Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 42 zero turn | Remove the mower deck EASY WAY

hey guys I’m Mark with the TractorTread
YouTube channel today I’m going to show you how to remove the mowing deck on a
Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 with a 42 inch deck there are two different ways you can go
about doing this I’m gonna show you the easy way to make things easier I’ll be
using a needle nosed pair of pliers and a 3/8 wrench you can also use a socket
and ratchet so let’s get started then the first thing you’ll want to do is
step down and hold on the deck lift pedal the on the left-hand side you have your
control knob turn that down the one-inch releasing the deck lift pedal and
that’ll lower the deck all the way down to the ground on the right hand side of
the mower just below the control panel there is a multi-tool we’re gonna remove
that this will have a socket wrench on one end and a pin on the other next
we’ll remove the floor pan and we’ll do that by removing that bolt you can
remove the bolt using the socket wrench tool now we remove the floor pan you can
do that just by grabbing ahold of it right up here lifting the tabs out of
the machine we’ll set it aside we remove the floor pan so we can look down at the
belt look down at your idler pulleys and check your pulleys and make sure
nothing’s bent or broken now you’re going to go on the right-hand side of
the machine just below the control panel you’ll see the lift arm there’s a hole
in the lift arm we’re going to insert the multi-tool inside the hole you want
to make sure that’s inserted all the way this is a safety feature this locks out
the deck lift system this lift arm is under a lot of spring pressure by
locking this out if this would release saves you from pinching your fingers
while we’re working on the mower deck now go to the left hand side of the
machine and we’re going to remove the spindle cover using your 3/8 wrench
you’re gonna remove these three bolts and we can remove the cover removing
that cover gives you plenty of room working around that spindle pulley
working around your idler arm and removing this belt i did say there’s
two different ways to remove the mower deck there’s actually one way to remove
the mower deck but there’s two different ways to remove the deck belt
one way is to go underneath the back of machine pull on the deck belt right here
pull it this way try to get the deck belt to come off the PTO pulley being
careful that the belt doesn’t roll itself back onto the pulley and pinching
your fingers and when the belt comes off it usually comes flying off and it does
dislodge the idler spring on the mower deck so you’ll want to make sure that
you know the location of your idler spring I don’t like doing it this way
we’ll go back to the way we were doing it so then what you can do is put your
hand in between the deck lift hanger and the tire go right behind the idler
pulley pull on that pulley with your other hand lift the belt up off the
spindle pulley and then slowly release your idler that makes it a lot easier
with the pressure off the belt now you can go underneath the Machine and remove
the belt from the PTO pulley next thing you’ll notice that the front of mowing
deck there’s a rod connected to the front of the mowing deck we’re gonna
remove this rod we’ll do that by removing this clip and pulling out this
pin also up on the front of the mower deck this rod that’s holding the deck on
you’ll see two Jam nuts up front we’re gonna leave these two Jam nuts alone
you’re not gonna mess with that this is how you adjust the pitch of the mower
deck you can raise or lower the front of the mower deck by adjusting on these
nuts we’re not gonna be messing with that we’re gonna be leaving that setting
alone next using your needlenose pliers we’ll go ahead and grab ahold of the pin
pull the pin toward you and pop right off and you may need to
lift up on the deck a little bit lift up on the front of the deck push the pin
out with your thumb then we’ll lift this rod up out of the way need side by the
deck hanger on top of the mower deck you’ll see a bolt and a jam nut we’re
not going to mess with this this is how you level the deck from side to side and
we use our needle nose pliers again grabbing a hold of the pin sliding that
right off and you may need to lift up on the mower deck a little bit using the
thumb push the pin out then we’ll lift our lift hanger up out of the way
lift hanger rod you can angle that a certain way that it will hold our hanger
up in the air out of the way so we can slide our mower deck out and we’ll do
the same thing on the other side again we’ll use our needle nose pliers pulling
off the pin lift up in the mower deck use your thumb push out the pin then
we’ll lift up on the deck hanger angling that deck hanger pin just the way that
it will hold the hanger up in the air to give yourself a little bit more room and
turn the wheels to the front now you can see we got plenty of room to remove that
mower deck all you have to do now is reach down grab ahold of the mower deck
and pull it out from underneath the machine
I know it’s really easy on this nice shiny floor but I did remove it in the
stones in the driveway the deck doesn’t have a whole lot of weight to it so it
does remove very easy and with the deck removed now it’s a good time to sharpen
your blades inspect the belt inspect your pulleys idler pulley make sure
everything’s in working condition clean out any debris and if you guys did
remove the belt the other way and your spring came off this little rod right
here will connect to the mower deck frame and the spring will connect to
this rod and the other end of the spring will hook on to the idler pulley right
there so now we’re ready to slide the mower deck back underneath the machine
and hook everything back up and we can just grab a hold of the mower deck
slide it back underneath and you want to line up the deck hanger with the frame
on the mower deck everything will hook up the same way as when we took it off
just in Reverse want to make sure you take a look at your pins you have one
short one two long ones the short one goes up in the front rod the two long
ones going your deck hangers right hand side first lower the hanger into
position you may need to lift up on the mower deck and I’ll slide the pin in
from the back and we’ll secure the pin with one of the clips and we’ll do the
same thing on the left hand side may need to lift up a little bit on the
mower deck and fasten it with a clip next we’ll connect the rod up on the
front of the mower deck may need to lift up the mower deck and insert the pin and
fasten with a clip next go back underneath the back of the machine route
the belt up over the brace and around the PTO pulley now that we have our belt
going around the PTO pulley making sure it goes around our idlers and around the
other spindle pulley now we can pull on this idler while slowly pulling on the
belt we can roll the belt back onto that pulley and after we have our belt on we
can check to make sure it’s going around all the pulleys look underneath and make
sure that the belts not rubbing anywhere making sure that it’s going around our
PTO pulley and we’ll take a look at the back of machine one more time and just
make sure that the belt is going around that pulley you can now install the
spindle cover fast then with the three bolts we took out earlier this time we can remove the safety
lockout multi-tool then we can install the floor pin lower it down into place
and secure it with the bolt that’s it last thing we need to do is just take it
outside and test it so I hope this video helped you guys
out please subscribe to my channel you can also join my facebook group that’s
TractorTread – used tractors for sale I’m Mark with the TractorTread YouTube
channel and we’ll see you on the next one

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