Attachments – Volvo Wheel Loaders H-series – Basic operator training – 4/11

Volvos well known bracket makes it easy to change attachments. Here is how it’s done. Release the locking pins with this button. The operator receives information via the display. A warning light will begin blinking and the message “Attachment lock open” will appear. Tilt forward slightly and hook on the attachment. Tilt back so that the attachment ends up in the correct position. Lock the attachment. When the pins are in,
the operator sees that information on the display in the cab. The text “Check attachment – lock and confirm” is shown. The operator then checks that the attachment is locked in place. The operator acknowledges by pressing the ESCAPE-key. The light goes out and the text on the display disappears. By acknowledging, the operator assumes responsibility for the
attachment being correctly connected, and work can start. The attachment doesn’t always have to be standing directly in front of the machine. Press carefully with the machine and the bucket will be brought in line. Hook on the attachment. Lock the pins. Check that the attachment is secure. Acknowledge with the escape-key.

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