BCS Tractor and Flail Mower – The Project List

hi I’m Mike over the past few weeks
we’ve been concentrating on the building of the high tunnel but this week we’re
going to take a little break from that project and get you into the loop on a
brand new tool that we’ve just received here on the ranch
our BCS two-wheeled tractor stick around because today we’re going to put it to
work on the project list on our wyoming life welcome back to the project list each
week we have projects piling up some weeks more than others and to be honest
over the last couple weeks I’ve felt a little bit overwhelmed we managed to
squeeze in a little vacation but when you come back everything’s still here
waiting for you on the horizon let’s see we have branding coming up soon this
weekend in fact if the weather holds out for us we also have hang just around the
bend and that’ll keep us busy for at least a couple weeks we hope that you’re
able to come along with us for all of it so please subscribe and join us as we
explore the ranch life and escape the ordinary I almost forgot we have the
high tunnel another big project that’s still not completed we have finished
framing out both the end walls and start achieving them as well screwing each one
in place then cutting off the excess and moving on to the next fighting the wind
and the weather the whole way I can’t say it’s been a lot of fun lately one
thing that has been fun has been getting a new tool on the ranch and before we
left for vacation we received our BCS two-wheel tractor now the original plan
was for Aaron to unveil it in the gardens using the tiller with the
precision depth roller or the rotary plow to create raised beds and she’s
still going to be doing that coming up in future videos but today we have an
excuse to get it out and get it ready and put it to work BCS two-wheel
tractors are all gear driven commercial quality machines that powered dozens of
PTO implements for all kinds of seasonal tasks like tilling preparing seed beds
mowing clearing snow chipping wood splitting logs pumping water and a whole
lot more along with our BCS we received four pto
driven implements a pressure washer a tiller and precision roller a rotary
plow and a flail mower which is what we’re going to be using today BCS has
many different models of tractors available and the decision of which
tractor you need is based on the implements that you plan on using with
it ours is the model 749 featuring three forward gears and three reverse gears it
also has ended wheel brakes for increased
maneuverability and because we got to flail more as well we needed a machine
that could handle a higher torque and the 749 has a hydro mechanical wet
clutch that is much more difficult to overheat as it’s cooled by circulating
oil instead of air controls for the BCS can be a little intimidating
but it’s not any harder to run than a standard rototiller and it gives you a
ton more versatility today we’ll be concentrating on the Bladerunner 75
flail mower it’s 30 inches wide and it’s heavy duty
it features rotating Y blades that basically pulverize whatever your mowing
and can tackle everything from grass to brush to vines and even saplings Aaron’s
gonna be using this tool to clear up gardens but for now we’re gonna use it
to clean Corral’s and prepare for branding and the first thing we need to
do is get the tool on to the BCS I found that doing this can be a little bit
tricky but having your implement at the same height really helps and a block
under it props it up and we’re able to slide the flail mower onto the bcs
tractor after it’s in place the pin is put down and we’re ready to go
easy peasy lemon squeezy the crank on the top of the mower can adjust your
height either up or down from 4 inches to 1/2 inch then it’s time to fire up
the tractor the engine is a Honda GX 390 with about
12 horsepower controlling the tractor is done with the easy to reach hand
controls pull it over the brush selector on the right along with a differential
lock the middle is your gear shift and PTO switch and on the left your parking
brake in your kill switch you can also adjust the handlebar height to whichever
height you need to make it comfortable for you to look with and the handlebars
also swing off in both directions allowing you to work
to the side of the machine if you have to one of the first impressions that I
get from the tractor is that it’s pretty smooth it’s not as bouncy as tillers
that I’ve used in the past but the proof is in the pudding as they say and it’s
time to test it out by the well house I’d call that a successful test I will
say that if you’re used to running a rototiller there is a bit of a learning
curve here and I’m gonna take my time and get used to it
let’s head into the Corral’s and get tomalak the sorting alley is a light
test but it works well for practice getting used to turning and maneuvering
the machine and getting it close to but not too close to the edge the BCS with
the attachment weighs almost 350 pounds so getting it out of a tight spot can be
a little bit of a chore now it’s time for a bit tougher test weaves that have
grown up to over three feet tall thanks to the moisture that we’ve gotten lately one great feature of the BCS is the
ability to turn the handle and the controls to be able to suit your
environment working along this fence line the handlebars touch the fence but
that’s easily fixed the Brandon Corral itself needs some
attention too and although the flail mower doesn’t get right along the fence
it still does a great job of knocking down the bigger grass and the brush that
the mower probably wouldn’t be able to handle but we need a real test and after
searching a bit I find it out by Aaron’s apple orchard
clover that’s grown to over four feet tall this thing’s pretty fun but it does take
some getting used to steering with the hand brakes can be a little bit
challenging but once you get used to it it really helps the Machine move in and
out of tight quarters so that things a little bit more fun
than I then I thought it was going to be the good thing is that you get a little
bit exercise walking behind it so we’re gonna have a lot more coming from the
BCS tractor as we go through all of our implements Aaron gets out to work in the
garden she’s going to show you more features and some more really cool
things that can do branding is hopefully this weekend and I hope that you can
join us Sunday as we livestream the entire branding experience just like we
did last year it was a lot of fun and I hope you’re going to be able to be there
at least for a little bit it’s livestream week so allow me to invite
you to join us Thursday night 7:00 p.m. mountain time as we get a chance to sit
down and take some questions and keep you up-to-date on the channel itself the
ranch and everything in between please subscribe and if you haven’t done
so and if you have I want to thank you for being a part of our community era
and I are amazed every day every comment every email and even those that come up
to us and thank us it’s very humbling and I want to thank you for that we’ll
see you again soon hopefully on Thursday night and until then have a great week
and thanks for joining us in our Wyoming life

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  1. Ray Eddy says:

    Looks like a useful machine Mike !! I appreciate the demonstration!!! I am very glad you are getting rain for your grassland !! Please be safe and God bless you and your family !!!!!!! Eddy

  2. D Bruns says:

    Nice tractor can't wait for branding videos we did ours last week got in 90s couple days after they looked tough for a few days but nice to be done

  3. Kevin Clavers says:

    It's nice to see you getting used to your new toy, oh I mean machine. Ha ha. But seriously, you said you got some rain, is it helping the hay fields? I know you are very dependent on a good yield. Here in Northeast Wisconsin we have had a lot of rain.

  4. Salmon Hunter says:

    Haven't hear easy peasy lemon squeezy in a long time.

  5. Rodney Wroten says:

    nice peace of machinery for the ranch. great buy

  6. Sammy Patton says:

    That bcs makes short work of them weeds. Great video Mike, hope you had a great holiday!

  7. Dixi Road says:

    Learn how to adjust the Clutch, because as you change implements that require you to move the handle bars, the length of the cable changes from side to side which requires a Clutch adjustment. See Earthtool video on this subject.

  8. Melissa Williamson says:

    Omg, mike. I think we might look in to one of these two wheeled Tractor ! We are almost done with our first cutting of hay, my husband had 3 rows of hay left in the last field, then the mower broke down. ๐Ÿ™ hope all is well.

  9. jonathan guerra says:

    How is the hey going??

  10. Todd Mcgough says:

    That's neat I need one of them

  11. Todd Mcgough says:

    That's neat I need one of them

  12. Joe Nadeau says:


  13. kyle Buchmann says:

    Thanks again Mike

  14. Lorie Habel says:

    You look like a lil boy with a new toy.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ thank you for your vacation vids. Woohoo 2 more nights๐Ÿป what time do you plan on starting Sunday? Have a good couple days till we get to talk to you and Erin. Heres one for Erin, how well do you know plants/ weeds? I jave asked 5 people and they have no idea what it is either. Picture to follow

  15. nashguy207 says:

    I think you have a great piece of equipment there I have never heard nothing but good things about BCS and there attachments. Talk to you soon Have a great day. God Bless!!!

  16. Professor Kitchen says:

    I don't have a use for a two wheeled PTO tractor, but boy do I want one now!!! That is cool.

  17. Gary C says:

    Why are the wheels on backwards??

  18. Wran Ther says:

    That is a great working tool Mike! The way the machine chomps weeds, can't wait to see Erin with her tiller gardening away. -Bob

  19. Zeze Andjr says:

    I'm a technologist and I watch your videos as escape from computing, and because I find them enjoyable & informative, keep up the great work.

  20. Stephen Campbell says:

    Slick machine

  21. Athea Nicholls says:

    Hi good ๐ŸŒƒ night Mike and Erin the new tractor looks nice, there's always something exciting to see on the project list another great video. Just keep aim coming there always appreciated ๐Ÿ‘‹bye guys .๐Ÿšœ ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚.

  22. Brent and Natasha Derksen says:

    Wow, that thing just eats those weeds!

  23. PC Sweeney says:

    Nice video Mike. I like your new machine. I have a 101 uses for one like that. I'll have to check that company out. I'll be looking for your next video this weekend.

  24. Homie Gibiotch says:

    that seems to be like the old gravely tractors, but has many more options on it. A very handy tool to use especially in tight spaces. We have never branded cattle, so i'll be interested in watching that episode…….heck, i am interested in ALL your videos !!

  25. John Hatt says:

    Did that michigan cheese taste good

  26. Brian JOnker says:

    There is just so much I and the rest of the audience on this side of the screen dont know and cant know. For instance this video. Im thinking who cares about weeds in the corrals. Leave them for the cows to trample and pick at during branding. It will give them something to do during the wait. Do you provide salt blocks during pasture season? Where do you place them? Next to one of the ponds Id guess

  27. KG Private says:

    โ€œThis programming is brought to you by BCSโ€ ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช I hope your getting paid, at least a good deal!!!!!

  28. Cherry The Slumz Gang says:

    Did you bought the ranch?

  29. K WinChronic says:

    You should fabricate a stand on dolly behind that thing like those lawn mowers they attatch them to so it'll pull you and you don't have to walk

  30. Sandy says:

    OOOH! WANT! Dunno what possible use I'd have for one of those contraptions, but with all of the accessories it comes with I'll darn well find something I could use it for.

  31. Jacob braybrook says:

    Hi mike how are you today

  32. Tony Burelle says:

    Nice rig, did a great job, I've often wondered what a BCS was like to own, I'm going to find out, thanks

  33. Holler Haven Farms says:

    Please do not forget your ear plugs and safety glasses

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  35. The Drifter says:

    I imagine everyday on the ranch is a project list of some sort. I can't wait for it (sarcasm) on my small ranch when that time comes to get it up and running.

  36. Jesse Baker says:

    Hey we are branding the same weekend

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  38. Martin Spijker says:

    works great..:) i recommend earplugs..:D

  39. One Lonely Tractor says:

    I want to be a farmer, but I dont have money to buy land. What can I do?

  40. Gregor Rencelj says:

    Hey guys, I have also BCS simular to yours and love it. It is on of best manufacturer. My grandfather use it in 50s. Best Regards from EU, Greg

  41. Iowa Diary Farmer says:

    How did you get started in ranching?

  42. SLFYSH says:

    Your experience with this BCS will be nice to hear…itโ€™s on the buy list for me, but as you know itโ€™s a bit of a high dollar item!

  43. phildev says:

    something like this seems pretty good for a small operation (or a small tasks at a bigger operation like yours), especially when you combine it with a small trailer you can ride some of these and haul some loads on your smaller operation..

  44. Winter Weatherinfo says:

    How is the hay looking

  45. George Adams says:

    Best tiller out there… by far! I wan't one but can't afford it.

  46. Lewis Shrader says:

    Congratulations on your new piece of equipment. Hope it does super well for you. Glad to see that things are going well and many blessings to you and your family.

  47. Jerry Nix says:

    Love it Mike! I got an old Jabra I think it's got a sickle bar mower on it, it's on the project list it's been sitting for years not running.

  48. Jerry Coon says:

    Thats a cool rig! I like all the attachments. Reminds me of the old gravely tractors but more versatile. That would have been a big job for a weed whacker… LOL!

  49. steve mondal says:

    Thank you for the product review Mike. It got my interest. You are a good spokesperson.

  50. sdelony says:

    Why are tires on backwards just kidding

  51. Outcast Projects says:

    Thats a handy little machine!I hope it makes yalls chores easier!Looking forward to branding calves!

  52. Brent Farrow says:

    Nice new piece of equipment, itโ€™s great to work smarter not harder. Have a good day๐Ÿ˜Ž

  53. Russell Moore says:

    Looks like a great piece of machinery to use in tight places ya can't get a regular tractor in and have heard nothing but good things about bcs tractors

  54. Ambrose Parker says:

    Good Morning Mike, thoroughly enjoyed your new equipment, now looking into purchasing one for the homestead. Keep them coming, I agree, your project list is never ending. You need to host a Project list shindig for all your fans and see if we can catch up on the whole list for one whole week. Free of charge, BYOTF, (Bring your own Tent, Food).

  55. Tom Mathews says:

    Man, I 'm glad you guys went with a machine big enough for the jobs! The steering brakes and differential alone are worth it, plus increased engine/tire size to handle the bigger implements. It's easy to let $$ and size/weight influence the decision on size of machine. There is a learning curve and you can expect to have a bit of a wrestling match on your hands at first, but in the long run you'll be glad! One thing that I've noticed is that when running front mounted implements it helps me to run the handlebars lower since most of my adjustments are pushing down to raise the front of the implement and the opposite seems to be true for the rear mounted stuff. You'll love those offset handlebars for forming those raised beds with the rotary plow! We're running about the same setup but I'm on a Grillo 110 (about 8 yrs old). I look forward to your adventures with this machine for years to come! Did you buy yours from the two wheel tractor guru himself, Joel, at Earth Tools in Kentucky?

  56. Fiona C says:

    There are some excellent options in two wheeled tractors. Earthtools is a dealer in Kentucky that has an amazing array of power units and accessories. Joel who owns it is absolutely amazing to work with.

    And Mike…..did you really get this for Erin?๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Nice clean up and donโ€™t they get into small spaces well๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  57. Matt Fencl says:

    Thats a cool machine!

  58. memyselfand ifarmer says:

    I know a few people that have that brand of machine and what I suggested was to spray dry graphite where the implements hook into the tractor. Especially during the winter with snow and salt. I gave him a spray can , it's called slip plate.

  59. Two Farm Boys says:

    I don't know about you, but for us it's been a very rainy year so far! This week we've got more to do than we have had in weeks! And it's raining as I write this comment. ๐Ÿ˜ I like the BCS tractor by the way!

  60. Cory Hoover says:

    I do believe you have mounted your tires on backwards!

  61. Mine Not Yours says:

    Yeah mike this isn't a community its a family ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. CLINTON KAUTH says:

    Who says haying im pretty sure its either mowing or bailing

  63. Brandon Gustafson says:

    That is really cool I didn't know you can buy new ones these days. I have an old one just like that with a ton of attachments but belt driven. It's a simplicity There really neat and awesome strong working machines thanks for sharing this with us

  64. betty kuykendall says:

    What is a flail in your title?

  65. Lost Nation says:

    New tool or new toy????? I have a hard time making those kinds of distinctions for myself…โ€ฆ.

  66. John Wesselius says:

    The BCS will change how you grow vegetables. I have a Grillo with a 30 inch tiller box and a rotary plow. Very comparable, 11 hp Yamaha. It is a very good machine. We do all our tunnel ( 4 ) growing in 30 inch beds. You will love the versatility of the two wheel tractor. I should get a flail mower for the tall stuff, and for residue. keep up the good work.

  67. charlie19649 says:

    The BCS looks like a workhorse…Very impressive.Looking forward to watching what other chores it will be used on.

  68. Northern farmer says:

    Thjat thing works really well. I just bout a rough cut mower for my skid steer

  69. B sturgeon says:

    Hello mike and Erin howโ€™s it going good here in Kentucky I was wondering would it been better to get a compact tractor and u would have had more horse power with one like a John Deere and could get a bush hog and other attachments and one with a front loader and could have used it for the Garden and mowing and could do lawn care on the side in the summer time lol thanks

  70. ChuckE2009 says:

    Those tillers are LEGIT!! I vaguely remember when my mom bought one when I was 8 or 9, probably around 2001 or 2002 or so. I swapped a Honda engine into it for her around 2012 to replace its old Briggs (never started right, even when it was new). Its still going strong and she uses it every year!! I really like their machinery. The tiller itself has been near flawless its whole life, the only problem I can ever remember was some bolts coming loose.

  71. KC Mackie says:

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    oof mowing cheatgrass just makes it come back with a vengeance

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    BEWARE THE BCS 749!!! The jury is still out on the hydraulic clutch system…it's fairly new and they had to slap a 5 year warranty on it to get that model to start selling. The bestselling 853 uses the tried and true traditional clutch system that is very easy for the end user to service if/when necessary. However, if you're near a competent BCS dealer and don't plant to service it yourself, then have at it!

  74. El king Juan says:

    Good evening Mike. Iโ€™m happy for you that you bought yourself a new cool tool. I think ๐Ÿค” the tires are backwards. I donโ€™t know if it was shipped that way or not. Any ways I thought this would help you since weโ€™re all here to support you. Happy Ranching. ๐Ÿ„

  75. William Guenthner says:

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  78. Barb Cole says:

    Say hello to Photobomb the cat๐Ÿ˜‚

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    Good vid Mike! The flail mower is great for mowing cover crops as well. I have the Del Marino brush mower for my Grillo. It will chop up anything that it can push over. Pretty impressive when that "something" is an 8' tree! Have fun!

  80. Derek DeMelo says:

    Those BCS tractors are pretty awesome but they can be alittle pricey for the average homesteader. Thanks mike

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    Mike, I'm wondering, did you consider the diesel model? If so, what made you decide against it? I've been weighing the options myself.

  82. Oby-1 says:

    Cost of purchase plus attachments? I ask because of the value added to gardening and is it worth it for payback.

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  84. Urs says:

    awesome video! There are two Swiss companies that make one axle tractors one is named AEBI and the other Rapid. Does Swiss made are all hydro drive and are for heavy duty jobs. Rapid is the largest manufacture of one axle tractors in Europe.

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    Glyophosphate (roundup) and a sprayer. Twice a year and "mowing" is done. Fence rows,around barns,gravel lots and drives: spray it and move on to next chore.Too many chores(and work) and too little time so I always look for fast and effective solutions.
    The tractor? is very impressive though.

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