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The fastest tube cutting machine in the world The TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber takes advantage of the strengths of solid-state lasers in a way that no other machine ever has before. For you as a user, this means short processing times for a large range of possible tubes and profiles. Full accessibility due to the intelligent beam guard concept. With RapidCut, the high feed rates of the solid-state laser come into their own even on smaller contours. The TruDisk solid-state laser and high-quality cutting data produce the best possible results. The state-of-the-art sensor system ensures your entire machining process runs smoothly. The collet chucks position and holds your tubes in place without damaging the materials. The self-centering clamping system with continuous sensor monitoring adapts to every tube geometry. Bevel cut: The TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber processes bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees. With RapidCut, the high feed rates of the solid-state laser come into their own even on smaller contours. This is a significant productivity advantage, particularly in thinner materials. With the new technology package for tapping, additional machining processes such as flow drilling, tapping, and twist drilling is integrated into the machine. Automation means you can benefit from reduced parts handling and a smaller chance of errors. Productive and economical – that’s how the TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber cuts a wide range of special profiles. Tube 5000 fiber cuts a wide range of special profiles. With the single-cutting-head strategy, you can process multiple material types and thicknesses without changing the cutting head. Your machine is ahead of the game: sensors detect whether or not a part has been correctly ejected. Agilo furniture lifts are powered by strong and reliable Honda engines and reach maximum carriage speeds of 60 m/min. Unsurpassed mobility is the ultimate strength of the Agilo furniture lifts. Therefore you can react quickly and directly on any change of the circumstances on-site. The product range of the Agilo series starts with the compact model HL 21 with a maximum lifting height of 21 m. At the top end, the HL 55 surpasses all other furniture lifts by transporting loads of 400 kg up to a maximum lifting height of 55 meters. MULTILIFT offer a wide range of hooklifts and skiploaders suitable for all your needs. Add smart control systems and a wide variety of options. Along with outstanding
services you have adaptable and durable solutions
built to perform. MULTILIFT hooklifts and skiploaders provide market-leading productivity and reliability, giving you the edge overload handling challenges. No matter if you move bulky materials, high-volume waste, gravel, metal scrap or containerized equipment you stay competitive with MULTILIFT demountables. MULTILIFT demountables deliver the most capacity you can get for the weight and without sacrificing stability or control. With just one touch of a button, all kinds of materials are easily transported along the façade, without that tiresome cable spaghetti, leading to faster, smoother construction. The GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT is THE new kid on the block in compact material hoists. Assembled in a flash by only one person in less than five minutes, the new lift from GEDA uses its powerful 24 V/10 Ah li-ion-battery and different load carrying devices to drive to transport all kinds of materials up to 120 kg. So with just one touch of a button, the practical remote radio control sets the compact device in motion from 0 to 15 m/min. Whether the project is a restoration or a new build site, whether for tilers, decorators, window producers, joiners, removal companies, DIY enthusiasts and the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT is the ideal transportation tool for all those materials that have to be transported upwards quickly and safely. It can be used in virtually every situation.

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