Caterpillar Archivist Operates Holt 120 Tractor For the First Time

This is actually the first antique machine show I’ve attended as an archivist at Cat and it’s been an incredible experience! I got to operate a Holt 120, which is an exceedingly rare machine. We believe there are only three of them remaining in existence, So number one, the thing is absolutely priceless and it’s a horse, which of course is an interesting irony, actually, because that’s what these machines were meant to do, they were meant back a hundred years ago to replace horses. And I remember when I was learning how to operate it, the guy that taught me how to do it, John Bailey, said ‘Okay you got to be ready for this, because this thing’s a horse’ and all I can think about is, yeah, it actually kind of is. It’s powerful, its enormous, and to a certain extent if you don’t, if you’re not ready for it, they’re
maybe a little bit wild and ungovernable. But it was a really fun thing to do. As an archivist we actually, we have this nice symbiotic relationship with the collectors because we learned quite a bit from them and then whenever we can we’re able to help them out as well with information that we have. And so it’s just always really nice to be able to connect with them in person, talk shop
about the company’s history and heritage, because we do, we have a heritage that
goes back well over a hundred years.

One comment on “Caterpillar Archivist Operates Holt 120 Tractor For the First Time”

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Would have rather heard the noise those tractors make instead of that horrible reality show style music.

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