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Brick/Block Elevator. Reliable, Portable, Robust, and Compact. The unsurpassed reliability, portability and compact design of Technique Brick Elevators guarantees you will save time and money and benefit from long term performance. Features: Unique 3-Fold design for compact storage and transport Self-locking hinges Maintenance-free Italian gearbox with reliable chain drive Emergency Stop and Forward and Reverse Switching Motor and Transmission mounted underneath for extra protection Locking 16″ Flat Freewheels Lifting point for winching up to the scaffold Extra tough 2 ply rubber belt with custom molded rubber cleats 250mm wide belt for 6 pack brick carrier or bricks and blocks The recessed belt for greater safety Dust and waterproof electrics Powerful .55 Kw motor Motor and Transmission mounted underneath for extra protection Optional 250mm wide belt for 6 packs of bricks and blocks Belt recessed to stop bricks from falling Dust and waterproof electrics Whether you’re frustrated by hours of clean up, slowed by worn-out crews, or worried about flat profit, you understand that with the right tools and processes, your roofing business will break through to the next level. We’ve been there. That’s what inspired us to design the Equipter RB4000, innovative debris management equipment that takes the mess out of roofing. The RB4000 runs on a 13-horsepower Honda engine that makes it virtually anywhere on a job site. With a tight turning radius to navigate difficult spots and evenly distributed weight, it reduces the risk of property damage—and it won’t leave ruts in customers’ lawns. The RB4000’s 12-foot lift does the heavy lifting for you. Whether you’re raising heavy tools to the roof or lowering two tons of shingles to the ground, this roofing equipment improves your efficiency and maintains a much cleaner jobsite. Lower the risk of property damage with its 4-foot roll-back feature, which allows you to position the container up and over customers’ flower beds, bushes, and other exterior features. When the nearly 4,000-lb capacity container is full, position the RB4000 lift next to a trailer, truck, or dumpster under 12-feet high. INNOLIFT Self-Lifting Portable Pallet & Freight Loader INNOLIFT Loaders were designed for virtually all vehicle types, including Mercedes (Sprinter), Ford (Transit), Ram (ProMaster) Nissan (NV) and Chevrolet delivery and cargo vans, plus cube & box trucks and semi-trucks. INNOLIFT Advantages: Available In Closed-Bottom (N. American style) and Open-Bottom (European style) pallets in a variety of sizes A liftgate and pallet jack in one machine Rides with the load protected from weather Reduces costs by turning 2 person job into 1 Prevents delivery accidents & workplace injuries Simple operation by anyone, expanding your potential delivery workforce Battery-powered; charges en route

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