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Hola amigos it’s your boy Mark B with
eclipse lawn care here in the beautiful city of Dallas Texas we’re actually in
downtown Dallas City in the city in the city let me just go ahead and give you a
view of what I’m looking at so right now we’re gonna be moving into one of these
high-rise apartment buildings and I’m gonna tell you right now that the guest
parking is going to be a beast def they’re gonna be a beast fellas
oh man so i’m going to have to get used to the woo a little train almost him alright
well that’s gonna be I think this truck is going the wrong way it looks like you
know this truck you see that truck guys it was going the wrong way but I’m gonna
go ahead and I gotta find this building first of all I gotta find let me go to
turn well I’ll leave it right there guys I think it’s a little bit more exciting
than watching my of the mug so let me see what street are we on I’m not too
sure but you know what I’m gonna if y’all guys can hear me I think that’s
all that matters I’m trying to look for I got to go sign
the paperwork and put the deposit down for the apartment we’re gonna be staying
at and I don’t think this is I think this is a street not too sure of
this is a street but didn’t always guys that did not work today had the day off
because I was able to finish finished my route yesterday okay it’s back here
so I was able to finish my route yesterday that way I could come in run
errands and whatnot so I’m gonna go ahead and give you all that view right
there guys but there’s definitely tons of restaurants which is awesome there’s
tons of restaurants there’s a Chop House burger right here to my left which I’m
definitely definitely gonna come down here and check it out it’s called the
Chop House burger so let’s see I’m gonna have to make make me a left right here
guys and I’m probably gonna have to walk a block which you know that’s not a not
a biggie you know what’s a block we walk every day right but like I said I think parking for a
guest there’s gonna be a beast unless there’s a I know for the tenants we have
underground parking and I need to find out see where the gas will part that’s
that’s something I didn’t ask because that’s definitely you know my parents
come over or whatever friends they’re definitely done instead of parking out
here outside or painful parking you know maybe there’s a guest parking available
inside the building how are you guys doing I know I’m doing pretty good guys
like I said my body my my body definitely needed a rest and this having
a three-day weekend definitely helps that’s for sure
so I need to find a parking parking space really quick you see it right here
maybe to the right that valet no that’s valet all right dude yeah sure I’m sure
mmm yep got a biker sure bro so let’s go in and mosey forward let’s
see let’s see I need to look for a parking meter there’s one right here to
my left but I’m not gonna be able to bust it you like yeah I better not bus
to you this might make it right go ahead and that’s another thing guys as
pedestrians I’m not used to pedestrians just kind of walking all over the public
go straight in the sea let’s see what we could find straight ahead guys you see I’m gonna go ahead and turn
now believe the camera for maybe something
exciting maja will happen but what I wanted to talk about is you know into the seasons about to come and so far you know which I’m still
mowing grass not too sure how long oh man this FedEx took it not to not to
sure how long the the grass seasons going to last for us here in Texas but
I’m gonna I’m gonna say we’re gonna probably I’ll be mowing through October
maybe to the end of October and then from there you know maybe get back on
doing shrubs and doing some leaf cleanups actually I’d thirty right now
and it was a little bit uh it had a lot of traffic closer to downtown because
today is the opening day of the Texas Fair State Fair we’re probably thinking about going to
the State Fair sometime next week that’ll be fun I’ll take some video of
that I don’t know we may go even go this week mostly or this week and we’ll see
we’ll see but I just got a I’ve got a phone call
and my blades are ready to go pick up to go be pick so had sharpened
yesterday or the day before so they’re ready to be picked up and go pick up I
also dropped off my my echo powerhead the 26:20
I don’t know what’s going on with you guys but it just when I started and it idles it dies like
within 10 seconds so I don’t know why it does it I don’t know if it and this is
also whenever it’s cold so it’s not that it’s overheating and I bought it two
months ago but it just seemed definitely hooking it
up there about I don’t know olden times maybe five or six times and they tell me
the same thing go we didn’t find anything with it we let it run for 30
minutes let it heat up and nothing you know they couldn’t get it to fill and then I said I’ve just taken it so
many times up there it’s getting kind of tired of taking it up there and I tell
them this time not telling like look yeah I can’t find out what’s wrong with
it it’s still under warranty send it back just give me into one
because I don’t want to be back and forth back and forth giving me the
runaround you know we can’t find out you know of course they can’t put it to the
to the test the way I do and all they can do is just crank it up and just let
it run because I’m sure they got hundreds of other equipment they need a
they need a fix but I just I told him you know there’s gonna
be the last time if y’all can’t figure it out
then I just wanted anyone is that like I still have warranty it’s only been two
months so that being said I’m getting my blades
which I’m I’m gonna go pick them up right now wanted to ask you guys what I need to get some mulching blades this
is what I’m getting to what are some good mulching blades that you guys use
because I think I’m gonna fabricate a side shoot I’m gonna already talked to
Doug about it and he’s gonna try to fabricate a shoot blocker right some
sort of shoot blocker that of course we were able to remove in
but back whenever you know we go to sighs shoot I don’t know I don’t even
know why we sights you to be honest with you there’s it’s not like we have talked they press
but I guess it I don’t want to make it permanent so that being said because I don’t they
don’t sell a good multi kit for babycakes I had one before
and it just it was just cheaply made badly made whenever I installed it
the blades were hitting we’re hitting you know it was hitting
the walls a kid not bad but you can kind of hear what it was scraping how do you
like that for whatever reason I was getting an
uneven cut as well blades word you know good there were
start but I was just kidding and uneven I don’t know if that was because of the
multi kid but after you know a couple of weeks of
trying it pals like needle it who’s gonna take off
I didn’t like so I’m gonna go ahead and do my own
thing and I’m just gonna instead of buying a
mochi kid I’m just gonna fabricate a suit blogger they get to get a pair of mulching
blades I think I think that so I’m gonna go ahead and do that also
while we’re at the hardware store picking up the blades I’m gonna look I’m
gonna pick me up a fire extinguisher and keep it in the truck
well these blades already nice and sharp well I’m really looking that disease a
fire extinguisher you got the pro got the pro five which then that’s more
commercial use then we have one right beside it which is a home use kind of
like this and right here Auto so we got good two different not sure which ones uh which was better
but uh okay this is the same thing they’re just
different box was their first alert brand all right ten I was so that’s cooler what take this all right I went ahead and bought the
fire distinguisher let’s check it out let’s check it out check it out got it
under the seat right here well this is it this is what I got this
is what I purchase let me go ahead and turn the view real quick so this is what
we’re dealing with it’s just the regular auto first alert fire extinguisher so
it’s not too bad I got a mount this I’m going to mount
this part I guess in the trailer probably close to the exit or close to
the to the back I’m not sure but what do ya’ll guys think about that I think
that’s gonna is gonna work but for now we’re gonna go ahead and just keep it
under the seat you never know but it was pretty cheap
13 bucks for this it’s all good it’s all good it’s all good it’s all good I was
about to use that extinguisher on somebody today oh lord have mercy I’m
telling you guys well scores I was coming from close to
downtown Dallas a Deep Ellum area and of course traffic is stupid crazy but crazy
and so traffic was just terrible right so I’m sitting there at the intersection
traffic wasn’t moving because today is the first day of the fair Texas State
Fair you guys know the area every day I love to observe well this isn’t the
first time I’ve seen this happen it just grosses me out with this girl right
beside me you know I just look you know I was looking because there’s there’s
pedestrians of course on the other side then the fair I was kind of looking
towards that way but this girl was digging in her nose okay really no
shame at all and I’m like there’s a lot of people and she was digging she didn’t
look to the side deceiving her but it was you know trying to be discreet about
it or whatever I mean she was digging bro and she had some long orange nails
she was digging oh man and when she pulled her figure out she stuck it in
her mouth what’s going on guys then people not locking the restroom
force that acts me more than that guys I could oh man
it just grosses it’s gross you’re drunk and this isn’t the first adult mop my
boy that’s when he was younger when he was four or five years old he tried to
eat his boogers – you know what I’m saved but man you grow out of it after
you know after a year – you know after you after you get onto him like dude
that’s not the way you know you don’t do that
understand adults trust me guys like I said I observed people officer drone azz
men do this mostly most of the time when we’re at a traffic intersection I look
through my rearview mirror there he goes digging digging digging he sticks it in
his mouth and then he looks around see who who’s seen out like who I saw you I
seen you they tried to play it off no dude don’t do that that’s rose that’s
nasty I mean oh man they just I don’t even know why I’m talking about this I’m
actually about to eat dinner with my wife I’m waiting for my wife we were
here at what is this place Cafe Del Rio oh man I don’t even know why will prompt
me to talk – well I know we’ll probably to talk about this because I just seen
it Saudia hell why how what where don’t
matter stop doing that guys please don’t be one
of these guys that poke their nose and eats it like woody are you craving soul
want something salty take some cracker I’m not saying it’s you guys I’m not
saying it’s you I know you guys understand if kids or babies ACC adults trust me guys I’ve seen I could count in
my hands both hands and feet how many people I’ve seen do that I don’t know
that just just got it let’s take a knee fellas cuz now they just sit down just
sit down just talking about is making my blood pressure go up I’m probably gonna
have to call my wife and say hey babe you know what I lost my appetite eating burgers man eating boogers I don’t understand that guys I don’t on there I don’t know I never
had road rage never never been a road rager but just seeing that almost took
me to the edge to the point where I was gonna get that fire extinguisher and
just blow it in her window blow your nose blow your nose if you got boogers
we’re gonna poke okay if you’re gonna poke and dig for your boogers flick it
out wipe it on your carpet on on your seat or whatever don’t eat it guys I’m done I’m sorry guys I gotta
hear me hear me rent like that I’ll take
people not locking restroom doors all day all in all day long seen one seen them all but when it comes
to that’s this is wrong this is wrong guys oh man I need some water guys I’m
sorry guys know how to hear hear this story love you guys man I love you guys

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  1. Four Toes Premium Lawn Care says:

    Could we talk you into driving the route JFK took to Dealey Plaza? The video of downtown was fascinating.

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    Carnal I told you to buy the sthil FS 111RX.

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    Oh shit! Big timing now! Mark B in the city!

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