100 comments on “Archery | Instant Genghis Khan ft. JoergSprave”

  1. JoergSprave says:

    Thanks for the great review and kind words! I am really glad you like it.

  2. Mitchell Bast says:

    Bullet proof vests, are a joke, to arrows.

  3. Mitchell Bast says:

    Let's see BETO ban this.

  4. Toxicwolfgirl77 ChRiS BrEeZy says:

    u pronounced genghis kahn wrong

  5. Retro Digi says:

    Its a repeating cross bow with missing steps

  6. horahora153 says:

    have you tried it for like, more than 60 feet distance? I'm curious as to how it'll fair knowing that the arrows would have to have only 2 fletchings

  7. Ginette Veilleux says:

    Mettre quelque chose pour protéger votre doigts

  8. iamchillydogg says:

    That's an assualt bow and Beto is coming for it!

  9. Ianda Cibro says:

    john wick 5: he is in germany and is going against a world famous german youtuber who loves rubber powered projectiles

  10. CLureCo says:

    "I've got blistas on my fingas!!"

  11. Rocco Maggiore says:

    What kind of power does it have? How many yards can it be fired and be effective?

  12. Ben Mcglothlin says:

    A miss load would be devastating…

  13. Roman Rychtera says:

    Amazing. What is your best time per arrow e.g. when you shoot 10 arrows with load + reload counted in?

  14. alfpolo29 says:

    7:49 ahahahahahahaha :))) i laught so much :))))))))))))))

  15. Chiavaccio says:


  16. Scott Braden says:

    Beto already wants to ban it

  17. Gary Hendrick says:

    Gotta love the super villain laugh as a magazine gets emptied

  18. Howdy says:

    10:45 The Whiterun Guards when you steal a sweetroll

  19. LogicalFallacyinMyPants and such says:

    I dont think I have ever seen you this happy and impressed by a bow related product. Lol.

  20. Adam Celadin says:

    Great Review !!! 🙂

  21. [sic] says:

    Let's not give the Mongols any help, please.

  22. Arnold Thomsen says:

    Instasubbed when you did the laugh

  23. hardyan pajero says:


  24. Steffan Ranasinghe says:

    High capacity assault bow.

  25. Jack Saint says:

    He sounds like Dio from Jojo when he laughes

  26. E-1000 advanced proto-chad says:

    A stock on the end of the mag would be nice, also a cheek piece, scope and a larger bolt capacity.

  27. Lee Brian says:

    It's actually a repeating crossbow converting tool, not a magazine for bow.

  28. Alexander Rüffer says:

    German Assault Bow

  29. WishYourLife says:

    Perfect for homedefense against Huge Australian Snake Tentacle Spiders.

  30. Brian Blackwell says:

    Joerg is one hell of an engineer

  31. Brian Blackwell says:

    I sub to both your channel and joergs

  32. Neltharak Idrissil says:

    this is so cool

  33. adam allen says:

    Where do we get one

  34. Newton's Third Law says:

    also no risk of shooting yourself with a damaged arrow

  35. Jay 156 says:

    I want one. Gib plans.

  36. Excalibur01 says:

    My question is outside of fun, say you want to go hunting. Is a bow like that with or without the device powerful enough to kill an animal?

  37. Highwalker says:

    I'm surprised this was never a thing historically. It's pretty ingenious.

  38. JMan says:

    The thing that gets me is just how FAST you can reload the thing. Putting aside the fire rate, being able to reload this thing under PEACEFUL conditions in like 5 seconds is absolutely stunning. How something like this has never been used before in history (putting aside the automatic Chinese Crossbow which was more of a siege weapon) and would allow for even the most common soldier to fire literally 4x faster boggles my mind. All using materials that existed a thousand+ years ago?

    Didn't Da Vinci have blueprints to an automatic crossbow or something?

  39. Josef Brožek says:

    Very, very gooood!!!!

  40. BillHK says:

    Great review. Need to work on that laugh though. 😉

  41. MN-14 says:


  42. bodipsypha says:

    Just subbed, Joerg sent me!

  43. Michael Fink says:

    Oh no, it's an assault bow!

  44. randomuserpointo says:

    I love jorge laugh at the beginning! Super cool review dude thank you.

  45. Moritz Krog says:

    I’m curious what the wear on the sinew is, if you use this regularly. Seems like it cause quite a bit of chafe..?

  46. Stephen Hanney says:

    Cantabrian circle with this might have actually worked well on horseback, not to mention sieges where you can pop down and load the magazine freely

  47. Alan Spark says:

    That plastic bow looks like a proper Conquest era turko-mongolian bow (in particular Tsagaan Khad Bow), the second bow doent look like any historical bow I know.

  48. Beesa10 says:

    This arrow guide / magazine is a legit invention, anything this effective and this much fun will probably get banned.

  49. N G says:

    Joerg was born in the wrong century, which is the only reason Germany doesn't rule the world today.

  50. Cliff A says:

    How does one get the design details.

  51. Suvon Hernandez says:

    Where do I get one

  52. Melone Tankberry says:

    will there be or has there been already a follow up video in your club?

  53. Hammer_Tongs says:

    whare does one buy this at or make one from the blueprints?

  54. Matti Äikäs says:

    "then laugh heartily" 😀 😀 😀 Almost as if NUSensei is joking about this in an ironic way then as the video progresses he quickly falls in love with the thing!

  55. S. Vance says:

    Can you make me this bow and how much plus cost of shipping. I live in USA.

  56. The Great Cornholio says:

    lol I like your crusader hoodie 😛

  57. VidovicArts says:

    this is brilliant

  58. Aranneas says:

    what if you had detachable pre-loaded magazines rather than a closed combined feeding system + magazine? you could just "snap" the new magazine on when the old one was empty

  59. Springtrap 02 says:

    Crossbows but done right

  60. Noe Barraza says:

    Now for a rifle scope to be installed. 👏👍👍

  61. Guilherme Gil says:


  62. CHRIS Castillo says:

    Dude wtf 😂 this is a literal game changer imagine showing up to the range with a magazine on your bow

  63. yahwehsonren says:

    Wow short bow of joerg

  64. Razgriz Straitz says:

    +NUSensei @NuSensei where can i buy that hoodie/sweatshirt you are wearing?

  65. Kostriktor says:

    where to get your amazing hoodie ?

  66. John olive says:

    That is a great video and the imitation was so funny, thank you

  67. William says:

    1st of all… Boner.
    2nd… rabbit hunting is gonna be lit
    3rd… two "feathers/fletchers" hows the accuracy with distance. Please make another shorter video for this. Awesome

  68. Andrew Davies says:

    Where did you get your hoodie from please?

  69. Johann Bernard Wessels says:

    I want that hoodie! Where is it from?

  70. Ghost Inquisitor says:

    OhhOhh, this is murderous! And insane!

  71. Magnuphy says:

    The power of german engineering

  72. Verb Doing says:

    I didn't know a feature was a warm heroic laugh 😀

  73. M. Doe says:

    It's amazing how contagious your enthusiasm for this tool is 😀

  74. dra6o0n says:

    It's closer to a autoloader than a literal magazine.

  75. PoodleScone says:

    Hip fire? Sounds like a ghetto archer.

  76. GreenRena says:

    Just put a grove on top to shoot normal and use the magazin for retreat.

  77. 1000 subs with No videos challenge says:

    Against cavalry this is amazing. Against foot soldiers it’s not really useful as you don’t need reload speed, because archers are usually protected by infantry or cav

  78. China shorts says:

    That's better than a US war of independence, or civil war musket. It's wild to think how long people relied on muskets instead of improving their bows.

  79. MrBrachiatingApe says:

    @JoergSprace @NUSensei Alright gentlemen, this may be the next step in modern warfare…

    I wonder two things, though: can you make the magazine detachable from the guide…so you can click in another set of four arrows without changing the whole mechanism? And more importantly: can we get this in black?

    Because it's not cool if it's not in black.

  80. BMikeAD says:

    You can really see on his face that he's having tons of fun with this.

  81. daniel holden says:

    could you shoot 12 inch arrows? i cant see a reason why not.

  82. Ryan Alexander Bloom says:

    This is obviously awesome. And Joerg has designed stripper clips for this type of bow attachment before. In theory you could stack your warhorse with loads of stripper clips for a magazine like this and shoot impossible numbers of arrows in extremely quick succession, annihilating your pathetic foes.

  83. Mike says:

    Maybe if you can make this and the arrows with no power tool this would have been plausible in the 1200s.

  84. TheTransforcer says:

    i am not at all surprised that he sent it your way, and so very happy that you reviewed it for us. you both are the best.

  85. G J Resa says:

    You could use smaller arrows too and have more capacity.

  86. agus irfanto says:

    I thought he was Brett fro twoset

  87. Vinh Tran says:

    Its a great idea, but wouldn't be practical just due to the reloading time. A person who can shoot arrows efficiently, I believe can put down more arrows down range. I see this being great for stealth application. Shoot all four arrows, hide, reload and repeat.

  88. BIGhappyG33 says:

    Please tell me you weren’t dry firing it

  89. Peter Zerfass says:

    Zorg: "With the Replay button—another Zorg invention—it's even easier. One shot…and Replay sends every following shot to the same location…”
    Joerg Sprave: Hold my beer

  90. Mark White says:

    Still the most brilliant thing to come from Joerge's hand.

  91. 邢安舟 says:

    Finally, there is a way to make a bow tactical!

  92. Trent Neel says:

    I think you would get a real kick out of firearms Nu haha

  93. Khairil Hizalmi says:

    Any of the conquerors back then could conquer more if they have this on them haha.

  94. Foosmar Kyo says:

    Joerg improved something that was in use for 10k years ><

  95. Ha Thim says:

    thats why tools that are bending better

  96. Johnny Psycho says:

    I need to see this in the new last of us game

  97. Dawid Wojacki says:

    I wonder why nobody in history have invented that.

  98. How to Speak Filipino says:

    This will be very useful when the zombie apocalypse comes.

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