Hey guys! It’s time for our second update
on the aliens power loader build. In the last episode we talked about the design
and started plasma cutting the steel for the first arm.
Let’s finish cutting those pieces, go shopping from some hydraulic parts, get
it assembled, welded and then well we can do our first hydraulics test. Oh, and
don’t forget to follow us on social media @TheHacksmith for real-time
updates on our projects. Alright, this plate of steel weighs 600lbs,there’s only two fo us here, so hopefully we don’t die. What are you doing there Bogdan? So now we’re
exploring all the remaining DXF for the three-eighths steel, and then we’ll be able to
start welding then we’ll be welding forever! I just have to make sure that all of these don’t intersect. So we forgot the mounting holes for the
cover plates, so we brought them back in the software,
but we also had to re-zero the machine because it ran into the cupboards so hopefully it’s gonna work That is the bicep of the power loader! Bicep number two! Why do you want me to carry it? Here, you’re the one who goes to the gym. So we got our motor, the weakest of all the options.
James: Yes, but it comes with a remote and a valve Bank built-in, it’ll be
useful for future hydraulic projects that we can still use this for. And we got the fluid, got a bigger reservoir cuz that is tiny, got our two
cylinders and our final solenoid valve. You happy Bogdan?
Bogdan: No, I wanted the bigger motor. This is only $1,500 worth of stuff for
testing. One arm! First came here back in 2007. Yeah that’s $500 steel now. Look at all this steel! Oh god. You gotta use physics! This is the bicep hydraulic cylinder! It can put out 30,000 lbs! 20 L of hydraulic fluid! As you can imagine, building a giant hydraulic power loader from aliens is a pretty expensive
endeavor. I believe that shopping trip alone was
well over $1,000 by itself and that wasn’t even all the parts we need,
because of that we’re super grateful for our sponsors who enable us to take on
these engineering challenges in order to make awesome videos for you guys! This
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keep building this massive power loader! This bushing is a little tight so I’m going
to fix it. That’s better. I need a little bit more off of that. And that’s the wrist joint! As long as I got my tolerances this should
just fit into place. Why do we make such heavy projects! All right it’s time to look at some of
the hydraulics for the power loader. Now, funny enough my first job out of engineering
school was actually designing hydraulic systems for injection molding machines
for a company called Athena automation so I have actually done some of this stuff
before a long time ago but I’ve never actually assembled it myself so this should
be interesting. Right now we’ve got our manifold block
which we can connect three closed Center directional control valves to and
basically we’re able to control up to three cylinders from this block so I’ve
got all these fittings which I mean to put in there which then can connect to these
hoses and then we can connect everything together with our pump and hypothetically move
some oil around. Okay so we can tighten this guy in. It’s
quite tight! That is snug! Let’s see what this looks like. So for testing we got some
pre-made hydraulic hoses standard lengths this one’s three feet long I got
some four foot long ones when we finalized the design
we’ll get custom length hydraulic hoses Okay next cylinder! All mechanical portions are done now which means can do a test-fit
and potentially test the hydraulics. So Bogdan, you and me will lift and Ben can hopefully
line it and this is the tricky part And this is the tricky part we have to put the valves on the inside
of the arm, attached to this manifold block. Fits pretty slick! All right so we got the valve
bank installed now we just have to add in the wires I’m just gonna install all of these plugs. All right so all the
fittings in the manifold block are tight now which means when we add the hoses we
just have to tighten those ones, but this is the evidence of me saying everything is
tight so hopefully nothing bad happens. That’s how engineering is done! okay so we got a pressure gauge, we got some manifold connected to the hydraulic
pumps, we have one remote right here the pump has a built-in two-stage valve
bank, so pressuring one-way pressure out the other. We’ll just be doing one way because we’re adding pressure here and then we’re using these valve banks that then control the ends of the cylinders. And because they’re close center we only have to
attach four hoses you just have never press the other button. Don’t press the button! Now, whatever you do don’t push
this button okay. No! That’s the button that will kill
everyone! First time using hydraulics! Let the record state this was
Bogdan idea to extend the cylinder before attaching the arm. So! Pressing
this button turns the pump on. Alright this is still not great but
everything else is alright. It’s not gonna crash into itself right? Alright so this arm can curl… It curls
around six to eight thousand pounds so that means we actually hold a six
thousand pound barbell right here. That’s more than a car weighs so with both arms
we should actually be able to flip or lift a car. Well, after a week of work-
James: It wasn’t even a week. Friday
Saturday we built this in five days! I didn’t think we could do it! Everything
works which means we have to take it apart again, clean it up a little bit
more, paint it, drill some more holes then we can put it back together again and
then it’s done for now until we build the other one and then we build the body.
Bogdan: Knowing how much work and effort went into this and just not even, like, building
it. Just assembling it. Just putting everything on while it’s super heavy and
really cumbersome.
James: It took two hours just assembling two hours of footage for the editors to go through. Oh yeah, this is a temporary test hydraulic system that’s why it’s so slow it’s just
so we can test to make sure the hydraulics work in the end we’re
probably gonna actually have like a gas engine on the back of the mech and it
will have a much higher flow rate so the arm should actually be like… Alright, that’s the end of whatever part of the video Alright it’s really starting to
come together. So like I said last video we’re gonna be releasing one video
on the series per month going into a little bit more detail on the project
than we normally do for our videos it is an extremely big project so we’re gonna
do our best to stay ahead on this project to ensure you guys get
consistent updates once a month but if you’re dying to see more make sure you
follow us on Instagram where we post real-time updates as we work on the
project in part three we’ll be painting reassembling the arm and doing our first
real hydraulics tests including lifting people after that it’ll be a video on
our jaws of life the claws of this bad boy that will be able to crush
xenomorph skulls! Make sure you subscribe this is our
biggest and best project yet. Plus I’ve got quite a bit of reading to do…


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