Conrad Grove GMK6300L Mobile Crane by Cranes Etc TV

The Grove GMK6300L is a six axle
300 hundred tonne capacity mobile crane, and it has a long 80-metre main boom. This Conrad model includes a very simple
instruction sheet that has the parts listed, but there’s no information on
reeving the hook. There are some parts to fit and firstly
some need to be separated from the moulding sprue, and then the assembly can begin. First up we will install one of the door
mirrors and it just presses into place, with a good enough fit that it won’t just
drop out. In addition to the door mirrors there are two
others and for some reason they don’t have silvered surfaces. One goes over the cab door and the other fits
over the front windscreen. At the back there are a couple of beacon
lights to install and they are both mounted on their own supports. The model comes with separate outrigger
pads. These clip on to the outrigger pistons
and they can be positioned underneath the carrier for transport purposes. The last item to add to get the crane on
the road is the swing-away jib and that just gets mounted on the side of the
boom. Starting underneath, the transmission to
each of the driven axles is modelled. There are the usual large all terrain
tyres and they are mounted on plastic wheels which because of the colour just have
that slight plastic look. The driving cab captures the distinctive shape very well
but there’s no usable tie on the front for the hook at the front. Detailing behind the
cab is very good with various engine components visible. But at the back things are simpler and there are
chevron graphics. The metal outrigger beams also fairly
simple and the pistons are smooth sided. The crane cab is good with lights, metal
grab rails and small graphics. The counterweight has usable lifting
lugs on the inner plates but not on the outer blocks. The boom has got some spooling drums and
there are metal pulleys in the boom head and the hook is a fairly simple metal
part. The swing-away jib is a metal part and
it’s good, but the model would look good with a single line hook to go with it. The axles are linked together in three
separate pairs and they steer well with a very good
range of movement. Also very good is the suspension on each
axle. They are sprung and the wheels bounce up
and down nicely. This is a heavy model so unsurprisingly
it does roll well, and it’s good to see that all the wheels
are properly grounded and they turn together. If we set the steering then the model
can execute a nice sharp turn and that’s what al the other road users would
expect to see. But if you want to cause a bit of
mayhem then you could always go for the fun of setting the crab steering. Whilst we’re on the test track let’s
check the suspension and there’s plenty of bounce there. Now we’ve arrived on site let’s set the
crane up so will extend the outriggers and they are two stage. To lower the pads it is the usual
mechanism of unscrewing the pistons and there’s enough travel on all four
pistons that you can set the model to be wheels free. We didn’t travel to site with a hook
rigged so let’s do that now, and the rope can be taken to the front
and the hook reeved, but there’s no natural tying-off point on the model. With the hook on we will now lift the
boom and Conrad has provided a positive lock for the main boom ram and that uses
a spanner on the end which tightens it up. You just need to make sure that it’s
done up tight enough. The counterweight is a little bit
unusual because the main block clips together so to separate the top plate
we’re using the top of a Bic biro and in that way we won’t scratch the paint. The system of counterweight clipping
does work but it means it’s not as flexible as other systems because you
have to use the top plate when you attach it to the crane. A nice touch is
that with the counterweight in place on the carrier you can rotate the top of
the crane over it. However to fit the counterweight on you
have to use some heavy lifting hands, and you lift it up and clip it into
place which can be a little bit tricky depending on paint thicknesses. However once you’ve got it in place you can
load up the side blocks and these fit well and just hang into
place. So it is possible at least to pose a
couple of different arrangements of counterweight. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of
other things and there’s a tilting cab and if you like you can have fun
rotating one of the spooling drums. Extending the telescopic boom works in
the standard way. You just pull it out and it all works smoothly enough with
just one locking position and that’s at the 100% mark on each section. The winch drum relies on friction as
a brake and you have to use fingers and thumbs to operate it. So be prepared to end up with sore
fingers if you want to do a lot of heavy lifting. The other main feature of the model is the
swing away bifold jib, and it’s nicely made part which opens up
and then you pin it in position with plastic pins. Unfortunately the fit is not the best so
they look a little be unsightly and either better fitting plastic pins or even
steel pins would be an improvement. Once it secured in position you can then
reeve it with a single line hook and the other functionality is that you can set
an offset angle using the hydraulic ram. It is a feature of the real crane that it
has a long boom so let’s do a ‘dim check’ on the model. And to the top of the
main boom it is about 65 inches or 165 centimetres, and
to the top of the fly jib we’re really going large because it’s around 83
inches or 210 centimetres. This is a nice model of the Grove 6300L
and as you would expect it is a strong and robust model by Conrad. It is pricey for
a six axle crane model but you do get something that is large and impressive. Maybe in time it would be nice to see
some versions in crane company colours and this is an easy model to highly

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  1. jonathan hernandez says:

    Where can I buy this model ? In the USA

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    300 Clicks for a 300ton crane 😂

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    can you show yourself on some time? it would be nice to see who makes these videos correctly.
    greetings from finland.

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  5. cranedude07 says:

    looks good but I think Conrad could have done a little better with it, the out rigger jacks look way too small for it, no winch keys, a provided headache ball for the jib, metal pins for the jib, lifting lugs on the bigger counterweight blocks, and a better locking design for the counterweight. just a few ideas, that they have done better on past models.
    does the hook block swivel? I am planning on getting this as my next model. nobody in the states has it yet. really wish Conrad would redesign there boom sections though, the last section just looks awful, as it's so thin with the big tip on it. hopefully they will rectify these issues in the future, great review as always

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  7. Delta MacK says:

    I have a strange desire to see several of these cranes trying to lift the R9800……

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    why conrad model keep using same rim design for crane model…

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    so amazing

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    Where can I buy this it's my birthday

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