Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower Replace Engine Recoil Starter #497680

repair clinic encourages you to perform
this procedure safely in this video we will show one or more
of these icons to alert you when to use caution before you begin the repair make sure
the engine has cooled and remove the wire and boot from the
spark plug your first step is to remove the starter
rope from the rope guide next remove the screws to release the
engine cover feed the starter handle through the
cover and set the cover aside now remove the screws securing the gas
tank and move the gas tank aside be aware that some gasoline may spill
out next removed the mounting screw securing
the dip stick to and remove the tube from the
engine keep in mind that some engine oil may
spill remove the bolts securing the blower
housing and pull the housing off depending on how the old recoil
starter is mounted remove the bolts to release it from the housing or use a
three sixteenth inch drill bit to drill out any rivets for spot welds make sure this is performed on a sturdy
surface you’re now ready to install the new
recoil starter correctly position the starter on the
blower housing and secure it with the provided washers
nuts and bolts position the blower housing on the
engine and secure the bolts carefully insert the dip stick tube
into the engine sump and secure the mounting screw reposition the gas tank and reinstall the screws feed the starter handle through the
engine cover then align the cover and secure it
with the screws loop the starter rope onto the guide and reattach the spark plug wire and boot

9 comments on “Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower Replace Engine Recoil Starter #497680”

  1. Olphalsson says:

    great videos! thanks

  2. LeftCoastBias44 says:

    Just what I needed: I have a Snapper, and was wondering about the rivets. After checking out several other videos first, this was the final piece of the information puzzle. Many thanks!

  3. Mechanically Challenged says:

    Please share with everyone what you did with the handle, when you secured the blower housing to the engine. I do not see the handle (starter rope) anywhere near the recoil assembly.  When I installed my new recoil assembly it did not work , it darn on me that by adding slack in the rope (placing the start rope on the rope guide) before I secure the blower housing it work fine.

  4. M Gomez says:

    what size are the bolts?

  5. M Gomez says:

    No lock wadhers?

  6. waxx million says:

    Can you please share insight to help me. I have a Briggs/Stratton 675 ex mower engine. I replaced Air Filter, Changed Oil, Fuel, added Fuel Treatment, changed Spark Plug, and cleaned Carburetor. I cannot get mower to start.

  7. Yamaha SR650 says:

    Jeez, just when I thought I'd seen them all! In the description it says replacing the starter will cure the mechanical defect of a hard-starting engine. Huh! People, before you start throwing arts at something and hoping something will stick, these "Youtube Experts" such as doyboy73 don't have a clue as to what they're doing. For one, the only reason you'd need to replace the recoil starter assembly is if the starter recoil housing is somehow damaged. For two, an engine isn't "hard starting" because of a faulty recoil starter. Recoil starters GET worn/damaged FROM hard-starting engines! You should have known.

  8. sabinaaagaard says:

    After 31 years of shoveling out, I finally convinced my husband to purchase a snowblower. >>> This also occurred after 3 Nor'Easters and we were expecting another on Wed. The snowblower was suppose to arrive on Thursday! Such luck! Well, Pilot Freight (the shipping company) came to the rescue. They called & delivered it the day before the storm. What a great company!!! So we got to use it for the last storm. It worked like a charm. It has pull start or electric. Which is convenient! It plowed through the snow with no issue. I would highly recommend to others and of course, ask for Pilot freight company- they are the best.

  9. Jason Perez says:

    Great video! But in the instructions I received with the assembly it showed the bolts being inserted opposite of what you have in the video. These are the bolts for the assembly. They should be installed with the nuts on top.

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