Broken Part 5 Finale: Living with a Brain Injury

What year…? It went well. Is it morning, afternoon or night? …seven minutes. Can you tell me what
day of the week it is? Raise your left hand. Had a pretty severe brain injury. Can you open your eyes? We’re just trying to
get you better here. You’re at a place called ABI,
which is Acquired Brain Injury. CAR HORN BLARES, TRAFFIC HUMS This treacherous piece of road is
where Te Kaha Chase’s life changed
forever. Yeah, I think that’s
where I had the car crash.
Yeah, I think so too. This place, for me, it’s a turning point for me,
because, you know, this is
where I had my car crash. You know? And, um, really, this place is pinnacle for me now. I’m never gonna forget it. Never. SOFT MUSIC GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC 21-year-old TK wasn’t
wearing a seat belt. The impact of the head-on collision
caused extensive brain damage that
left him in a coma for six weeks. POIGNANT PIANO MUSIC When TK finally woke up,
he was transferred here,
to ABI Rehabilitation, for six months of intensive therapy. He had to relearn
almost everything. Is that one right? how to think, how to speak and how to walk. I wanna walk outta here,
but I can’t… walk yet. You only get one chance to live
life, and I blew it, because
I had a car crash. Basically, um, I feel that I’ve had
my second chance now. And, um, I’m on my second chance… of life. LAID-BACK MUSIC K, he said you can (CHUCKLES)
come in. This is like a bloody
comedy show.and our first time, remember
that first time we went into
the supermarket? Like, being back in the community,
people – how was that? The first time I was outta ABI, um, it was really good, because
I got to see my mates again,…
Mm. …who I hadn’t seen since
my accident, well, since
I went to ABI. And, um, yeah, it was good seeing
them, and it’s good being out in
the community again. I mean, (CHUCKLES) man. Mm. I was just gone for ages.
Yeah. Can you take off my glasses?
Hey, bro. Hey, dude.
Hey, man. Hey, Summer. How are you? Good.
Good. I saw you only a couple of days
before your accident. You came up.
Oh, did you? Yeah, I was sitting in the car
outside the takeaway, and you
came up and said hi. Oh.
Yeah, you were, like you were asking me how my
new job was and stuff. So, what are you doing now, man? Oh, I’m doing an apprenticeship
um, bit of welding which is
engineering, yeah. Nice.
Good. Where are you doing that?>
Uh, Te Aroha, yeah.
Oh, good.>TBI causes a person to become
self-obsessed, so to remember to ask
questions about the other person, because they get locked
about their accident and, ‘This is what happened,’ and,
‘Did you know this?’ And people
actually do know that, and it will be the thing that will
will injure and stunt the growth
with relationships and friendships. I’ll let you carry on.
Awesome. Lovely to see you.
Yeah, catch you. I’m so glad that you’re all right.
Yeah. Good.
Cool. Good to see you. Yeah, see you, guys.
Yeah, catch you, man. MAN: Selling my truck, so…
INDISTINCT CHATTER, LAUGHTER Yes, yes. We’ve been at Beachaven Holiday Park
now for probably about a month. It’s emergency housing. Like, w… This area is our home
and has been,… uh, paramount to Te Kaha’s… reconnecting and reigniting
and remembering of who he is as a whole person. Man, no offence to everyone, but
this is for ages we haven’t done
this. Hello. Now, I know my life is
different to all my mates’ now because I had a car crash, and I don’t really care
how my mates see me. You know, I just think, you know, do what you do,
and I’ll do what I do. LAID-BACK MUSIC VANESSA: # Happy recovery
(CHUCKLES) to you.
LAUGHTER ALL: # Happy recovery to you. # Happy recovery,
dear Shiver Me Timbers. # Happy recovery to you. # Hip hip hooray! (LAUGHS) INDISTINCT CHATTER, LAUGHTER LAID-BACK MUSIC FADES BIRDS SING DISTANTLY I have three days. MUFFLED: Three days. Three! (GROANS SOFTLY) WOMAN: Is this every morning? Oh, he’d tell me he’d
kill me and slit my throat. To deal with laziness as opposed to
a brain injury is very different, and I won’t tolerate that.
That’s why I walk away. I mean, really, I have parents who
go, ‘Ooh, no, you need to get them
up.’ And… But why? Three days!
We’re actually dealing with, like,
a brat of a child, you know? And… The persistence to…
Three days! …not buy into that behaviour
is the key, really. So it can be a bit lonely. BIRDS SING DISTANTLY And if it means TK gets well, you know… SOFT, REFLECTIVE MUSIC So, where would you like to go? It is the part that TBI survivors
talk about, the grief of losing
oneself, which I think that Te Kaha has a
handle on, but it comes out in ways
that he’s not aware of the short-term memory loss, the lack of date-keeping around
the things that he sees out in
the community or with me. He… Yeah, he struggles a lot. GENTLE MUSIC Well done. INDISTINCT CONVERSATION GENTLE MUSIC CONTINUES INDISTINCT CHATTER I’m gonna talk to
Hauraki Plains College, yeah, about wearing your seat belt and and about having a brain injury
and having a car crash. My name is Vanessa Chase. I am the proud mum of TK Chase. All I can say please wear your
seat belt, cos I didn’t wear it
on that day, and, um, I’m disappointed now I
didn’t, because if I did, I wouldn’t
even be in this situation. Because the brain has been damaged
so much, you have to learn
everything again. You have to learn how
to open your eyes, how to swallow. Uh, as you saw, I had to help
him come from here to here. Um, he needs help with showering,
toileting, moving from one place
to the other. He needs help to get into
the car. He needs help to… to process simple things. The bad thing about being at ABI because I have no fear now, because
I had a car crash, um, what I did
is I asked out every chick there. LAUGHTER Yeah. And sometimes I asked out
a chick, like, six times. LAUGHTER
I would go, I would go,
‘Oh, I don’t even remember.’ Definitely, for brain injury, I
believe that, um, TK can get, uh,
the best recovery that he wants. Cool. Thank you for having us. LAID-BACK MUSIC It’s so hard to walk.
Yeah. You can do it. You can do it. I just love being around TK. It’s so hard.
You’re doing really well. I think he’s, he’s just got
something to give, whether it’s
more talks to young people, whether it’s talks about surviving
TBI in the most positive way that
one could do that. I appreciate life way
more than I used to. Like, I could’ve died in my crash, but I didn’t, you know? And I’m
thankful for life right now. You know? I’m thankful.
I appreciate every day. BRIGHT MUSIC Right, let’s go home. The big trip. Terry Tansey has been in
ABI Rehabilitation for three months. First thing we’re gonna do we’re
gonna hop in the car and go home.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
When you get home, what’s
the first thing you’re gonna do? Um, well,… I don’t know. I think I might
just go for a little walk around
the place and have a look. He’s now going home for a weekend
visit with his wife, Andrea. OK, we’re going through
a highway, heading to Kaikohe. ‘Worst case would be, um,
that he tries to do too much ‘yeah, tries to paint the house
or something like that. ‘Um, but I think he’ll
be, he’ll be good.’ OK. All right. This is our kennels. Um, this is our house. (BARKS)
We’re home. Hi, Eddie.
DOGS BARK Hey, Ed. Hello, mate. Hello. Terry has only recently recalled who
he is, and Andrea’s keen to see how
he copes. Don’t fall over anything.
Aargh! It’s triggering a lot of memories. Everything’s where I parked it. I built a few buggies in here, eh?
Yeah. REFLECTIVE MUSIC This much-loved father and
grandfather suffered a brain injury when the truck he was driving
jackknifed, throwing him from
the cab on to the road. (GROANS)
Can’t we stand up? You get back on your bed. Get back up. Come on. Up you get. For a long time, he was stuck in a
post-traumatic amnesia and delirium. Over, please. I’ve got it over… The early prognosis wasn’t good. (CRIES) Are you ready?
We’re ready. Good. But remarkably he’s
now turned a corner. UPBEAT MUSIC How’s that, guys? Is that all right? I see Terry in the mirror, that guy
that used to have a truck accident,
but he’s coming right now, so… Off the foam cushion. Turn around. Even his sense of humour’s back. Hey, well done, mate. LAUGHTER How long have I been
married to Andrea? Um… 26th of May 1974 there you go we got married. There you go.
I remember. (CHUCKLES) That’s
a good innings, eh? Yeah.
WOMAN: So you just remembered that?
Yep. What does that feel like?
Feels good. Feels great. (BARKS) Do you want your cup, Andrea? Yeah. Do you remember
which one it is?
Yep. This is your cup.
CUP THUDS SOFTLY You happy with that?
They can talk to me.
(LAUGHS) Can’t wait to do some mowing. Wanna get the lawnmower out just
to prove that, yeah, I can mow.
Yeah. The biggest worry with a short visit
home is that he’ll push himself
too far. MOTOR RUMBLES, HUMS Every time I ask him if he’s OK,
he just goes, ‘I’m all right,’ and I go, ‘Well, that’s not
really what I wanna know. ‘I wanna know if you’ve got pain
or if you’ve you know, if you’re
feeling tired,’ because I said, ‘It’s no good just
saying you’re OK when you’re not.’ I said to him he’s lost his inner
strength and he needs to just build
that up. You don’t want, you don’t want to
overdo it. Probably enough now, eh? Do you want the earmuffs?
No. I had to stop mowing the lawn,
otherwise I get tired and fatigued. It’d just make me tired, so it’d,
sort of, be a right time to stop, so, um, that’s why I gave
it to Andrea to use. Yeah. You thought it was OK?
Yep. It’s nice, isn’t it?
It’s very smooth and that, yeah. It gets a bit noisy. Did you want
me to go and cook a pikelet? Mm, yeah, probably better.
You better have a drink too, eh?
Yeah. Right. It’s not so much a specialty;
it’s just something I love doing. It’s just satisfying for me,
and I just make it my way. Think that’s flour.
Um, plain flour, yeah. Don’t you measure that by cup?
Oh, OK. No, I just throw it in there.
Just make it happen. Just out of control.
OK. Is that?
Am I allowed to say,
‘Told you so,’ if it doesn’t work? You can say whatever you like.
OK. I’ll say, ‘Go away. ‘Just jealous.’ Just jealous?
(LAUGHS) At the moment it’s glue.
It’s glue? (LAUGHS) Glue pikelets. I always talk to her
like this. She loves it.
(LAUGHS) Oh, that’s OK.
Is it hot enough? This morning he said, ‘When
I woke up, I was in a new world,’ and I went, ‘That is just an amazing
way of explaining how he felt.’ He felt that when he, when he
started getting clarity that he
felt like he was in a new world, that everything was different.
And I thought that was brilliant. (CHUCKLES) You know?
I thought, ‘Wow!’ You know? This is just lovely,
sitting here, eating these.
Is it? Yeah. Just lovely to be home.
Mm. I spoke to a friend of mine that’s
a registered nurse up here. She said, ‘Just make sure that
they’ve got everything in place,’ because there’s not so many
occupational therapists and physios
and all that sort of thing up here, so she said, ‘Make sure that you can
get all the things, um, in place
before you come up.’ You’ve gotta make me
pudding too. Remember? Yeah, I’ll make you pudding.
When? Tomorrow?
Tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah, I’ll make you
You’ve got lots of
cooking to do tomorrow. I’m making you ginger pudding.
I promise you that. He’s still the same Terry but
just a little bit different. He was probably always that, but he
was so busy. You know, he worked
such long hours and that, and then on the weekends he’d
be working on the house, so… Whereas now it’s almost like you’re
getting to know each other again,
sort of thing. It’s weird. It’s, Yeah. Um, it’s just good to be home and
give you a bit of a cuddle again.
Yeah. OK? You enjoyed that?
That’s good. That’s… And I think it’s nice as well.
Yeah, it’s good. Yeah. SOFT MUSIC 15-year-old Jarrod Church had a
freak heart attack at basketball
practice. He died for eight minutes. During this time, his brain was
starved of oxygen, leaving him
with a hypoxic brain injury. SOFT MUSIC At first he couldn’t breathe, stand up or feed himself. He couldn’t even recognise faces. Where is? Where is Jay? Can you see Jay? Oh, right there.
Yeah. LAUGHTER Jarrod is one of six children, and
his big brother Jason has been by
his side for the entire time. Your heart rate just started
getting up a little bit. (EXHALES SLOWLY) Jarrod’s allowed to go
home for the weekend. There they are, boy. It’s just gonna be good to be home.
We are planning tonight to go to… the rec centre where
the incident happened just to show them how
well we’re doing. And tomorrow we’re planning to have
a barbecue just for everybody who
helped support. The main risk of Jarrod’s heart rate
not being able to reach 150 they don’t want him to be at risk of maybe having another incident. He will have to take regular breaks
and time out away from other people
while we’re at home just to get his heart rate
back to normal, I guess. Oh, what basket? (KNOCKS ON DOOR) Hey.
(LAUGHS) Where else would I be? At work.
At work? No. Since he’s been gone, there’s been
something missing, and, of course,
yeah, it’s him and Jason, so having him here, it’s
like, a bit of normality. Yeah. The kids are loving it.
I’m loving it. It’s… Makes me feel a lot
better. (CHUCKLES) A tracheotomy caused scar tissue
around his vocal chords that’s left
him with noisy breathing. Ohhhh! Yeah, Jarrod does get a bit
annoying when people ask
about his breathing more new people that haven’t
really cared for him. Jarrod. Breathe.
KIDS LAUGH, CHATTER What does it say now? 1…19. 119. His heart is still very weak, so any
excitement or exertion could trigger
another heart attack. His oxygen saturation
can be no lower than 94. 96. It was 96 before. Need him to keep remembering to
breathe while he’s standing up
and moving around, cos I think when he concentrates,
he, sort of, holds his breath in. (CHUCKLES) BASKETBALL SQUEAKS ON FLOOR Although he doesn’t remember,
this is where Jarrod had his
heart attack. INDISTINCT CHATTER Hey! Aw!
Wow! Look at you! Eh! You’re looking good, my friend.
So good to see you back, eh. So good to see you. I hear
you’ve been getting cheeky. Yeah.
Yeah? How you feeling? I’m all right.
Yeah? If you were here on that Friday
night and you were part uh,
here on that Friday night, can you just come to the stage area? Nice. All right.
BASKETBALLS BOUNCE So, just grab a seat down here,
guys, and then we’ll get into it. You had played a game already,
and then, uh, we had that last run, which is the run where
the college boys come in. The thing was that you were on the
court for quite a while, yeah, and
we played two halves. And when we finished the game, um,
you walked over to the side, and when you sat down on the chair,
um, you collapsed and fell on to
the floor. And then Lance called out,
‘Willie, there’s something wrong!’ What happened was that the staff
and Lance tried to wake you up. They tried to say,
‘Hey, Jarrod. Hey, Jarrod.’ When that happened, I went and
called for the ambulance to come. The staff called the ambulance.
And then straight away… (SOBS)

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