Bobcat 500 Frame-Size Loaders: Video Press Release

Bobcat Company introduces the 500 frame size skid-steer and compact track loaders. Seven new machines provide operators with extensive feature upgrades, including increased visibility, a more comfortable
cab, and easier serviceability. The 500 platform loaders include the S510, S530, S550, S570, and S590, as well as the T550 and the T590. The S510, S550 and T550 feature a radius lift path, ideal for dumping over a wall, back filling, or loading flatbed trucks. The S530, S570, S590 and T590 models feature a vertical lift path, which provides the ability to lift heavier loads. The M-Series vertical lift path machines feature an increased lift height over equivalent K-Series models. The 500 frame size loaders feature a unique cab forward design that moves the operator closer to the attachment and provides unmatched visibility in all directions. The largest cab door opening on the market provides superior visibility to the cutting edge of the bucket or the corners of an
attachment. The cab door threshold has been lowered, making it easier for
operators to enter and exit the cab while the height of the cab has actually
been increased, providing additional headroom but still keeping the overall
machine size small enough to maneuver easily in tight spaces. Windows on the sides and rear of the cab have also been increased in size to provide more visibility. And the larger top window makes it easier for the operator to see
an attachment with the lift arms raised. Bobcat increased the size of the 500
loader cab by 10% and redesigned the interior to allow operators to
adjust the environments to their individual preferences. Bobcat 500 frame size loaders have a new best-in-class pressurized cab with a new one-piece seal that goes all the way around the door and fits into a special curved pocket. This minimizes the amount of dirt and dust that might enter the cab, creating more enjoyable working conditions. Noise is another factor affecting operator comfort. Bobcat reduced the sound level
of new loaders by installing new engine mounts, which improve isolation and
decrease vibration. Operators have the choice between standard foot pedal
hydraulic controls, the advanced control system or ACS, or the selectable joystick
controls or SJC. The standard foot pedals control the lift and tilt through
mechanical linkage.The optional ACS lets the loader operator use a dash-mounted
switch to instantly select between advanced hand control or advanced foot
control of lift and tilt functions. The SJC has low effort control levers which can be operated in the ISO or H pattern. They move up and down in conjunction with the seats to reduce arm movements and operator fatigue, and they
also slide forward or backward to adjust to the preference of each individual
operator. Operators want to spend minimal time on routine maintenance. Simple
checkpoints and superior design make it easier to perform maintenance correctly,
faster, and at proper intervals. Keeping the loaders cool when working long hours is important in prolonging the service life of the machine. That’s why Bobcat designed the cooling system for increased efficiency and
higher performance. It’s also easier to clean out. The oil cooler swings up and allows access to the radiator. Hydraulic performance on M-Series loaders has been increased over previous models. The hydraulic systems have been engineered for higher standard flow and pressure and give attachments more power to work more quickly. Size, horsepower, and cubic inch displacement are matched to the loader’s rated operating capacity, balance, and weight, producing a loader that can
even outperform higher horsepower machines. The skid-steer models offer a 2-speed feature, which boosts the maximum travel speed from 7.4 miles per hour to 11 miles per hour. The hydraulic bucket
positioning option keeps the loader bucket level as the lift arms travel
upward, enabling operators to spill less and work faster. The deluxe instrumentation panel offers better interaction and easy-to-read
virtual sweep gauges, allowing the operator to quickly read and understand
the machines performance. New job-enhancing features were also added. Now it can monitor key loader functions and keyless start helps prevent theft. The 500 frame size loaders incorporate superior performance and operator comforts to replace the current K-Series models. The new 500 frame size loaders are available now through Bobcat dealers nationwide.

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  1. Fernando Contreras says:

    I love these machines!

  2. Nate's model reveiws etc. says:

    they just came out with the new m2 series

  3. कामको खोजि says:

    how much price ?

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