Bobcat 3600/3650 Utility Vehicles: Our Most Versatile UTVs

Bobcat Company, a leader in compact
equipment, is breaking new ground in the utility vehicle market. With superior
performance and productivity, Bobcat introduces the new 3600
and 3650 hydrostatic drive utility vehicles. Continuing a rich tradition of customer-driven advancements, the 3650 will take attachment capabilities to a new level, as the industry’s first utility vehicle
with the capacity to operate front-mounted PTO attachments. Not only are the 3600 and 3650 designed to handle and haul more materials for grooming commercial buildings and grounds, or maintaining personal properties, but they are the first utility vehicles in the Bobcat lineup to offer cabs with heat and air conditioning. This will provide more
comfort than a typical utility vehicle while transporting passengers, and for
completing multiple work tasks such as hauling, mowing, sweeping. and snow removal. The new 24 horsepower 3600 and 3650 extend the strong Bobcat line of utility vehicles, which includes the 3200, 3400, 3400XL, as well as the Toolcat 5600 and 5610 utility work machines. Both will meet the need for Bobcat customers who want the benefits of hydrostatic drive, while the
3650 also has the capability to operate front-mounted attachments that are PTO
driven. PTO technology is one of the most simple and efficient ways to transfer
engine horsepower to an attachment for optimum performance. This ability uniquely positions the 3650 to provide users with a highly versatile machine that fills the gap between standard Bobcat utility vehicles and the
larger Toolcat utility work machines. They’ll provide more productivity and
performance without compromising other important qualities that customers
expect of all Bobcat equipment: durability, serviceability, comfort, ease
of use, and versatility.

3 comments on “Bobcat 3600/3650 Utility Vehicles: Our Most Versatile UTVs”

  1. MrReece6096 says:


  2. Kathyrin53012 says:

    Very disappointed! This is a dog, it is sluggish without any attachments in high range. We own other UTV and Bobcat products, the performance we expect is absent and it is unbelievable that Bobcat released this product with this level of performance. Disappointed!!!!!

  3. Todd Sch says:

    A friend of mine bought one of these machines and is very disappointed with the high range. It has no power in high range. My JD 318 has more power.

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