CAT 994K – Biggest Wheel Loader in the World at MINExpo Las Vegas

what you see behind me here is our new nine-nine Fork a large wheel loader we came out in production with this in January of 16 so we have it here at mine Expo with us today what you’re seeing here behind us with this new loader we have a 45-ton rated capacity on this machine this morning with our standard lift linkage so when we did all of our vo C trips throughout the world talking to our customers and dealers they told us one big thing we need to make sure we can move more material but do it more efficiently so as far as the machine itself rose with the engine capacity we’ve gone up to eighteen fifty horsepower on the engine we still have the 35 16 16 cylinder 72 litre engine in this machine is it’s done really well for us on the 99 for size pricing but the machine has grown significantly around the engine for example it’s gone up about a hundred thousand pounds lengthwise has grown about five and a half feet our cab is 17 inches taller and our bucket passages have gone up by 29% recorders so with our bucket line we’re now offering anywhere from 25 cubic yards at 32 cubic yard for our rots and up to 52 cubic yard for our close with our new economy mode will save compared to our 994 H prior model five up to eight percent more efficiently so we’re able to move eight percent more tons of material per gallon or liter of fuel you’re burning so the two big ones we hit on it’s the efficiency aspect but it’s also comfort for the operator today’s industry you’re seeing less and less of the highly experienced operators and more of the industry we’re getting the younger operators not as many years because but with the 994 K with this reach and clearance capability in the trucks being so well and so well accepted and it’s really easy to get those loads into the truck so when you’re dealing with an industry that’s getting more and more relative to the experience basis this loader is really the one that helps those operators get in and out comfortably not only in the first hour but in the twelfth hour that they’re doing a two 12-hour shift my operation for example we want to make sure they’re comfortable and very efficient towards the end of their chef and that’s what this loader enables you boffo home fiancé Steve our construction in motion

4 comments on “CAT 994K – Biggest Wheel Loader in the World at MINExpo Las Vegas”

  1. DijonInjection says:

    You'd be able to pick up A LOT of chicks with this beast…

  2. Klitos Kyriakou says:

    That is A monster!!!!!!

  3. Baronimus says:

    Frei nach Schneewittchen

    Steht der CAT 994K vorm Spiegel und fragt:
    "Spieglein, Spieglein, wer ist der größte Radlader im ganzen Land?"
    Der Spiegel antwortet:
    "Du bist der größte mit mechanischen Antriebsstrang,
    doch der P&H L-2350 von LeTourneau, mit seinem dieselelektrischen Antrieb ist noch viel größer als Du!"
    OK, reimt sich nicht, aber genauso hat es sich abgespielt. Und wenn sie nicht verrostet sind, dann laden sie noch heute.

  4. The Crazy Man From Ireland says:

    Forget a 994 make a 1000

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