Construction vehicles Toy Dump Truck & Loader Mining Gold

Hi Kids, Today Funny Clown Bob will present you a video with Construction vehicles. In this video for kids you will learn construction vehicles Dump Truck and Loader helping kids to mine gold. Do not forget to subscribe under the video and like it Click on the picture to see other funny videos

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  1. Funny Clowns TV says:

    Hi guys. Today we will have funny video for kids with Clown Bob how he is mining gold. Let’s see, how Construction Vehicles JCB Dump Truck and Loader will help Funny Clown Bob to mine gold.
    Thank you very much for watching .Please ,do not forget to subscribe and leave a comment.

  2. KidsFunShow says:

    Hello! Clown Bob is no longer upset and do not cry! An interesting tutorial video! Thank you for sharing!!!

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    Wow some of those photos from the construction site was impressive. I will take 4 gold bars to go please. Where should I leave my sand? My dump truck is outside. LOL. Love it. 💖💖💖

  8. Супер Girl says:

    Приветики друзья отлично сыграли молодцы.Палец в верх Ловите.Заходите к нам в гости)))

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    Great work clown Bob! Love the animation, it's getting better and better! You've got to teach me how to do it ha ha 🙂

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