Conrad MB Actros Liebherr HTM 1204 Mixer ‘Christen’ and ‘Kibag’ by Cranes Etc TV

This review looks at two versions of the
five axle Liebherr HTM 1204 concrete mixer commissioned by Heavy
Transport Models. Conrad 72208/01 is in the colours of the Swiss company Christen, and /03 is in the colours of the
swiss company Kibag. Both models come in the same Conrad
branded packaging with just a label on the end telling you what’s inside, and for the unboxing will look at the Kibag version. As usual there is no information about the
real truck or the model and inside the packaging consists of the
foam nbacked cardboard that Conrad often uses. It looks like the model was being kept in a
soundproof booth but it protects the model well. As is typical for these type of Conrad
trucks the mirrors and the roof aerials have to be separated from their
mouldings and I like to pretend i know what i’m
doing by using a sharp knife. Fitting the mirrors is easy because they’ve been designed in a way which means they can only go one way up and they’re pretty good fit into the
holes of the cab so they stay in place well. After a quick handbrake turn we can fit the
mirror on the other side and there’s also a mirror that needs to
be fitted over the top of the passenger door. That one is also quite a good tight fit so
there’s no need to worry about it dropping out as you push the truck around
the room. The last bit of the assembly is the two roof
aerials and they’re best put in by pinching them close to the base. For the details we’re back with the Kibag version and the transmission and suspension is
model well at the rear although it does miss a section of driveshaft at the front. As per the Kibag colour scheme the
plastic wheels are fairly plain though they are detailed. The Actros cab detailing is good with
nice-looking door mirrors and the Kibag logo and two-tone color scheme is attractive but there are no number plates on the model which suggest this is not
one from the real fleet. Behind the cab there is a nice chrome exhaust
and the mixer tank and engine look good. The mixer drum is metal apart from a
plastic collar at the end and the graphics and paintwork are very sharp. At the rear the funnel, the chutes and the
access platform and ladders are all modeled in metal and the rear lights are painted. The Christen version is exactly the same
the wheels look sharper and the color scheme is nice. The drum doesn’t have any graphics and
it really boils down to whether you like the green of Christen or the blue of Kibag , or both! This is a Cranes Etc Safety
Advisory. When carrying out work you can only defy
the laws of gravity for so long…. Out on the Cranes Etc superhighway
these models roll well helped in part by the relatively heavyweight of them. The two driven axles float a bit to
represent suspension and there’s linked steering at the front which has got
quite a good range of movement. Also interesting on this particular
truck is that the rear axle steers as well. So let’s test the steering in action and with a hard lock the front axles
get fouled and don’t roll easily but make them slightly straighter and it rolls well in a gentle curve. This design of truck uses the rear axle
to help spread the load when the mixer drum is fully loaded but a neat feature which has been
implemented on the model is that the axle can be raised up and clipped out of
service. It works well with the rear axle raised
enough so that when you push it along with it clipped out of service the rear wheels don’t turn. Going to the other end of the model
another feature is that the cab fully tilts and is able to be posed in a tilted
position letting you see the engine underneath. When you’ve finished your greasing
and lubrication you can go back to the model and close the cab up. Going back to the other end of the model there is
a working chute which let’s you discharge the freshly mixed invisible
concrete and the last feature to look at is the
mixer drum itself and that spins quite smoothly but it’s not
free spinning. In summary these are both good-looking
mixer trucks and they pose well with other models such as concrete pumps. The detailing is good and the working
features have been implemented well. These are limited edition models so if you like these kind of trucks they’re highly recommended.

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    What is the use of clipping wheels out of service

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    In the real world it saves on tyre wear when the additional axle is not required.

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    Idea !!!!!!! A cranes etc headquarters tour ?????

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    I think you should send all the models to me after prsentation as you clearly abuse them….!

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    There are lots of different MB Actros 5 axle concrete mixers in the KIBAG fleet, some of them are able to switch between tipper and mixer.

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