Aluminum Walk Ramps

Uline’s Aluminum Walk Ramps make unloading
trucks and vans safer, faster and more efficient when no docks are available. Use them with
a hand truck or appliance hand truck to load and unload heavy boxes. Aluminum walk ramps
feature a slip-resistant deck that assures better traction. And, an 8” overlapping
apron provides a smooth ramp-to-vehicle transition. Safety chains help secure the ramp to the
truck… …and 4 ¼ ” side rails keep hand trucks safely on the ramp. Aluminum Walk Ramps
come in a wide selection of sizes and load capacities… so you can safely move heavy
loads with ease. To be sure the ramp fits your specific needs, check the length, usable
width, load capacity and maximum ramp height from the ground to the truck. Aluminum
Walk Ramps and over 99% of all Uline items are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.
Whatever your material handling needs are you can rely on ULINE to have the solution!

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