Construction Vehicles Bulldozer, Excavator, Dump truck compilation for kids

Hi kids! Do you image that today Clown Bingo’s truck brought him the set of Bruder MAN Cement Mixer? Clown Bom is delighted He is showing you how the cement mixer works This toy is made with high quality and it is very secure! It has a lot of functions like a real construction machine The windshield, wheel, seats and the stick shift is made of plastic and the cabin leads forward to get to the engine This machinery develops the kid’s logic, imagination and motor skills Today the magic truck has brought Motor Grader from Bruder Toys. Funny Clown Bingo with help of the cheerful minion, unpacks Grader which is known as one of the main machines in road construction Bingo and Minion start to play a game where they will demonstrate how the Grader works Grader does an efficient and a reliable job as it has a lot of functions like real construction machinery They build a racetrack where toy cars and vehicles from Formula One can compete Clown Bingo starts to unpack his new toy cars T hese vehicles are heavy machinery: excavator, truck and a bulldozer which are called John Deere The clown shows the abilities of these incredible machines and the amount of work they can do After playing with these toys Clown Bingo gets exhausted and goes to sleep During the night somebody steals the excavator The Clown calls the police Minions Tim and Carl arrive The Minions help Clown Bingo find the excavator

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    awesome trucks they look really fun!

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    Hi. Clown Bingo presents you unboxing and review Buuldozer, Excavator, Dump truck
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    SO fun video. Great video. Those trucks and nice size to play with.

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    Great video!!!

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    Great construction vehicles for children compilation. Bulldozer, Excavator, Cement mixer, Grader, Dump truck toys are at work and fun for children and kids. Love and Like your videos!

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