Brians Budget Garage- intake manifold Crown Vic

today on friends budget garage we’re
gonna replace the intake manifold on a Crown Vic all right I already yes I’ve
already started this but I’m gonna go ahead and go through what I’ve taken off
the so far you have to take a loss a lot of the top of the engine to get to it
I also have some people mowing and stuff over here and hopefully you can hear me
okay the first thing I took off was this air hose the hose from the breather to
the throttle body then I took off where it was actually cracked the thermostat
housing take the thermostat out and if you look right here I’ve actually
cooped it up to try to get it through a couple days this is what cracks this
right here is the plastic part that cracks right through here the new one
has aluminum I’ll show you that in a minute but this is where this one
cracked a lot of times they’ll crack along here
we’re aware there’s a lot of stress on the thermostat okay actually let me show
you that right now I’ll show you the new one so here’s the
new one the new one has an aluminum water jacket instead of plastic so it
can’t crack through here still has a plastic intake but the actual water
jacket is aluminum okay the next thing I take out is the
alternator the alternator you have to pull this pulley back loosen the
serpentine belt take this piece off that’s four bolts right here and then
you loosen these two bolts you don’t take him off you loosen them and then
this and you have to take off the all the wires by the way the wire here which
is over here in this bundle and the power wire is over there now and once
you loosen that the whole thing just lifts off ow okay the next thing you do is you want
you need to release these fuel lines for the next thing you need to do is release
these few lines this this one goes to here and this one goes to here now you
release them is these plastic things you take these plastic things the right size
one for that hose like that you slide it onto here and one and you see it slides
into this connector right here that spring insight here is what keeps this
on so there’s plastic things make that
spring expand so I can come over this lip so you slide it in and pull it off
but these little plastic releasing tools you can buy it any part part store but
they’re although they look like plastic and not worth much they actually are
very important luckily they’re cheap the next thing you want to remove is
brackets and hoses and like that oh by the way I forgot to tell you remove the
power because you before you start removing the alternator take the real
look remove the battery so to remove the way I found it too easy to read yeah I
need to remove this I need to remove this and remove all this stuff off the
top of this intake manifold so I’m gonna remove this but this is a very is the
EGR valve this was such a pain because it’s right in the way and it doesn’t
easily pop loose several times I’ve tried to pop these loose and it just
breaks the pipe or breaks something else so I’m gonna try to do it without
removing this pipe so instead I’m removing this valve from the throttle
valve body so I’ve taken out all the screws for the throttle valve out body
and now that the screws are out I’m just and
removed you have to make sure all of these hoses are least loose and make
sure you’ve released loosen that bracket so now it just Wiggles around and the
whole thing sits off to the side be careful with these type of vacuum hoses
they break real easy the other issue I’ve had is these old
hoses to the here and here I have disintegrated so I’m gonna have to get
new rubber hoses I also had a problem with this EGR valve pipe it busted right
here so I’m gonna have to get a new pipe probably just hose
where’s the other one that popped on me see that one it just disintegrated at
the end so there’s probably gonna be some rubber needing to be replaced but
this is a 2000 Crown Victoria so it’s 1718 years old all right the
next piece that I actually had there is a metal piece right here it’s a metal
bracket they use it to install the engine I hate those things
I really hate those things cuz it’s bolted on the back you’d have to remove
this you’d have to remove so much crap just to get that off I’ve done this this
is the third Crown Vic I’ve done I hate that thing and so what I do is I cut it
right here in here and the whole thing half of it comes off now a lot of people
might have a problem with that I’ve done it for several crown vics and I’ve run
them for over 50,000 miles I don’t see a problem with that otherwise if you have
a problem with that I’m bolted from the back of the engine I took took me two
hours once I still didn’t get off okay the next thing to do was to remove all
of these wires to the coils and the injectors okay so we need to get the
fuel rail off okay remove it on both sides and so we pull these out these
there’s a clip in here it should be mine are all busted off in fact way wow that
you get watch out about that it looks like the inside sometimes come out too
so be careful with your plugs they they’re pretty old and they’re plastic
these you squeeze this bottom piece right here and it pulls off of the coils
so once you get these off you wiggle around wiggle around and it’ll pull out
and usually the injectors stay with the fuel rail okay so you pull the fuel rail
out and usually it’s full of fuel so what you do is you hang it someplace and
it drips dry so that you don’t have to eventually you’re going to want to clean
all of these these are really nasty so they need to be cleaned okay the next
step is to remove all of the coils here are your coil packs okay it’s one coil
per cylinder no it’s you got to be real careful cuz they’re rubber booted if
they’ve been in there while sometimes they rip apart even no matter how hard
you try so I’m gonna try to take these out without ripping them apart we will
see how far that goes not if you’re wearing put the camera put the camera
where you can see it okay good so I’m gonna try what you do is you
twist them a little bit because they have a boot that goes down in a hole and
you wiggle wiggle wiggle they sort of get stuck on the coil down
there and I’m hoping they don’t tear apart because these ones haven’t been in there
forever I will put I replace them I’m gonna have to get some pliers or
something now you can can you take the oil oil
packs out without the rubber so the oil Peck has a spring on there which
transmits the power to the plug so I’m gonna have to work on those oil packs or
though I don’t want to replace these rubber boots because they’re they’re not
expensive but they’re paying and I don’t really do want to replace them so I’m
gonna just pull these out now I deal with the boots afterwards make sure not just hurt these Springs
because that is your power to your plugs so don’t give up without spring
right all right I’m going to try to get these
rubber boots out yeah positive for me okay
we haven’t figured out how to get these out I’ll take my screwdriver I’ll shove
it in beside it move it over it’s just a rubber boot stick a hose from this
squirt a little bit of lubrication juice down there and put it on both sides try
to pop it loose from the outside so you’re not hurting it at least hopefully
not so a slide your screwdriver on both sides and take your pliers with that
goop in there and try not to hurt it but twist it out just slowly twist it and
pull a little bit oh there and then you know you don’t rip the boot so that
saves the boot okay now that I got these out I’m gonna go ahead and put it back
together put the spring back in to the rubber thing and pop these back in
basically just don’t want to miss them so they should at the end they should
look something like that so I’ll put all the coil packs back together all those
four packs are gone now the other side so again I’m just going to take out all
four of the coils and then I’ll work on the rubber boots later I start removing
the boots by putting a squirt in each one of these boots then I get my
screwdriver where everyone went there it is
and I push in the side of this boot just slide it you can see right here I’m
pushing in the side there’s a hole basically goes down at all don’t you
just get the screwdriver in there you can get this tube in there and put a
squirt in the outside of that boot too right there
not a big squirt just a little bit of the squirt and then so I’m moving around
a little bit and go to the other side try to break that loose too now be
careful don’t stab the boot you know if you run stab the boot you’ve ruined it
now you take your pliers which are on the other side of the car oh man there’s
something getting to me and you grab the boot with your pliers
you without flipping off plaid shorts suck hold on yeah realize that sometimes no matter what
you do to these things they’ll rip so sometimes if they’re old enough you have
to replace them anyway so but a lot of times if they’re ripped maybe it’s time
for new coil packs too because they tend to go out I tend to these excels I’m not
advertising for them but they’re cheaper than me then they then the standard Ford
ones so and they seem to work pretty good so if you’re not familiar with the
4.6 4.6 liter engine crown vics right down these holes where your plugs are so
if you ever want to put a face plugs I’m not going to do it right now because it
wasn’t that long ago but your plugs are down in that little hole and they
realize that it when this is leaking here when this is leaking you can end up
getting a lot of fluid in there so when you take it out and make sure there’s
not a lot of fluid in these holes all filled up especially on this side there
is going to be some junk to get rid of and all that but the next step is to
actually remove the actual intake manifold so we’re getting there so the
main bolts on the intake manifold are a number Ten’s so normally you wouldn’t
want to use an impact wrench on a plastic piece but getting it out doesn’t
matter Plus this is cracked anyway so I’m just gonna use this to zip it out we’re stuck
okay doing their stuff get out the men pop them loose with this bad boy type means they didn’t crack the plastic almost loose there’s still a couple understanding to
be done I had to had a real problem getting this last bolt you have to use a
wrench and a cheater bar tech pocket Liz I only got that last bolt out and then
this thing just lifts up right from underneath that so there’s your old one
pretty nasty time to go before you can actually put this other one on the new
one comes with its own gasket so you have to remove these gaskets and clean
up the mess so these need to be thrown away one thing you want to try not to do try
not to get any dirt inside of the intakes and I’ll go through the engine
and ruin your engine alright what I do make sure dirt does not fall into the
intake manifold I take paper towels and I stuff them in the hole so that when
I’m cleaning while I’m cleaning the dirt should not go in there and I need
anything that does this paper towel will actually stop now we can clean without
sending dirt into the engine what I’m going to use is this this works as a
good scraper you don’t use the sharp side use the dull side because the sharp
side can make notches and they all aluminum dull side just scrapes off the
garbage I’m going to scrape it off to the back so that it eventually goes away
try to scrape away from the holes so we’re gonna try to vacuum this up we
don’t want this dirt to fall into here we’ve got a crack in here and it fits
the vacuum first real quick and this is in cracks the releases all
the pressure so I got my and eat and eat a pizza all right I’ve done some cleaning looks
a lot better now great final clean job I always do with a nice clean rag clean up
any small pieces and then we’ll take the paper out of the intake last shot it
now you can take out these papers and try to get all the gunk with them throw
it more don’t forget to take the papers out car won’t run at all just blow them
straight out so dirt does not come off of them the dirt comes with him wipe off a couple little things that are
there now you’re ready to put the intake manifold back on put in the new one so
here’s the new intake manifold take note that all of your gaskets see their
integrated gaskets or whole rings of rubber gaskets take note that there’s no
notches or if anything’s are damaged take it back because it’s not gonna see
it so make sure all these rubber pieces are good that’s why that has to be flat
so that this will seal well especially the water jackets because those leak
it’s bad it takes bad but waters of course worse everything looks good it’s
time to actually pop this thing back on no I’m almost a better gonna die soon
okay so now we’re gonna go ahead and put this thing on try not to get it dirty
when you put it in there you go make sure there’s nothing under it and
it’s sitting flat that’s good okay now what we do is you put the bolts back in
that we’re holding the intake on and the last one this funny little thing
here which I’m going to cut a chunk off turn that off gonna go ahead and cut
this straight off wait so that’s much cleaner now or not cleaner but cut
better so now I’m actually gonna clean this off so I can put it back on you
need this because one of the bolts goes through here to hold the intake on okay
now that it’s clean I can put it back on okay um one thing you wanted to do is
clean up these injectors if you look these injectors are very very dirty at
the bottom the not so much the objective part but where they were hooked in the
manifold so you wanna clean these off before you put them back in just using
some parts cleaner not actually using carb cleaner which you could use but
it’s just dirt that I’m trying to get rid of not really fuel I leave them in the fuel rail just for
the heck of it my little hose them all off make sure
they get all that dirt off anything that doesn’t come off with the spray anything
it doesn’t come off with this braid you just take a rag and wipe it off but this
is where your fuel comes out right here you want that to be clean you don’t want
to be all gummed up so we’ll do another spray in a bit but basically this is a
good time to actually clean off your injectors so this is after cleaning to
make sure that this rubber o-ring is clean because that’s what’s going to
seal it when you put it in so make specially make sure right at this edge
it’s clean so one thing I want to show is right here those little holes is
where your fuel comes out so you want to spray those off make sure it’s clear
these rubber o-rings need to be put in with some kind of grease you want to put
a little bit of grease around them before you put in usually I use Vaseline
if I have some all right so I’m just time to put this back on what I’m gonna
do is use Vaseline and put it around all these o-rings so they slide in easily
they don’t get damaged when no ring can shut down the whole car so that’s
something you need to be aware so I’m gonna take a little bit of this Vaseline
and I’m going to put it around every one of the don’t get it in the injector part
but you put it around every one of the o-rings this will help them slide into
the new the new intake manifold thought too much trouble and if the little bit of Vaseline ends
up getting anything intake manifold even going through the engine no big deal
it’s not it’s not like it’ll hurt it so you basically you just need some kind
of grease you could use other things this is what’s available to me so none of these are all gooped up and
go ahead and put it back on the car make sure you have it the right way where
fuel lines are aimed at the correct side make sure they’re all lined up for all
right I wanted to show you how I clean an injector Oh where’s my freaking can’t
clean it without this stuff stupid so this is how I clean injector to take
alcohol and here’s swab and then I rub it around in there so I get the edge of
it wet really wet then I rub it around inside of the injector and that cleans
up the inside there’s deposits that come from gasoline that this actually helps
with if you notice it’s getting darker and darker every time we do that so I’m actually getting deposits off of
these injectors okay the next thing put it on there I do is I take a needle and
make sure that all the little holes are open hopefully this is you can see this
I don’t know if you didn’t see this or not I’m gonna make sure that all the
holes are open with a needle so that’s actually how I clean up injectors it
seems to have worked so far I haven’t had any trouble with it they should be all lined up you finish
jiggling around push him down and you should slip right into place now the
next thing to do is put these things back in again if you have bad coils and
bad boots it’s time to replace them these are not that old in they’re in
pretty good shape so I’m just gonna use them let’s go ahead now we can screw on the
feel real okay the bolts to hold on the fuel rail
look like this that’s what came out they don’t work they’re a machine screw the
new one is a plastic hole and you need to use these screws same with the the coils close you now have to use these
screws and not the originals because all the holes have our plastic so be aware
you have to change all the bolts except for the ones holding on the throttle
body all right put some put some of Vaseline
on this little slide in better now I might have to actually get to might have to actually get the expander
sometimes the onions you need to expand her to put it on to which usually you
don’t surprising them either yeah and put this spend their tool on here I want that pop this Bazaar this is a song right just slide right back in there you go wet buggers did not want to
come on sometimes you gotta force it and then
make sure to put your little clips here for helping hold it together honestly
probably don’t do anything but whatever just keeps it from big bang it around
alright next thing you I thought I was recording and I sort of
missed some of that so I just put on this when you use for this old of a
Crown Vic you need to actually put in a spacer and then there’s two other screw
spacers you have to put in to use the same thermostat cap so brand new
thermostat new o-ring but you need to use the spacers that they give you so
they give you two little spacers and then a big spacer for the whole thing
that’s that’s for crown vics this old the newer ones you probably don’t need
to do that I also put on this bracket for the alternator I hooked up a lot of
the wiring which you didn’t see cuz I thought it was recording the only thing
left wiring wise is put in the actual positive for the alternator and then put
in this thing here I you have to pull out you’ve got to pull out this and this to
fill in the holes there and there the one on this side is actually a
temperature sensor so you need that for your temper temper temperature so I
plugged in all these hoses I’m gonna have to tape this this is broken
eventually get some rubber hose for that that rubber hose broke in that rotor was
broken any two rubber hose issues I’m missing a connector here which man over
here I’m missing a connector here that’s all yet here so you just got to make
sure you everything’s plugged back in when you get done um I’m not filled it
with fluid yet need to tighten up so I ended up with the old one and then a new
one is extra you got to pick the right one for your car because they have
different holes different mounting points I need that extension again we want to tighten it up with by
hand only use power tools Justin zipper men that if you do that you’ll want to
tweak don’t want to crack it go on the leak want everything to work good now this goes here make sure everything’s plugged in
underneath it make sure your two cables are someone
controlled back here hold that all right now we’re gonna need
a plug in these two hoses into the plastic before we put it on the other
thing actually it’s not true make sure that you get all your hoses
plug in plug it in there that’s a lot harder usually in the winter
I think turn is very hard all right almost time to put in my first off one
last thing I noticed I forgot again check over all your wires I almost
forgot to plug in my oxygen sensor here I’m sorry my airflow sensor make sure
that’s plugged in and that’s this one as to the newer ones only have one there’s
nuts too should be all of them no way it’s gonna fill it with the fluid now
what we got here is the concentrate which is all they used to sell and so it
means I need a gallon of this and a gallon of water I’ve already actually
drained the fluid I want this is always a good time to
exchange fluid not just pouring using the old fluid okay as I was filling too much okay I’m gonna go get some more water
while you keep one of these in the car for water alright this time with water I’m sure there’s a lot of air bubbles so
I had to wait Oh runs into in a little bit before we
fully finish next step is check out the leaks see if there’s any leaks coming
out then they’re right around here

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