A front loader destroys $2MILLION of furniture in a warehouse crash

A front loader destroyed $2 million in furniture during a warehouse store crash, which cops are investigating as vandalism ‘Watching that video, you can’t help but get a wet spot on your cheek,’ David Fletcher, the 58-year-old Deltona businessman told News Journalism One ‘You are looking at millions of dollars’ worth of furniture being destroyed.’ Fletcher, a furniture dealer, had a deal with a woman Kristi Harris of Harris Investments, to purchase the items, but now that is the subject of a lawsuit by the buyer   Video shows a front loader bashing into a furniture warehouse causing up to $2m in damage Furniture dealer, David Fletcher had a deal for a woman to purchase the items But the sale apparently went sour with the woman hiring a front-loader to trash the warehouse’This person came to me and wanted to know if I wanted to sell and I said yes, assets only, and we came up with the price of $2 million,’ Fletcher said  ‘They could not afford to come up with all of it at once so I did $1 million down and I financed the rest giving them a lot of time to even pay the first payment ‘ Fletcher says it’s an asset sale that went sour. Compounding the problem, two days after an eviction deadline, Fletcher said surveillance video showed a woman arriving at his DeLand, Florida store on September 29 with the operator of a front end loader, News Journalism One reported   RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next ‘Go back to your country!’: Horrifying moment a white female Tropical storm forming in Gulf of Mexico forecast to bring. Share this article Share Sheriff in Volusia County, Florida said the property owner is seeking criminal charges for front-loader crash Millions of dollars of furniture which was collateral for $1 million still owed, was destroyed The furniture was being stored in the warehouse until a payment could be made for itMillions of dollars worth of furniture, collateral for the $1 million Fletcher said Harris owes him, was destroyed  A sheriff’s report states that the buyer hired workers with a front end loader to damage all the assets in the building after the buyer was told she was being evicted by the property owner, George Blackmore   According to the sheriff’s report, the buyer removed carpets, hardwood flooring, walls, beams, an air conditioning unit, and two sinks along with the counter top, all without getting approval Blackmore is seeking criminal charges against the unidentified person.  No area of the warehouse was left untouched as broken items were strewn everywhere The buyer allegedly  hired workers with a front end loader to damage all the assets in the building Millions of dollars worth of furniture, collateral for the $1 million owed was destroyed

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