Belarus tractor with Caterpillar v8

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! This is uncle Kees Uncle Kees is not my uncle But he’s Thijs his uncle, who’s behind the camera Mine, hello Uncle Kees has a lot of nice things I think so too, Annie doesn’t Look Seen that before Is that for the lawn? That’s for driving around with the grandchilderen put an extra seat in 320hp Mercedes engine.. that’s material But we’re here for that today It’s a 60hp Belarus, with a 200hp engine Caterpillar v8 What was in there original? 4 cylinder? Guess so And narrower tires I think Where did those tires come from? I think those have been scrapped more overhere I think we got such a harvester too Indeed.. That has been my preference for a long time.. Keeping and scrapping harvesters See, the holes didn’t exactly fit Center it on sight is good enough Converted those to slot holes it centered itself That’s adapted proffesional That’s not quite original Where did the engine come from? Three row New Holland corn harvester Why did I ask anyway? I could have known that.. out of a harvester of course Everything has been made out of harvesters here I’m making a mix of New Holland and Claas Claas airfilter I have a complete Claas powersteering to fit on there It’s not finished yet Not ‘Claas’ yet.. klaar But the big question is; does it run? and the 2nd big question is; what does this say? No idea Jumpstart Better than original Shifting seems an issue with that old gearbox Lucky enough it has enough torque I think you can start in any gear you like It rattles a bit It doesn’t disengages completely It got off the road I’m driving in 3th gear I can shift it into 4th, that’s better We enjoyed this demonstration! Yeah, me too! That’s clear So that’s a win win You come to less overhere Yeah, but you can come to us too, Kees Yeah.. but I need to bring all that scrap I need to rent a truck Scrap.. yeah the clutch is not very good but to call it scrap.. Is the clutch bad, or does it have too much power? That’s also possible I’m busy with it, the tires was the first step The clutch is next I’m busy with this guy who builds for tractorpulling custom friction discs and pressure plates But that costs around 5000 euro But all the rest I modify to it is all material which I already had but didn’t throw away, I don’t throw stuff away And that’s a good lesson to end this video today don’t throw too much away, otherwise you can’t build anything Throw nothing away! The best word is hoard! Hey folks! Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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  1. Lorne Johnson says:

    They going to make plastic gears next year

  2. peer says:

    Dutch language must be one of the world's ugliest

  3. RED Fox says:

    Даже захотелось трактористом стать.

  4. Brian bossie Jwz says:

    Like als je Nederlander bent
    Reageer als je een Belg bent

  5. JammieJam says:

    Can’t tell if you guys are German or somewhere else

  6. Рома Михайленко says:

    муфта долго не проходит если она на родном движке летит каждые пол года то тут мне кажется за день можно угондошить всё

  7. T aro says:

    ferm ver te zien,ferm geluid ok!

  8. phdfxwg Fischercat says:

    didnt understand a dam word he said !!!

  9. Randy Magnum says:

    I commend you for this masterpiece, but that is the worst engine in the worst tractor…….next to a v8 perkins… a Massey, lol

  10. damianursusc362 says:

    nm ?

  11. Hitomi Tanaka & Kaho Shibuya number 1 American fan says:

    Rear tires are rubbing on the inside.

  12. Long Thành says:

    Con này nhìn cũ vậy mà dùng động cơ v8 kinh thật hai bên thân mỗi bên 4 xy lanh thẳng hàng chắc uống dầu kinh lắm đây

  13. солтан гумуев says:

    Движок точно не родной.

  14. Алексей Машонский says:

    Ну без масла под трактором не как !

  15. Jagjit Lali says:

    good tractor in russia

  16. Максим Жуков says:

    zer gut

  17. Fuxs TNT says:

    Мтз-5 делали на века до сих пор ездит

  18. Андрей А says:

    Круто, громко и мощно. Но бестолково

  19. Роман Гебрич says:

    От мтз там только руль передок и название.

  20. george 880 says:

    No sound?

  21. Цецо Терзийски /TERZ BULL says:


  22. Ivan Gay says:

    Не верил до того момента пока на ходу при переключении не захрустела коробка))))

  23. Jacob Wood says:

    Next add a intercooler and turbo

  24. T T says:

    Grind me a pound!

  25. Bullet Man says:

    Seeing that beast coming though the neat topiary like a raging rhino is the most surreal thing I've seen today.

  26. Warryck Scown says:

    heres a tip. put it in the lowest gear first, then then in to the the gear u want start in, probably top in your case mate. then move off.

  27. Rillito says:

    English comment here

  28. Brand Oh says:

    3:22 (Elephant sound) "I can look at KC's new cupholders…" what??

  29. Henk Butter says:

    Ja ja deze CAT lag ook in de hakselaar van Hesston ooit in the 80,s mee gewerkt bij een loonbedrijf in Numansdorp.

  30. Rubenyoranpc says:

    Wat een sound!

  31. Drew Tatum says:

    You don't shift a tractor while it's moving.
    Shove it into a gear and stick with it

  32. maarten 61 says:

    toch geweldige prestatie om 640k views te krijgen met een video van "een oude boer die rondrijdt op een ouwe trekker", MasterMilo

  33. jake johnson says:

    Should turn that into a pulling tractor!!!

  34. Regetar Sebastian says:

    Hp? Engine

  35. Juha Tuomala says:

    You don’t need a helmet while driving that, it wouldn’t help anyway if you flip that over.

  36. yotta km says:

    Gaygay means look in the Netherlands?

  37. Marline Harrold says:

    Cool. Thank you. <3

  38. schapenboer says:

    Wat een herrie. Het zou je buurman maar zijn

  39. Andreas Frind says:

    3208 worst V8 cat made

  40. Rolando Mendez says:

    Ola mundo. Que sorpresa al. Ver el video 1 tractor ruso con 1 motor. Caterpillar 3208. Estos tractores fueron a cuba salieron buenos yo los trabaje en 1 briguaga de maquinaria agricola motores de 4 c en linea. ;he visto varios videos rusos. Equipos americanos. Ahora yo no se si el americsno ha visto videos del. K. P. 3.

  41. Ryan farming says:

    No point having teeth if you don’t clean them

  42. XF4SLV says:

    1:54 volgens mij staat er "Belarus MT35MS"

  43. Flipje NL says:

    Oh, doe eens een drag race met dit V8 monster? Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe snel hij is op ene recht stuk.

  44. *G# *J# says:

    (Lesje veiligheid )
    Bij het starten van een voertuig, moet je altijd achter het stuur zitten.
    Ik kende iemand in Someren die het niet meer kan navertellen.

  45. Eugen Wiseman says:

    привет братьям белорусам!)

  46. Ebe Van der sypt says:


  47. BaraTwoswords says:

    Uncle Kees, good job! Guys are never too grown up to be able to set aside all the serious responsibility for a bit and go play in the dirt!

  48. Tyfon 44 says:

    Hoe hard gaat deze Belarus ?

  49. chaoyu zhang says:


  50. Mintu Maratha Maratha says:

    Sir Tire size Kyaa hair

  51. Roland Elliott says:

    Great V8 tractor, good build

  52. Bart Buist says:

    Poah wat’n trekker !

  53. Cornelis email says:

    No Wheelie ?

  54. Roberto Gomez says:

    Se paso el beterano tiene que tirarlo al barro .

  55. Roberto Gomez says:

    Se paso el beterano tiene que tirarlo al barro .

  56. Lóránt György says:

    Please use the clutch pedal twice if the transmission is still original MTZ thx.

  57. Illuminati aqi says:

    Waste of v8

  58. procc says:

    Title english, description english, video some sort of bird language… DISLIKE.

  59. edwin van oers says:

    dit is een echte hot rod trekkerrrr

  60. О'ни Порко says:


  61. nitrous31 says:

    Traktor Skurwysyn

  62. Gangsta Gaming says:

    how much horse power is it ?

  63. Wessel Seinen says:

    Hoe dan elke trekker klikt ongeveer hetzelfde ook al ligt er zelfs 1 v8 in licht

  64. Regan Bayfield says:

    Everyone in these comments going on about the old timers bad shifts, in old tractors they had something called a crashbox, the grinding noise happens normally in these and the slow shifts are also normal

  65. SirDrakeNewcanon says:

    New engine but still a crapy belarus gearbox. But a nice traktor and its sounds great!

  66. Mubarak Sodha says:

    Was half expecting power wheelies. Great find.

  67. RDCST says:

    The old man has lead foot.

  68. Dave Kauffman says:

    I need a hoard!

  69. Kamran Haider says:

    Wahoo what a combination Belarus MTZ with aV8

  70. LeaffyUK says:

    Needs a different clutch it sounds out of gear half the time

  71. Jamie Lange says:

    Not a wisp of smoke, initially!

  72. Marcin Barzyk says:


  73. Нива 6х6 на гусеницах says:

    Offroad it

  74. Regis Drouyn says:

    ouch the gears

  75. derekzan says:

    My father's name was Kees, my Uncle name was Kees, my cousin name is Kees, my son name is Kees, best wishes from New Zealand….

  76. Sjoerd Redeker says:

    Prachtig op je ouwe dag lekker kutviolen met een dikke trekker! Zo kan ik ook wel oud worden!

  77. Henk Butter says:

    Mooi man ik heb ook nog met zo,n Heston gehakseld daar lag ook deze Cat in

  78. Sergio Santos Santos says:

    Super tractor big tires very strong I like beatiful!

  79. Benjamin Tervonen א says:

    Hei menshe

  80. Mauro Zedda says:

    w netherlands

  81. pieter Mooijman says:


  82. Николай Королёв says:

    Чел постоянно коры мочит

  83. legebakken1 says:

    great ! Thanks from Norway. Good filming, made by motor-loving guys, english texting AND NO MUSIC !!!!!!!

  84. LookatmyBig Geoduck says:

    everything about this video just looks russia

  85. Doctor Kurwa says:

    Er staat Belarus MT35MS

  86. AvGvanGelderen says:

    Belarus en rusland zijn twee verschillende landen. Ignorance

  87. harkiran somal says:

    1970 model Tractor Russian Belarus Working India punjab

  88. навигатор 54 says:

    Воздухозаборник немного неудачно расположен.

  89. Alexey Soshnyanin says:

    big greetings from Belarus

  90. Chris Defender says:

    Helemaal te gek dit, doet mij er maar twee, dat dus.

  91. ThomieBoyy says:

    lekker hoor

  92. Nick Dreamer says:

    Die na pruttel van dat blok heerlijk lekker vals mooi man

  93. The chef says:

    That fucking thing could rip a 500 year old oak tree out of the ground

  94. саша пан says:

    удивительно как ещё не порвало редуктора с такими колёсами

  95. Joserra WTF says:


  96. Mr Jonas says:

    A tractor in my taste 🙂

  97. maxmixfan1 says:

    4:55 Game on <<<<

  98. Руслан Пагоня says:

    Hellow from Belarus!

  99. Çılgın Oyuncu says:

  100. joris dubbeldam says:

    Is this a caterpillar 3208?

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