All Construction Trucks, CAT Truck Toys Bulldozer Dump Truck Excavator CAT Front Loader Toy!

Did we get all construction toys out? Yes! Big vehicles take that bad guy out of here! He is getting out of here. Welcome to Sebastian Toy Review. Ok Sebastian, what are we playing with today? Toys! What kind of toy is it? An excavator. Is it an excavator? Yes! Lets see what do we have? It is a building construction play set. What do you have in there? A dump truck, a sign, a sign, a flag, a dump
truck, a bulldozer, a cone, and dirt. What is that dirt? And a shovel, and this, that, that that that. Lets see what is on the back of the box. It is pretty much the same thing, it says
hours of construction fun. Is it time to open it? Yes. Is this what comes inside? Where is the other person? There is two of them there. Did we get all of your construction toys out? Yes! Do you like these toys? What about this first one there? Is that a cool transformer? You have a couple of front loaders, and a
couple of dump trucks. Where are the batteries for this one? I think it is out of batteries. Over here you have your big ones, your big
dump trucks. That one is really cool, you can scoop with
it. Yes. And you have your big dump truck over here? It is right here. Dump. He just scooped them. He is not being nice. He is just pushing them. He just did something. I think he is stuck. I will go help him. I will go help him too. Super gecko muscles. Help! One more truck. I need your help. Super gecko muscles! He needs your help, he needs those muscles. To get the bad guy. I need your help. I need a photo shot. Is that a camera? Yes, it is a camera. A photo shot. That was cool. Now your turn. Bye cars. That dump truck is bigger than you. Yes, and it carries things! It will be a heavy car. Lets dump. He dumped all the cars. He will go somewhere to dump the cars. This is a place far away. He will back up. Bye! He broke. Big vehicles take that guy out of here! He is getting out of here. Are they cleaning up? Yes, he is putting them away. Please, please subscribe.

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