Bruder Trucks | Real Bulldozer Vs Toy Bulldozer Plowing Snow!

you guys we got a real dojo and a toy
dozer here are you ready bro come on let’s get it
started Thank You Rico ah look at that man it
looks just like a real blower and exposing daring itself because its
various self oh no he’s pulling back it up welcome to the show you guys today we
are in the cell we’re on our property in Washington and
there’s snow everywhere look a winter wonderland man that just look like a
funny looking man haha so Axl what are you doing with that telescopic loli
there yep there is a surprise and this snowdrift right here you guys and Axl’s
got to dig it out with his loader come on bro dig it can you dig it keep going
keep your I think the pretty good snow shovel
Caroline bud he stuck he’s stuck in a hole look where he is you’re standing on
it he was sandy got it what is it children
a dozer yeah you already know what it is right
axle saw me buy this but pull it out they don’t know what it is pull it out
pull it out dude what is it a brooder dozer right Fausto
ah so cold here thanks for digging the outer cloak what where you put your
pointing at the actors playing the fake this did I surprise you guys we got a
real dozer and a toy dozer here dude look at that
it is the exact same Joe’s are basically so Axl what do you want to do first you
want the dozer you want to play with this ah yes you guys we’re gonna operate
the dozer our driveway is completely covered in snow and we can’t get up the
driveway see our cars parked down there so me and Axl are going to use the dough
– goes all of the snow out of our driveway hi mommy I remember it is so
beautiful very beautiful are you guys so we’re going to keep the toy dozer
inside of the dozer while we’re operating let’s put it right there okay
are you ready bro come on let’s get it started this is a d3 k2 dozer here all
right you guys me and Axel are going to get the dozer and start plowing alright
actually going to start the engine up all right bro stick the key in careful
be very careful alright so turn it halfway wait a few
seconds okay about 12 seconds this is a diesel engine and it’s really cold out
here so you have to let the glow plug warm up wait a minute okay all right sorry all right so swallow it go and love the blade a little bit so when I’m like 18 I’m going to be all
over like to drive over these mountains all right problem all right great that lot look your foot can reach
you’re right bro your foot can reach maybe when you get older you can operate
your own dozers that was so cool you guys so bro are you ready to play with
the toy truck now aah is it stuck oh it’s stuck the dozer
is stuck in the dozer all right you guys we’re all through dozing now we’re going
to open the toy baby tear it open we rip it open so don’t hurt the dozers you pull that
side I’ll pull this a ready 1 2 3 go ah there we go
nice so let’s have a look at that thing does this look just like that dozer you
look it’s got the track wheels right there just like the dozer and it’s got
the Ripper here that’s just like that dozer and bleh it’s got the cab that
looks just like the those are the one that we sat in there and it’s not the
same looking blue look now the door oh yeah without the door you’re right
and the door on it in ED heater sick is cold out here so you want to try this
thing out here who does it oh yeah it’s got some makeshift looking vents in
there so Axl do you want to try this thing out push and snow there you go
all right now axle is pushing the snow that is on our porch here’s your porch
that’s no one to daring is no it’s very good so good play but it’s pushing it no
it is there we go nice work I think you need a lawyer
you’re playing a little bit there see the blade can adjust this way just like
the real buzzer and it can go up and down – all right let’s keep those in it
bro there you go look at that man it looks just like the real dozer and it’s
nosing so cool oh you stopped there Oh Oh night you pushed through
yeah a dozer can almost always push through
those trifles are pretty colorful all right Axl so now I need you to doze all
the snow off of this bench right here can you do it for me no Lord that dozer
yes you’re right lower that dose of the Ripper uh-huh
you get to try to rip the snow let’s do you do it there you go look at that it
pushed it off yeah oh it’s ripping it maybe because we could rip some ice off
now we wouldn’t want to do that because this is a brooder and they’re kind of
fragile you don’t want to hurt this the dozer let’s not use the rippers right so
they’re real to us a trip yeah it’s good all right those rest it off man now that
works on that venture because it’s a good flat surface so sometimes you guys
when you have a brooder toy if you’re using it you might have to use it in a
bit of an easier area so you can get some functionality out of it without
hurting it yeah you’re right you with actual said guys actually tilting the
blade to the left so it helps you notice how I was doing that when we were dozing
and you were doing that – yeah we were soaking the blade and you tilt the blade
it pushes it off to the side we’re going to push the ball out here so we could
show you what we’re taught there you go push it over they show her it aside
there are you guys so we’re going to show you what we were talking about just
a second ago we’re going to really show it in detail here he tilted the blade
now instead of just pushing the snow forward snow is gonna fall huh yeah
you’re right and that wouldn’t be good also it’s harder to just keep pushing
funds of snow so it falls off to the left side all right let’s see it push go
slowly nice and slow so we can see it see that
you guys just pushing it off to the left side there that is so cool that’s what
the dozer guys that’s what we’re doing that’s what snow plows view in the
winter on the road they push it all in one side uh-huh
man break it on that side exactly yes he’s going to move the snow
from over here to over here slowly sometimes like at airports they have
teens sometimes like ten dozers one right behind the other off the spider
with it and they pushed over and over and over and over this all the way done
we go on power with this one yeah you really like goes in the flow off your
don’t you you know and this is a great thing for this brooder dozer to do here
we could probably crush you just us no with that talking those are right but
what this bill is in you can’t because it will break it from toys you have you
have to take care of them in a different way and we’re going to be getting more
brutal toys we’re going to teach you if you have to display how to take care of
your Brutus would be looking for that in future episodes all right let’s load up
snow on there nighttime out here it’s snowing and
active clear in the snow with the dozer you know teams of snowplows day or night
they got to be ready to plow snow people drivin the freeways at night they gotta
get it filed so people can get places and be seen – so you’re working hard
just like the guys who plow and the girls who plow at night alright you guys
so look there’s about a little more than a foot of snow this picnic table right
here an axe is kind of try to doze it off with the dozer now I know it’s
snowing ha ha ha man look at that you catch it snow on
your Doug hey Colin is it Oh Colin all right let’s see you does it bro oh yeah
rip it with our Ripper let me see a rip dig those rippers down let’s see them
rip there you go look it on there clawed through loosening up the snow now that
you’ve loosened it turn around and goes it there you go look at that hey easy
nice there you go keep going push it off push it all off oh there you go oh I think his drag hills are dripping
on that snow oh no he’s falling back it up oh oh so
he’s hanging by his flippers how it usually goes into hey Axl can I use it
please please Frank you okay all right you guys actually going to
film me using the dozer now first I’m going to use the Ripper’s to loosen the
whole thing up alright now I’m going to go back to mr. blade look at that got to be careful real gentle with the
brooder boy don’t push too hard there we go one more quickly alright alright so I
actually wanted to put his dozers into this giggling he made he cut out these
snow bricks and made an igloo that is your calling you young-kyu yeah
so Jen would act we’ve done a lot of time put it inside there are you warm in
there dozers yeah a blues are important they keep the wind away and they make it
to where you’re not as cold you’re it will hold your body heat in there a
little bit alright those are have a good night’s sleep okay all right you guys
well we got to go you guys get out use your imagination to find creative ways
to live your life and love everyone around you including yourself we had so
much fun operating this big real dozer and playing with that small brooder
dozer and we’re going to have some more episodes coming up with real trucks and
toy truck you want to do some more episode of real proper trucks didn’t get
seen real truck toy truck and remember if you have a brooder toy you can make
it last they are good toys you just got to be careful if I’m going to take care
of will see you later bye yes a bye

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