to send this case to court. What are you talking about?
What stealing? You wrote in black and white that
this young lady had stolen your bike. She didn’t steal it, I gave it to her
myself. Gave it to her himself, right? Why would she steal it?
She lives just across the street. Her and my houses
are that close from one another. It was my idea she’d take
a ride on it. To take a ride. But does she have
her driver’s license? No. She didn’t ride it. I said: ” No way
you will ride it. You got no license” . I gave her a ride to town myself
and parked the bike at the airfield. Why are you messing with people’s
heads, huh? It’s a joke, okay? Listen, big joker. If you pull anotherjoke, I’ll arrest you for 15 days
and shave your head. Are we clear? Pasha. Pasha. He’s violating public order again. – What time is it?
– After four. This is really outrageous. First, you’re a reckless pilot. Second,
a drunk. Third, a lady’s man. And fourth, a night trumpet
player. Komarov, quit yourjob yourself. We will all gain from it – you
and us. I’m practicing now, you know. I got a musical education.
By correspondence. You don’t like a musician’s paycheck,
right? It can be more handsome. The trumpeter, playing at the joint,
earns more than I do, you know. And lives like in a dream! Fishing
in the daytime and partying at night. Speaking about all your love escapades,
I’m warning you. You either marry the girl
or quit messing with her head. Or I’ll kick you out of the squadron, and no Philharmonic will help you. Hi. – Hi, Valya.
– Hi, Misha. Look, Canareykina, the collective
farm chairman wants to see you. It’s Misha’s doing. The jerk ratted on
me about his bike to the authorities. Aunt Dusya, I’ll be right back. – May I come in?
– Sure. Sit down. Do you know what ” Varna” is? What? There’s a ” Varna” cigarette brand. Misha is lying. I don’t smoke. Stop bringing up this Misha of yours.
Have a seat. Varna is a seaside resort in Bulgaria. – Got it?
– Yep. – What did you get?
– It’s a resort. Listen to me and don’t interrupt. I had a call. One guy has come
to our parts. He’s traveling the region to discover
local folk talents. If they like anyone, they’ll take them
to Saratov. Those who win the contest in Saratov,
will go further to Moscow. The winners of Moscow contest will go
to the international contest in Varna. You mean athletes? Have you been listening to me?
I spelled it to you. Folk talents. Like amateur artists. So what? The guys from the band want you to
join them. They got no lead singer. You mean they are folk talents?
You’re kidding me. Better send Pakhomov. He plays
the spoons and the balalaika, too. All play the spoons or the balalaika.
We’ll outdo them with electric stuff. Why are you staring at me like this?
Our whole community asks you. Say ” yes” , Tatyana, I can’t wait.
I’ve got some meetings now. – Then Misha will go, too.
– He doesn’t feel the beat. – I won’t go without him.
– Take Misha, too. Get all your band together
and start practicing. Let’s take the trumpeter from
Verkhny Yamki, too. He’s not one of us. He’s the pilot who spays our crops.
We sow wheat together with him. If we sow together, he’s one
of us then. So take him too. Ask Valya to type an official
letter to him. And I’ll act as a community
representative and deliver it to him. Hi, Kolya. Passed your exam? Look, don’t get upset. I saw your daughter yesterday.
She’s grown into a real beauty. And where did you see her? If it’s another band here,
I better commit suicide. Mister pilot! A letter for you! Stay away from me.
I want you to be my witness. Don’t get scared. I got
a business proposal to you. I give you my last warning –
stay away from me. All right. Here’s the letter then. I’ll step back and you read it.
And don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you. Yes. Wait a sec. Sorry, I can’t take you. You’re not one of us. As for you, mister pilot, you’ll go to Varna with us. And he says to me: ” What a beautiful
dress. It’s really gorgeous” . Keep on playing. Don’t get distracted. We’ll stick a beet in his exhaust
pipe, and he won’t go anywhere. Last year Mitka stuck a potato
in Misha’s exhaust pipe, so Misha couldn’t start his bike
for three days. Put it in its place. I’ll be right back. I want to see something original. We got Malanya. Here you go. Word is there’s one special family
here. All good singers. You don’t want them. – Can I hear how they sing at least?
– No, you want Malanya. I want the Canareykins in the farm
now. It’s the harvest time, you know. “Oh, give me freedom, “And I’ll atone for my disgrace…” Stop, stop, Malanya. Malanya, I know it. This is good.
But can you sing some old song? Some old song? “Your buddies, Vanya, by the way, “Wear such crap and always will “And always drink from morning on “Such awful swill.” “You, Zina, on the other hand…” – Malanya.
– Wait. That’s enough. This is a modern song,
written by Vysotsky So what? And I want some old one, which
your mother, or your granddad, or your dad
used to sing. That’s exactly what my dad sang.
He met Vysotsky in person. You know how it worked back then?
Songs were passed on by word of mouth. And now we have these tape-recorders. Aunt Malanya, try and remember some
other song. Hold on. Sign it. – Give it to me.
– Here. Here we go. Move it. Nice try. And you said he wouldn’t take off. He won’t fly anyways. Mister pilot, wait! You got
a beet in the exhaust pipe! Tanya, sing for him. Sing for him. Come on, sing for him. I won’t . That’s enough. What’s wrong? I don’t understand it. We stuck a beet in your
exhaust pipe. Why? To make sure you’d go to Bulgaria
together with Tanya. Where? To Varna, to the Song Festival. All right… Hop in, young lady. – What?
– Get in, I said. – I’ll take you to the police station.
– Why? This is called sabotage. What sabotage? We’re on a mission
from the community. This is all your fault. So fly
to the police station yourself. Vladimir Nikolayevich. – May I steal you for a second?
– What is it? The chopper’s exhaust pipe
was sealed up and it fell down. – What will happen now?
– It’ll crash. No, I mean to the person who did it. – He’ll get 10 years in jail.
– Why? For attempted murder and for
causing damage to state property. “Love flies free, like a birdie…” – Where’s your sister?
– In the shed. Tanya, dad wants to see you. Stand up. Now. Get undressed. – Why?
– She’ll be totally naked? And you get undressed, too. Here we go. Kolya! Kolya, what’s going on? Shut up, or I’ll lock up your clothes,
too! She’s a real flirt. Hunting for guys.
Even the police can’t stop her! What happened? You’re grounded. Go to the shed. I’m not a cow to go to the shed, okay? How dare you talk back to your dad,
huh? Why are you yelling like mad? Look, stay out of it. This all is
the aftermath of your democratic ways. FYI, I got two medals and
a certificate of honor, by the way. I’m washing my hands of it! Kolya! Kolya! – Good day.
– Hi. Here you go. This is a TV network representative,
from the department of folk talents. – My name’s Chizh.
– Nice meeting you. – Chizh.
– Yelizaveta Canareykina. Look, get all your family together
and sing something to us. This gentleman wants to hear
some folk songs. – Now?
– Of course now. He came all the way from the capital.
And I’m really busy now. – All right.
– So do it quickly. Girls!
Kolya! Come here! Kolya! – Vladimir Nikolayevich.
– Girls! Vladimir Nikolayevich! What? Why 10 years in jail? The pilot is OK,
only the chopper is a bit damaged. What chopper? Kolya, what took you so long? The one with the beet in the exhaust
pipe. What will the sentence be? Five years in jail. Misha, why are standing there? Grab your guitar, you’ll be playing it,
too. I’m not some amateur artist. What’s wrong with being
an amateur artist? Amateur artists don’t get paychecks.
And I’m not gonna sweat for free. Sing yourselves, if you like. Misha. See ya. “The canary sings day and night. “A windmill is circling over
the village. “Some dudes are flying this windmill. “They’re called chopper pilots! “A dog was walking on the piano.
“To and fro. “It was singing some song,
“But no one could understand it! “A dog was walking on the piano
“And got under the piano lid. “The piano lid fell
“And the dog got injured! “A dog was walking on the piano,
“And reached its edge. “It sat for a while and then whined.
“I won’t play it anymore!” Tanya. Tanya. Step out for a sec. Please. Misha asked me to give it to you. – And where is he?
– Gone. Where? To Chukotka, for 5 years. And he gave me his watch.
Check it out! – Mister Komarov?
– Right. Come on in. Please, have a seat. Thank you. You know, Mister Sinitsyn has recently filed a confession. Don’t call me ” mister” . Just Sinitsyn. Okay, Sinitsyn. I’m quoting: I, Mikhail Sinitsyn, officially state that I deliberately caused the crash
of the helicopter by means of sticking vegetables
in its exhaust pipe for the reason of my stupid jealousy
and other capitalistic vestiges. Please consider my sincere confession and all the positive character
reference letters, given to me in the farm office, while picking a possible
measure of punishment. Do you confirm it? How could you do it
if you followed me all the time? None of your business when I did it. So did he do it or didn’t he do it? This is his fantasies.
It was all my fault. I totally ignored the wind direction
while taking off. Do you really think you can stop
a chopper with a beet? Who am I supposed to believe now? Him. He’s older. Alright, I gotta go.
Bye. Come here. Yes, come here, I said. – What?
– Stand up. – I’m arresting you.
– Why? For systematic obfuscation of law enforcement forces. You can’t stop a chopper
with a beet. Got it? Yes. – All right, let’s go.
– Wait till the train is gone. All right. I’ll go buy ice cream. Welcome to the International
Contest winners! Look, Tanya. What? He said he had realized
that it was totally his fault, that he was wrong and asked me to let him join our
great community. And I said to him: ” Lay off.” All right, guys. Let’s go have lunch in the diner car. Why go to the diner car? I got packed lunches.
So don’t even think of going there. But I want to eat some hot food. I know why you want to go there. Tanya, go fetch him some tea,
if he wants something hot. Canareykina! Hi. Wait. Why are you freaked out? Why would I be freaked out, huh? – Here.
– Thank you. We have them, too. As you wish. And why are you leaving?
Got kicked out? No, that’s not the point. I think that every person was born to
his/her mission in life. He should have his own place in life. Do you agree? Don’t know. Let those who belong
to the superstructure think about it. And we are the basis. We provide
bread to them. This Misha is a total fool. He’ll be making big money there,
and won’t see anything in this life. What Misha? Sinitsyn. Ah, you mean that weirdo. He filed a confession that
he’d stuck a beet in my chopper. – Who did it?
– Mikhail Sinitsyn. – When?
– The other day. How come? He’s gone to Chukotka
to make big money there. He’s in custody now,
in Verkhny Yamki. He got arrested and will spend 10 days
there. They shaved his head, too. Really?

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