Chicago Boom San Francisco Bragg Crane

So in case you guys don’t know what a Chicago
boom is, I can tell you right now. San Francisco Ca Fri Sept 25th 2016. On the 29th floor Of the new salesforce tower. So a Chicago boom attaches to the side of
the building. Its a boom that swings left and right and
booms up and down & has a hoist. Our hoist & boom motor are on the 27th floor. The swing motor is on the 29th floor. Its has an hydraulic chain drive that swings
the boom to the left and right. Our boom is attached to the 32nd floor I believe. I guess thats about it. Its attached to the building to the structural
columns here and you can attach to any floor. You get a lot of action staying out of the
tower cranes way. You can do a lot of work
With this, we are good for 10K pounds (5 Ton) 4.5K kilo We could probably do 20K or more. But we are rated at 10K pounds now. Well, thats about it…its a beautiful day
in San Francisco! Thanks for watching!

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  1. John King says:

    Thanks James! That was highly informative, you doucebag

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