Bobcat T590 Compact Track Loader Field Test

On a warm fall day, we invited the
editors from Construction Equipment to come to Fargo, North Dakota and the
Bobcat headquarters for a sneak peek of the new M-Series 500 platform loader.
Editors Walt Moore and Frank Raczon scrutinized the new T590 compact track
loader against the machine it replaces, the T190. So you don’t have to be
handling them, you just pivot them, and this works much easier and simpler for
the guy who needs to get in and clean these components with any frequency. After a tour of the new features on the machine from Bobcat’s own Mike Fitzgerald — Our high flow and low flow is actually controlled with a separate pump and a separate valve on the inside of the machine. — and some technical background from training manager Jared Hazel, it was time to get to work and test the T590. Bobcat loader product specialist Justin Odegaard marked off the test patterns and ensured each machine would get the same run on each test with standard flow and high flow comparisons. First, the auger evaluation. The trencher was next, digging a
three-foot deep trench. And we move from the dirt to a hard
surface for asphalt milling. Then wrapping up the testing with a run
with a grapple in place at an active demolition project. Time and time again, and at every test, the Construction Equipment editors found improved power and improved production — an average of 20% increase over the T190. So everybody should find something we like. We should have enough different operational control systems available to match pretty much everybody’s needs. You can test the new 500 platform loader today at your local dealership or read more about it in the Construction Equipment story at We think you’ll agree with the editors when they call the T590 an all around thumbs up.

5 comments on “Bobcat T590 Compact Track Loader Field Test”

  1. Dluniz09 says:

    what would you recemmend purchasing for a small excavating co? T190 or the new T590?

  2. Dluniz09 says:

    whats the price difference between the T190 and the T590?

  3. Bobcat Company says:

    For pricing info, I'd recommend contacting your local Bobcat dealer. They are best equipped to provide you with specific pricing details given your ideal configuration and machine size requirements.

    Otherwise, if you'd like to talk with a customer service rep, you could call 877-745-7814 – They'd be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding purchasing a compact track loader.

  4. Wyatt Hart says:

    We got a T320 and she works great for what we use it for…

  5. Alberto Celedon says:

    The t190 is the best bobcat ever made and it will last a life time plus you cant go wrong with the kubota engine on this machine

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