Welcome friends to the second episode of AGRILOG, our video blog dedicated to the world of Agriculture in this episode we take you to a very special event organized by New Holland I’m talking about the jesi days a series of days that New Holland dedicates to its customers to deepen the series of tractors that are produced in the historic Jesi plant such as the T4 series the TK track-type tractors and the T5 autocommand Elettro Command and Utility series this year of course, on the occasion of the Fiat Centenary, tractors present are also all the Fiat Centenario series tractors including the concept model after the visit to the customer center there will be a visit to the plant and then the field tests as always subscribe to the channel and leave a comment and now we go to the jesi days!!! We’re outside the New Holland customer center. Now let’s go inside and take a look at all the surprises that New Holland has reserved We have just finished the tour at the plant now we move to the area of the test field where we expect ots of machines to try among which we are very curious the Centenary editions
see you soon!!! So here we are in the field with new holland we have arrived at the testing ground as you can see Here we start from the sector dedicated to olive growing, we start big because we immediately had a fiat machine Centenary specifically an orchard model t4.110F Very beautiful the terracotta coloration is very well seen in the sun we can also observe the low profile of the tractor orchard its excellent turning radius are all characteristics that here on the field are much better noticed than in the dealership are clearly all machines that it is possible to try have also attached tools behind we pass to another model the t3.80F Another machine for orchards with 80 horses, even here, look at this machine, which is a very low profile structurated, we go to another model that attacked a Nobili’s shredder, it is a T4.100LP WHICH ALSO mounts special tires because they are tires a little less aggressive as a tread design now instead we move to another area we really have lots of machines available and equipment we are going to discover them. ok here we have a t4.75 S all the tractors have been equipped with equipment of various types branded Angeloni So we have weeders and weed subsoilers. we see the t4.100 LP equipped with a new generation of agricultural tires that guarantee up to 20% less soil compaction, better uphill performance and excellent comfort that are very interesting. here then we have a new holland telescopic handler the new th 7. 37 model also this has been set up with a kind of basketball court I don’t know about you but I absolutely have to try to make a basket here we have the fantastic opportunity to see two Tk4.100M at work, so with a mountain structure, however one is equipped with the now famous rubber track and the other with the traditional iron tracks we can then evaluate the difference in traction the difference of Driving comfort and getting a good idea of what type of track is best suited to our needs. good We are at the last models of our New Holland test field tour here in Jesi day and maybe they are the most interesting. In fact, here we have a T5 120 Electro Command Fiat Centenario edition with a really innovative tool on the front I would say from agriculture 4.0 is called cropExplorer It is part of a new line of products offered by CNH called AGxtend that integrates perfectly with the other systems of precision agriculture. n this case the CropExplorer is a biomass sensor that literally reads the plant on the ground to understand the plant’s fertilizer needs in real time. so imagine that I step onto the field with my front mounted CropExplorer and a rear fertilizer spreader. I can practically use the necessary amount of nitrogen that is needed at that time for my crop with zero waste and Maximum optimization of time and resources we have dedicated a specific video to it if you want to know more go see it. thank you for being with us at jesi day
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10 comments on “AGRILOG #EP.2 – UNA GIORNATA CON NEW HOLLAND Tractor Vlog”

  1. Francesco Bertuca says:

    Qualche hanno fa New Holland ci ha invitato allo stabilimento di jesi per visitare la fabbrica bellissima giornata!

  2. George Karpoutzakis says:

    Hello friend!! Isn't the T4 LP for the olive oil cultivation?? Because we saw only the T4's and the TD in the olive orchard!!

  3. Alfredino Covini says:

    grazie ragazzi ottimo video 😍😍😍❤

  4. Farmer farmer says:

    peccato che l'assistenza sul territorio new holland è peggiorata 🙁

  5. Angelo Provenzano says:

    Un confronto in campo, e sopratutto in condizioni di pendenze elevate, tra smarttrax e cingoli in ferro della serie tk4 ci starebbe

  6. Alvise Fossa says:

    Bellissimi gli Jesi day,date spazio anche a Fendt

  7. Filippo Chionetti says:

    Complimenti per il video.
    Ne farete uno specifico riguardo al nuovo t5 140 con la prova in campo?

  8. Viki Muolo says:

    Bellissimo video… Anche io ci sono stata agli Jesi days una giornata fantastica

  9. Francesco Chianello says:

    Bravi continuate sempre così con video sempre più prefessionali in campo aperto

  10. mario pezzoli says:

    Ottimo, ci siamo quasi, mancano solo cambio automatico 40/h con inversore, sistema di sterzo tipo Cat ed un sollevatore decente… PS dimenticavo il motore fino a 150 CV. Praticamente un Mitsubishi made in italy!!! Giusto perchè noi italiani nei cingolati siamo all'avanguardia!! Che poi basterebbe prendere un T5 e buttare via ponti e ruote e quindi unificare il 70% della macchina.

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