A Whole New World | Zhiyun Crane-M & Canon M50

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. A quick video about 3-axis gimbals. I did pick one up recently. This was used
locally. It is the Zhiyun.. Zhiyun.. Crane-M. Their mobile version. Pretty cheap,
especially used. So I’m looking forward to learning these things. Trying to
improve some of my video quality, but it is relatively small for a gimbal. And
then on here I have the Canon EOS M50 with 11- 22mm lens. So it’s a
relatively large lens in their *EF-M mount, but so far so good. It seems to work fine
from a payload standpoint. There are a few quirks. So here is the strap lug on
the camera in the bottom motor. You can see when you try to go inverted. It
catches potentially, but if you do it just right it’ll go over. And then you
can easily invert at that point and use it like that.
Other things… that’s really the biggest issue. But let me see if I can get it.
Some.. yeah.. I’m getting.. getting used to this stuff, but okay. Ahh.. there we go. So the other issue. It’s not really an issue it’s just very close is this back viewfinder
rubber. It’s very close to the back motor when it goes like that. But it doesn’t
touch so that’s good. I have used my microphone on top with
the screen out. It works just fine like that with a full selfie mode. So I will
potentially be using that in the future. It is just a lot of equipment. I kind of
struggle always with bringing a lot of equipment. That’s why I went with the
smallest gimbal that I could find. Hopefully I’ll be motivated to use this
in the future quite a bit. But working pretty well, let me turn it on… There we go. So nice and smooth.
The motors seem fine. No issues really. I should also mention this tripod. It does..
This specific gimbal doesn’t come with a tripod. Let me turn it off real quick.
Okay, so this tripod is very similar to my Nikon Keymission tripod. It’s
probably from the same actual manufacturer. But the difference is it
doesn’t have any type of ball head and that’s what I wanted in this case.
Because there is a tripod socket on the crane, and then I just want a straight
connection to this little tripod. It’s a nice solid metal, works well. And I can
just leave it on this gimbal. It’s a “Be Stable Cam” branded, but so far so good
with that. See I can hold it just by that and it works, stays solid. One of the most
important things with gimbals is making sure that it’s balanced. In this case the
M50 does balance nicely on this gimbal. See I can put it in any direction and it
stays where I put it. No issues. Go vertical. Go down to the
point where.. actually that’s another little sizing issue. Depending on the
lens.. I use the 22mm f2 as well and it works better with the gimbal setup. But you
can see the 11-22mm you can’t do anything like that. Not that you would
really want to. But that is something to consider. The main reason I’m making this video is to show that the M50 does balance on the
Crane-M. You can see it works pretty well. Let me go into inverted. So once you
use both hands to go inverted, has no issues. So I can easily do what I need to
do with that. I think I’ll probably be using this set up in inverted mode
quite a bit. So it’s good that I can get there with a little bit of extra effort with
the two hands. So I hope you found this interesting. I’m
trying to improve my video stuff and learn about all of this side of things.
There was a lot to it. Especially coming from photography starting off years and
years ago. All the video stuff is very interesting, and that’s why I’ve been
trying to improve the YouTube videos. And try to learn about all the video side of
things. So anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video.
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11 comments on “A Whole New World | Zhiyun Crane-M & Canon M50”

  1. Tvennet says:

    Yep, the crane M is fantastic…just need to be careful with the weight of the setup.
    My last video was shot with the M50 and almost always with the crane M.


  2. CreativeJ28 says:

    How do you connect the Crane-M so you can use the Crane controls to take video/pictures on the M50?

  3. Mark Anthony Golpo says:

    What mount adapters u use to connect the m50 to the craneM?

  4. Sites4sight Multimedia says:

    do you get full functionality with the crane m and canon m50?

  5. Sites4sight Multimedia says:

    HUGE point to make when making videos

  6. Healthy Syrus says:

    Scott, do you think this is the best Gimbal for Canon M50?

  7. whatever pare says:

    Can you still balance th m50 even with thr Display flip out? How was the performance if youve tried it.

  8. astigmatik says:

    if you dont go inverted, it's a good match, true?

  9. Babu Brian says:

    Really great video. Love it. I have an M50 and i'm shopping for a gimbal. What would you say are the pros & cons of M50 + crane-M combo?

  10. sln online says:

    the Canon 22mm M lens works much better for this gimbal

  11. DougBlueSkies says:

    A bit extreme maybe, but did you try cutting off/removing the offending camera strap lug?

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