Brian Steensma Talks About Our Commerical Expo! – 2018

started out as a commercial open house
event you know but it’s morphed over the last 18 years and to really it’s
more now a thank you event to all of our customers and our vendors that we
do business with throughout the year and it’s just fun to get everybody together
in one building and you know we all get to talk about the year you know that we
had and what we’re looking forward to in the coming year. obviously we’ve got a
huge equipment display you know so everybody can kind of take a look at
what’s coming up for 2018 the different reps with different manufacturers here
that get an opportunity to talk to our to our customers and kind of give them
the inside track on what’s coming up we’ve been able to host some seminars
and of course we got Q-it-Up catering doing the barbecue the food is just

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