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Whether it’s competitive sports… the perfect tourist dinner… or a regional tearjerker… as a mountain farmer I have to have every role down to a tee! My name is Sebastian Beck and I help to preserve the Alps as a wonderful place to live and do business. To tourists who come to the mountains, we mountain farmers often seem like actors playing a role in a romantic homeland film. In fact, our work lays the foundation of the entire alpine region. for the economic success For example by summering young cattle and cows from across Bavaria, and producing Sennalpkäse (cheese from Alpine summer dairy farms) and other specialties using natural ingredients. Cheese-making is a passion. It also requires a lot of energy and, quite simply, curiosity. The cheese-making process is very demanding work. Every day I move between one-and-a-half and three metric tonnes of cheese in the cellar. You have to see the whole thing as a challenge. Cheese plays by far the most important role for us – it is our main source of income, our most important advertisement. Our Allgäu Sennalpkäse is now even protected by the EU. The high quality of our cheese is also due to the fact that the animals living on the Alps are kept under good welfare conditions. The cows are always out in the fresh air and are free to decide what to eat and what not to eat from herb and grass-filled meadows. Family also plays an important role for us, as everyone has to pitch in if the farm is to function smoothly. Such an operation will only work if you can rely on each other and everyone pulls together. I am now the fifth generation farming the mountain. Each generation has devoted their entire life to ensuring the preservation of mountain farming. We have received funding from the EU, German government and State of Bavaria for our gentle, extensive farming methods and the particular difficulties facing our mountain region. We receive support to preserve the Alps and the typical cultural landscape of the alpine region. In exchange we are happy to play our part as the face of tourism and give the alpine region an unrivalled image that is firmly associated with Bavaria.

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    I would like to know the exact location of this place in Bavaria.. Please help

  3. Hawas Bajawi says:

    I like it

    I would like visit your farm if possible please contact me

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    very beautyful dream place…one day i wil come

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    how did they planted grads for pasture in the hills

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    You are awesome bro, respect from Himalayan country of Nepal🇳🇵

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    If I come work for you for free, will you feed me 3 times a day?- on my way bro-ill get that cheese moved for you-greetings from Appalachia in east Tennessee

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    Why your country so beautiful?

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    One day I well come

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    Nice breath taking. Love it

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    I love Jr Country. Pls I like to ur company. Pl bring me iam Sri Lankan plz plz

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