Construction Trucks Cartoon for Children | Construction Game with Dump Trucks, Crane and Bulldozer

Tony: OK Craig,
let’s try this one more time. OK, buddy? You’re going to put all this stuff onto my truck
and I’m going to bring it over to Harry. Does that make sense?
[snoring] Tony: Craig? Tony: Hey, Craig. Craig?
[snoring] Tony: Wake up!
[snoring] Tony: Craig.
[snoring] Tony: Craig, wake up! Craig: What? Tony: Craig, what’s going on, man?
You’ve been falling asleep on me all day. Did you not get enough sleep last night? Craig: No. There was a squirrel just scratching out
the window all night, I couldn’t fall asleep. I’m so sorry, Tony.
I promise I’m going to try to do better, OK? Tony: OK, cool. Well we got
a lot of work to do, so are you ready? Craig: Oh yeah. Tony: Awesome. First step, load me up with
that big crate and I’ll take it over to Harry. Craig: You got it, Tony.
Tony: OK. All right, go and grab that. Craig: OK. Got it.
Tony: Be very careful. Tony: Whoa. Craig: Oh no. Oh whoa, whoa, whoa.
[glass shattering] Oh, Tony, I am so sorry, man. I did not do that on
purpose. It was a total accident. I’m sorry. Tony: It’s OK, Craig. I understand it was an
accident, but let’s practice that, OK? For next time? Craig: Oh absolutely, absolutely. Tony: OK. Wait for me here.
I’ll be right back. [singing] Hey Harry, how are you doing man? Harry: [gibberish] Tony. Tony: Yeah, man. Um… OK, I’ve got all this stuff that
I’ve got to bring over here… And the first thing is this crate. Can you lift it up for me? Harry: [gibberish] Tony: Cool beans. OK. Tony: Yeah, Craig broke something in there. We’re going to have to let
the owners know about that. Harry: Craig? [gibberish] Craig. Tony: I know, but Craig is a nice guy and he works
really hard. He’s getting better, I promise. Harry: OK, Tony. Tony: You’re a rock star!
Be back in a minute. [singing] Tony: No, not again.
[snoring] Tony: Craig. Wake up, buddy.
[snoring] Craig?
[snoring] Craig!
[snoring] Craaaaaaig!
[snoring] Craig: Oh no, did I do it again, Tony? Tony: Uh-huh. Do you need to go home, buddy?
I don’t think you’re fit to work today. Craig: No Tony, I promise I’m going to do better. I just… I’ve got it all out of my system.
I’m good to go. I promise. Tony: OK, I’ll take your word for it. All right, well, next up we’ve got
all these pipes. Can you load me up? Craig: On it. There we go. Tony: Yup, that’s it.
[machine sound] Craig: These are heavy, Tony.
Tony: Yeah. Whoa, whoa. Careful. [slamming] Craig: Tony, I’m so sorry.
That was a little hard, wasn’t it? Tony: Yes it was. It’s OK, I forgive you.
Let’s really try to be careful next time, OK? Craig: Yeah, I’m sorry, Tony.
I will get that, I promise. Tony: OK, cool. Well, I’ll be right back. Please try to stay awake, OK? Craig: Oh you got it, Tony. I’ll be more awake
than a jack rabbit on the Fourth of July. Tony: OK. I don’t know what that means,
but I’ll be right back. [singing] All right Harry, I got a lot of really
heavy pipes here, so be very careful. Craig already dented a few of them. Harry: Craig [gibberish] Tony. Tony: He’s one of my really good friends, Harry, and he’s doing his best and, you know, I’m going to cut him a little slack right now. Harry: [gibberish] Tony: Good. OK, you got it. Tony: Move it over. Tony: OK, perfect. [singing] [snoring]
Tony: Oh no… Not again.
[snoring] Tony: OK, Craig? Craig, wake up. Wake up, Craig!
[snoring] Come on, buddy.
[snoring] Craig! Come on, man!
[snoring] Craig: Tony, I had the worst nightmare. I dreamed that I was at work and you told
me not to go asleep but I fell asleep again and then you came and I was asleep
and you got really angry at me… It was awful, man. It was awful. Tony: Craig, that’s exactly what’s happening
right now. You fell asleep again, man. Craig: Oh my goodness. That was real? Oh my gosh, Tony. Man, I know I don’t deserve it but please,
please give me another chance. I promise I’ll prove myself. Tony: OK man, let’s just focus on getting
this last load in without any incidents, then we’ll be OK. Does that sound good? Craig: I will move this crate like my
life depends on it Tony, I promise. Tony: OK, let’s do it. Craig: OK, I got it. Craig: Careful.
Tony: Careful. Gently, gently. Craig: There we go. How was that? Tony: That was awesome, dude. Let’s do that every time from now on, OK? Craig: Yeah, Tony. I think I got the hang of it. Tony: All right, Harry, last load. Can you grab it from me? Harry: [gibberish] Tony. Tony: Cool. OK…Whoa, whoa, whoa, watch out for that tree!
Harry: Ahhh! Ahh! Tony: Harry!
Harry: Sorry, Tony. Tony: What am I going to do with you guys? ♪♪♪ Tony: Well, Bill the bulldozer,
how have you been, man? Bill: Well, I’m doing just swell.
How have you been, man? Tony: I’m doing great.
Got a lot of work done today. Bill: Well, I’ve been trying my
hardest to get stuff done today, but there is a darn plane flying around the sky
and he looks like he’s having the funnest time, and I just can’t concentrate.
Look at him up there! Plane: Woo-hoo! Plane: Righteous! Righteous!
[laughs] Plane: So gnarly, bro! Tony: Well, maybe I can help you work. What’s the project? Bill: Well, there’s been lots of folks around here that have been complaining about
the pot holes that are in the road, and we’re going to put some dirt in them and
smooth them over so they’re not a problem. Did you bring all that dirt that I asked you for? Tony: Oh, yeah, it’s all right here. Bill: All right, how about you put it down
right here in front of me, and I’m going to use my dozer
to smooth it over that pot hole. Tony: All right. Tony: Like this? Bill: Yup, that will do just fine. How about you get out of
the way so I don’t hurt you? OK, here we go. [dirt falling] Bill: OK, there’s the first batch. Tony, bring me another dirt pile. Tony: All right, Bill. Tony: Here you go. Bill: Oh man, it’s that darn plane again. Tony: Whatever, just ignore it.
Just keep working. Bill: All right Tony, go ahead and bring me
another pile and I’ll push it over there. Tony: OK, whatever you want, man. Bill: All right, put it down right here. [dirt falling] Bill: Just like that. Perfect, son. All right. Here we go. [dirt falling] Bill: Oh man, that was some
pretty work, if I do say so myself. Tony: Whoa, the pot hole’s gone.
That’s amazing, Bill. Bill: Well thank you, son. Well, are you down for one more? Tony: Absolutely. Bill: Well all right, you know what to do, man. Bill: All right. [dirt falling] Bill: Right there. Good. Let’s get one more, Tony. Good, thank you. OK… Right there. Well all right, that just about does it. I don’t think there are anymore
pot holes left in this town. What do you think? Tony: I think we did an awesome job, Bill. Bill: Me too, Tony.
Thanks for all your help today, man. Really appreciate it. Tony: You got it, dude. Click to subscribe. Or watch more videos!

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