Cat® H Series Medium Wheel Loaders Rebuild Considerations

Looking over at
the 980H, you will see Caterpillars
legacy bucket shape. This is also
commonly seen on many competitive buckets
in the market today. Looking at the
wear pattern on the paint you’ll
notice that there is fresh paint still inside the top edges of the mold-board;
indicating that when the bucket is
rolled back, we’re not necessarily getting the full amount of payload. When you’re going to retrofit a 980H for rebuild, remember that you can put a performance series bucket on that machine to enhance not only the
production but also lower fuel consumption
by 5 to 7%. This model also has Caterpillars CPM
Standalone payload system mounted in the cab: another added
benefit giving you that on-the-go
weighing which has low lift way
and dynamic tip- off, even in
a rebuild machine. For more information, please contact your
Caterpillar Dealer

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    980 Excellent Machine !

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