Australian man allegedly steals bulldozer and smashes up house – with people inside

This is not a building site.
This is the aftermath of a man in Australia using a stolen bulldozer to demolish a house
in New South Wales, with several people inside it. The 48-year-old man was arrested at the scene after he allegedly drove the bulldozer towards
another man who had been sleeping in a shed in the garden.
Fifty-six-year old Deborah Kerr and her two daughters were inside the house when she thought
she heard a refuse truck arrive outside. They escaped from the house shortly before
it was knocked down. “He picked the (bulldozer) bucket up and started
to go for the house and we just run straight out the front door.”
The bulldozer was also driven over several cars. Local police have said the suspect is expected to be charged with several offenses, including
an attempted murder.

9 comments on “Australian man allegedly steals bulldozer and smashes up house – with people inside”

  1. yoshi 786 says:

    Wooow that's just messed up

  2. Healiosphere Æ says:

    I wonder why..

  3. nicky lup says:


  4. Lennie Godber says:

    One might consider that a tad of an overreaction

  5. Python says:


  6. AGDemo says:

    I think after I heard the first crash I would of walked out the back door……

  7. MillionthVector says:

    If he wasn't so violent he'd probably make a great demolition worker.

  8. A1Skeptic says:

    He seems to have been through talking and ready to remodel.

  9. Brad says:

    Weirdest crime EVER.

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