Christians in the Caliphate: The Islamic State

100 comments on “Christians in the Caliphate: The Islamic State”

  1. the last days of mankind η τελαιυτεα γενηα says:

    New world order

  2. Vitale CIROVI says:

    porky mohammed

  3. Joe Hamilton says:

    Who else thinks the leadership training at 6:24 might not be that useful elsewhere?

  4. eddie mendoza says:

    ISIS is gay

  5. Sage of 6 paths says:

    Sad thing, low key max Muslims supports this group of psycho militants

  6. KingGrooms747 Dwayne says:

    I’d rather take dicks ina Russia gulag than spend a day in their church wtf !!!!!

  7. BunGYChords says:

    All this fake religion shit they follow has led to there defeat. No mater what religion I can’t change gods words like ISIS does

  8. Junior Agojo says:

    I heard that angry boy in the end is dead………

  9. Blaaqphoenix says:

    They hate western infidels but enjoy western conveniences…hypocrisy is blatant

  10. kazim ali says:

    Pigs…killers of humanity.
    Glad they've been thrown away . Such a false representation of a religion..yazeed ki aulaads

  11. brosay what says:

    لعن الله أبا بكر وعمر وخالد بن الوليد ومعاوية، جرائم داعش تطبيق لجرائمهم.

  12. chucki23E says:

    If these kids knew what an xbox was, they would never look at their leaders the same

  13. Darrell_beats_eViL says:

    caliphate was just a fucking dream

  14. Michelle Fisher says:

    without GOD and salvation they are headed straight to HELL and they don't even know it!!! But they'll know it once they're there!! Believe me

  15. achin singh 1982 says:

    Such illletra people

  16. abodovic lukic says:

    And now 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. U JoE U says:

    Islam dont say that.. They do a bad thing in islam its haram not halal

  18. U JoE U says:

    What they do i haram not halal iam a moslim and first thinh we learn that islam mean in arabic the peace

  19. U JoE U says:

    That not islam its a criminal

  20. Ha Chi says:

    We Muslims r the direct victims. And Islam is far from that which they do

  21. Sandeep Mulchandani says:

    Wish I could whack the shit outta that kid and send him to his house.

  22. John Jones says:

    Not widely known: That opening scene was Ilhan Omar’s original ad on how to make America great! But her western advisors told her to be more subtle. 😒🤷‍♂️

  23. Aren't I Adorable says:

    "Christians in the Caliphate"…Hardly, they're not Christian if they fight with ISIS……if they are in the Caliphate and fighting with them…again…they are not Christian, I don't care what anyone says…They are not Christian…..VICE News, how about changing this clikbait title?

  24. MyUserIsJackson says:

    LOL "I Swear To god We Will Divide America Into two." LOL GOOD LUCK WITH THAT When Isis Tries To Fight America They Will Fail. Firstly America Has More Soldiers Than Isis, United Kingdon, France, New Zealend, Lebanon And Australia Would Get their Army And help them Becuase Theese Countries Are Best Friends With US.

  25. Stranger Phenomenon says:

    That kid is from HELL.. I want capture him and bring him to my travel and show him the world how beautiful is it 🙂 if the ISIS see it there life will be change seeing how beautiful is the world..

  26. Yell cakebooty says:

    🤦🏻‍♀️ I am Muslim but nothing like these people. I wear whatever I want and do what I want. Ugh, I could never be raised in a place like this

  27. Mmmm, Toes I must smell! Yummy says:

    Caliphate:I'm going to destroy Europe



    Europe: Still indestructible

  28. Sunny Sunny says:

    That kid at the of the video cant even take a shower but thinks already of dividing America you cannot even speak english! Idiot!

  29. Ricky Reynaldi says:

    "We promise you car bombs and explosives."
    The West promises you with A10 Warthog.

    "Today, we've declared the Caliphate."
    Ironically, half of the Muslim population is against your declaration.

    "It's Ramadan and the Prophet said, 'Victories come from God in Ramadan.'"
    Remember when the Arabs tried to invade Israel in the Ramadhan/Yom Kippur War? Was it successful?

    "The Islamic State is making victories in Iraq, Syria, and everywhere."
    Until most of them got wiped out in 2019.

    "I swear to God we will divide America in two."
    Don't bother. Trump already did. He divided America into Republicans and Democrats, into Zionists and anti-Zionists, into white and black extremists. Meanwhile, you're still stuck in that shithole of the Middle East.

    "And we'll destroy the enemies of the religion, all of them, all who fought the Islamic State."
    Which religion? All you've been doing is bombing churches and mosques but you never even launch any attacks into Israel which is just a couple of blocks from your own neighborhood.

    "And the Caliphate."
    Your so-called "caliphate" is nothing but a pile of junk if compared to the true and mightier Ottoman Caliphate.

    "The Caliphate will remain until the end of the world, and God willing, we will fight for Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi."
    2019 just says Hi to your messed up "caliphate" as of today. Also, none of the Muslims want to fight for Al-Baghdadi. They are waiting for the arrival of Imam Mehdi, their one and only true caliph whom they would die to fight with.

    What? You mean "Am Yisrael Chai?"

  30. Generic Guy says:

    Very peaceful indeed…

  31. Sanaz Tajbkhsh says:

    In Islam, a girl must marry the person her father decides is against human rights – even women are sold – men are free to have any number of women – Muslim women are a sexual product

  32. Anxiety Kidd says:

    Imagine fighting for dumbasses beliefs that are nothing more than a fairytale

  33. love Legend says:

    As an atheist from muslim background i support islamic state and i'm sympathetic to the caliphate
    I just love to live in a land ruled by ISIS and the sharia
    Such a pleasure and a happy life

  34. мамкин палеонтолог says:

    Больные психи

  35. Impung chang says:

    The prophecies in the bible is coming true one after another. End time is near. May God show this people who are living in ignorance, deceive, come out of this darkness and know the truth and the person who claim to be truth and life and the way to heaven.

  36. MO J says:

    Ohhh My God !! HE said about these idiots imbeciles in the CORAN ! why are you stupid MFK judging on earth, trying to take gods place? (remember the verse? probably not) , You TAKE from people who are in the streets to build a great PRISON and you call it ZAKAT ?? WTF …its the 21st century, have you yet figured out why the CORAN is read that way {{(Singing, Tarteel) ? hint hint ,sound frequencies and impacts }} , you dont even speak ARABI right, all of you made at least 5 mistakes when trying to talk ARABIC,,,,, fighting the CROSS People ? the Christians? JESUS (pbuh) followers ?? have you forget who took care and who asked the 2 Muslim families, to take care of the 1 of the oldest Christian Churchs in history ?i will let you research ,,lol,,, how stupid can your human, god made brains could possibly be ? i suggest you re-learn the Arabic language again and read the CORAN by your self,,, hopefully you dont miss the verses where god said ; walk the earth and dont mess it up , dont kill its not your business, HE said about thigs you can not see bear eye , you never believed, yet your using WIFI and Buetooth everyday,(spectrum of(visible/w) light ,, ALCOHL(WINE) GIVE your body MORE BEDS THAN GOODS ,(not what you said), and ZAKAT ''''''IF YOU CAN'''' ''''' IF YOU CAN'''' again he said ''' IF YOU CAN''' (liman istataa3a 3alyhi sabeela) ,,,, it is gods business not yours
    it is very annoying to see this tbh
    laa 7aoula wala 9outa illa lillah

  37. Sarah Shinwon Alfonse says:

    What bravery …many blessings to these Christians who in such brutality agreed to pay tax rather to convert…

  38. X IlIlllIlIllI X says:

    There all dead by now

  39. Stephen McGuire says:

    The little fanny at the beginning snarling his allegiance to Big Daddy would burst into tears if you stuck the nut on him

  40. Luis Ventura says:

    Hahahahah they don't like Christians but yet a lot of Muslims choose to move to America a majority Christian country damn hipocrites

  41. Dr-B-enz says:

    One day this kid is supporting the caliphate and the next day he is an ''innocent" refugee.

  42. malhar chavan says:

    GOD bless assad and russia for removing these assholes out of syria now just hope assad stays in power with the help of russia and america doesnt interfere

  43. Anastasia Kapinova says:

    IsLaM iS tHe ReLiGiOn Of PeAcE

  44. Mike H says:

    I hate Islam because its evil

  45. Matheus Ponciano says:

    I hope one day they can know the true love of God and his teachings; Mark 12:31 ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’

  46. Nasreen shaikh says:

    Don't enforce religion at this level that you end up hating it

  47. henry hillary says:

    curse land is always be curse no matter how hard we change it

  48. Matt Winfield says:

    8:00 this kids eating his cup of UNHCR soup in his shared ramshackle tent shack right now…

  49. J. P. says:

    People mock the Islamic State, but this is in fact the goal of Islam, complete and utter domination of the globe through violence and terror. And Muslims will continue to attempt this demonic vision, until there false religion is irradicated.

  50. Ammar Shaqar says:

    Daesh is not an Islamic group. They are full of hatred and evilness. In the end, they will pay in hell for the savagery they have exerted on people who believe differently than them

  51. RoanCorporation says:

    the real enemy of christians is not realizing that there is no islam of pace , we are at them eyes all infidels and for that to be eliminated , they show in iraq,nigeria and other ten states but you still find Europeans that believe that a paceful relation can exist

  52. Andre Tullier says:

    Anybody else want to throat punch that little fucker at the beginning?

  53. 12 poop says:

    Muslim is f bad and god ill iill them I swear

  54. TEXAS RANGER ru says:

    Pope done nothing even West sone nothing as a Christian am thankful for Russia for defending Syria and secularism

  55. Rakib Hossain says:

    Vice news produced misleading propaganda here. They say about Caliphate but in case ISIS so called Caliphate is known as self declare Caliphate. Majority of people reject it. They didn't follow Islamic guidance. Can VICE NEWS made video about Islam and four successor (Khalifa) of Islam. The era was known as golden era. There was Sharia Law but no one was discriminated by law . Everybody must serve the law even Khalifa. There were freedom of religion and trade. If VICE NEWS count history in there propaganda video they will be exposed. Today we live in a era where hate is also commercialized. We should be friendly each other. May Allah protect us from the evil and its illusion.

  56. visayansoldier777 says:

    We need to send our liberals to the caliphate. Let isis have the libtards.

  57. NeverTrust says:

    Divide America into two. Done. The Dems and Reps. haha

  58. David Browne says:

    I wonder where all these guys are now? No I don't? Allah knows best.

  59. TheMrpalid says:

    ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

  60. Imperator says:

    All these idiots talking about how IS is finished, its not . IS is an ideology, and will never die, no matter what you do. If you put them in prison they will become even more firm in their belief, if you kill them they are martyrs and will inspire others, you can do nothing against them because there will always be a new one. Sorry America, but you had this one coming a long time, an unbeatable ideology.

  61. Imperator says:

    The guy who made this documentary said this about the Islamic State

  62. pat moorer says:

    Steal a loaf of bread for your starving family , you will lose your hand , very productive , with hand .

  63. t W says:

    Omg they are making video 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  64. HARIS BIN AQEEL says:

    Fight against infidels with weapons made by Infidels …..Damm

  65. RRMARC says:

    they use medieval laws, from more than 1500 years ago , based on "gods" will to judge and to rule … this is insane, primitive, barbaric…. I hope those people are vanish form this planet forever!

  66. Ali Najem says:

    This really put a smile on my face that most of these ASSHOLES are dead 😂

  67. Night wa says:

    Mental disease dangerous than Nazis
    Needed to be cured like china

  68. anthony star says:

    $13 per child zakat must be a joke 🙂

  69. 74contra says:

    Anybody feel like slapping that kid in the beginning of the video?

  70. Craig J. Davies says:

    Man! I just wanna slap that kid.

  71. pennysmith2012 says:

    All religion is trash

  72. Jay Jay says:

    :Divide america, west europe is bad.

    : wearing ray ban glasses

  73. Cem Yildiz says:

    And how is Raqqa now after SDF control`?

  74. Red Hood says:

    i will blow that kid head fucking tatler lil shit

  75. abraham vazquez says:

    -Take money from the rich and give to the poor
    -Christianity is a fake religion
    -Open borders for all
    -Mass incarcerations
    BRUH! ISIS is the liberal version of Arabs. Glad Syria is killing them all.

  76. *Bruh Sound Effect* says:

    wtf why would a muslim "IS" blow up the masjid of prophet yunus

  77. Bilal Ul haq says:

    Being a Muslim I feel pathetic to see these morons brainwashing everyone!!!!
    This is not Islam!!!!

  78. FBI Agent says:

    0:02 this kid man, i cant even tell you how much brain cells i lost

  79. jfhcitml says:

    I wish I could just punch the living 💩 of that freaking kid talking so much 💩 like he is a tuff in the beginning. He sounds more like a fucking brain washed idiot with a mouth full of goat💩

  80. worldwidewhat says:

    Like the nazi's

  81. worldwidewhat says:

    Quran dont need no gunman fucking fake Muslim boy lovers

  82. worldwidewhat says:

    It's not sharia if its enforcement is at gunpoint sharia is gods law no guns in the quran
    And only believers need follow it
    As for tax that's old news wars have big cost winners always try tax the losers after the war
    Look at ww1 German government was taxed into poverty thus making Hitler into the devils own puppet

  83. Leo Z says:

    8:12 you didnt do shit bro

  84. firaun 2011 says:

    hancur semua tanpa hukum jelas.hanya dr tafsir

  85. Inspired by Shaykh Ahmed Deedat pbuh says:

    This is what Our prophet Muhammad prophecied about
    He said there will be people that want to call to Islam and enforce sharia but what they do is against Islam

  86. realitygaming322 says:

    Pretty much it’s the same thing in the west, pay your taxes or enjoy life of prison.

  87. For Fædrelandet says:

    HAHAHAHA and now u are all done mother flkers !! xD … the white people will allways own your asses xD

  88. Clone Commander Wolffe says:

    kid in the start deserves a direct A-10 Target run fucking moron

  89. Halil İbrahim Şimşek says:

    Dear western people please don't be stupid..don't talk İslam without knowing Arabic language ,history of region , philosophy of religion

  90. The Openminded Skeptic says:

    Me: All religions are likely bad.

    Vice: Hold my beer.

  91. Joshua Waring says:

    ‘The caliphate will remain until the end of the world!’

    Well yes but actually no.

  92. OBITO Uchiiha says:

    Am sorry for those who talk arabic they think of all u as isis

  93. Y P says:

    Apparently it wasn't Allah's will… xD

  94. Timmy D says:

    7:55 I wonder where this kid is right now? He is dangerous when he becomes an adult.

  95. Timmy D says:

    4:22 Holy shhhhh… rapper "THE GAME" is an ISIS judge?

  96. ObsidianJay88 says:

    listen to that kid. they will divide america into 2. hmmm illhan omar rashida talib, aoc and presley seem to be putting this plan into action. stay vigilant americans. be ready for war .

  97. Rustina Virgiyanti says:

    0:02 shut up you damn kids
    You start bitching about defeating america so how about you shut the hell up

  98. sermon007 says:

    Chidren turning Jihadis…killers…it happens only in IS**M

  99. Fernand El Helou says:

    Fun fact: most of them are dead

  100. Sergio Gabbiani says:

    Bunch of idiots

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