Bobcat Million Loaders Contest: Winner’s emotional reaction to surprise announcement

The customers really make Bobcat what
it is. And it’s a great collaboration. We got great stories from the customers
on the variety of ways that they’re using their machines and that’s really
what we wanted to get. The fact they are sharing not only that
they’re passionate about the machine, and they’re excited about owning it, and
being part of the brand, it was incredible. We just continue to get amazed in the different ways that they’re applying the machine and it
makes it exciting for all of us. Bobcat’s always been there for us. Bobcat
loaders, skid-steers, and the excavator. Just with all the attachments that
Bobcat has, there’s so many varieties of jobs that you can do. It’s just — you’re
unstoppable. We had so many excellent entries that to make a decision was really challenging. So what made Steve’s entry stand out were a number of things. First of all, the legacy even within his family, of their association with Bobcat
equipment. It goes back decades. And it starts with his father, who is a
very passionate Bobcat owner. It’s not just a piece of equipment that enables him to get his work done. It’s really a way of life. For Steve, it actually defines
part of who he is and who his family is, and what his company is all about:
tough, durable, agile, rugged, and dependable. Really that’s what I think stood out the most, that made him the obvious choice for the contest. It makes me understand that what I’m selling is more than just machinery to help you get
your job done. I’m realizing that the machinery I sell, service, rent — it goes to
help feed families and create lifestyles for people in our area. Dad was always real fond of taking all of his extra cash and putting in these two-inch pipes with the caps on the end of it. That’s how he’d save his money. He
didn’t believe in banks too much. So that’s where we put his ashes in — a great big pipe, two cap ends, and then we parked the 611 on it. Put a battery in it and some fuel and I think you could drive it off. So here lays Mr. Bobcat. The fact that there’s a Bobcat machine at the grave of his father, it’s going to be an emotional event for him because I think it’s going to be a culmination of
a lot of years of pride of owning Bobcat equipment and being associated with
Bobcat. And for this to happen, I think it’s going to be a tremendous event for him. He’s still wondering, why is everybody
coming over here? And I told a little fib. I said, you’re one of the finalists and
they’re traveling around the country with the millionth loader. So he actually, truly believes that he’s probably top five and this is his final interview to see if Bobcat will choose him. He doesn’t realize he’s getting it today. Just to be in the top five, I guess it is. I’m not sure how many that you guys are interviewing or not. But it’s a proud moment for me just to be able to talk with you. So you’ve seen this machine? You can relax now. We’re done with all the formal questions. Steve, my name is Gary Hornbacher.
I’m the vice president of sales and marketing at Bobcat. So you know the whole story about three finalists and we’re trying to narrow it down? It’s a hoax. There’s only one winner today, Mr. Klumker, and it’s you. You got to be kidding. Oh my gosh. Here’s your keys. Congratulations. It’s an honor to give this machine to this gentleman for the family history that these guys have. I couldn’t
be more proud as a manufacturer to be able to give it a product and a gift to
you. Honestly, you you represent everything we look for in a customer.
I’ll tell you, just the emotion alone right there tells me that we picked the
right guy. Do you think? Thank you, Louis Klumker. Your dad would be proud. Bobcat, you got me. What are you going to do with this machine? I’m going to work. I’m going to show it off. Did you know this, buddy? I had a hard time holding back. I’m not used to white lying. Sorry, no commission, buddy. I’m sure he’s up there with big ol’ smile
on his face right now. Indeed.

19 comments on “Bobcat Million Loaders Contest: Winner’s emotional reaction to surprise announcement”

  1. Ryan Christopher Wagner says:

    What model is the machine???

  2. Kraft Farms says:

    This is why I love bobcat. You guys are great!

  3. Bobcat Company says:

    When the Bobcat team traveled to Steven Klumker's dealer in Durango, Colo. to surprise him with a Special Edition One-Millionth Loader, his reaction was unforgettable.

  4. MRJOHNDEERE3720 says:

    This is why I love bobcat. u guys dont mess around. keep it up BOBCAT. 🙂 & im sare his dad would be proud. 🙂

  5. KeepShootingFun says:

    Your company is second to none and I hope to be a bobcat owner one day. No other company stands by their customer like I saw today in this short video. I will always remember these videos and you have a customer for life.

  6. car97 says:

    This is really cool !!!

  7. Tim Remmerie says:

    Nice ! Love bobcat

  8. Goodstash pipes says:

    Good choice and obviously a good man and legacy.  Loved his comment "sorry, no commission" to his regular sales rep… 

  9. Henry Chavez says:


  10. Vaughn Brenda says:

    Very cool!

  11. Chris Stidham says:

    This is what I watch youtube for, thanks bobcat!

  12. Jonny Fromfar says:

    Really touching, cant wait to be a Bobcat owner and operator.
    God Bless and happy holidays.

  13. nmelkhunter1 says:

    Great to see hardworking folks get recognition from a quality company! Way neat!

  14. gene coppedge says:

    Holy cow awesome story, made me cry. Congrats on the 1,000,000th Bobcat, I like seeing people given recognition and Bobcat is a great company.

  15. Terri Monsees says:

    Today we met Steve and his wife. They definitely deserved this. They welcomed us into their home as we were riding in the rain. They let us dry out and let the rain pass. They have a very generous spirit. We are thankful for their generosity to strangers. The world needs more people like this!

  16. David Silvia says:

    Love my t190!

  17. Mason Lynch says:


  18. Mark DUNN says:

    I purchased a 1966 Ford from Mr. Klumker, He informed me that this truck was the start of Lazy K  Bobcat service, their first truck. Its faded and has earned it place on the streets of Cortez. I will never paint it, always cherish it and I will pass on the story of Louis Klumker.

  19. ben mack says:

    I’m glad he won!!☺️☺️

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