Cub Cadet XT1 and XT2 deck removal – with manual PTO

hey guys I’m mark with the TractorTread
YouTube channel today I’m gonna show you how to remove the mower deck on a Cub
Cadet XT2 LX42 with a manual PTO it’s real easy and I’m gonna show you how you
can remove the mower deck without using any tools but to make things easier I’ll
be using a pair of needle nose pliers the first thing you’ll want to do is
make sure that the tractor is turned off and on the right hand side on the fender
you have two levers one to raise and lower the mower deck and another one for
the PTO so we’re gonna take the lever for the mower deck and lower it all the
way down and make sure our PTO lever is in the off position there’s only a
couple items we need to remove and order it move the mower deck there’ll be two
pins one on each side on the rear hangers pin up on the front rod and
a quick pin that’s holding on a cable and we’ll need to remove the mower belt
with the mower deck lowered all the way down the first thing we’ll do is remove
the pin on the right hanger and you can do that with your hand just by simply
twisting the pin a little bit pulling it outward and it’ll pop right out now
we’ll go to the left hand side of the tractor on the lifting frame grab ahold
of the pin twist that a little bit we’ll slide that right out and we’ll go
underneath the front of the tractor there’ll be a rod this rods for
adjusting from the mower deck and at the end of the rod we have a pin and there’s
two holes one’s marked 46 the other ones marked 42 we’ll make sure that the rod
goes back in the hole marked 42 since we have a 42 inch mower deck so now let’s
go ahead and twist the pin and we’ll remove the pin and then we’ll just lay
the rod out of the way for now to make it easier to slide the lift
links out of the way we’re going to go ahead and raise the mower deck into the
second position now we can go back to the right hand side and grab ahold of
left link and slide it off the pin and we’ll go back to the left hand side and
pull that link off the pin move that out of the way we don’t need the lift links
in our way so we’ll raise the mower deck and the
highest position it’s time now to remove the belt and we’re going to leave
the belt on the mower deck we’re going to take it off of this pulley underneath
the engine here there’s a belt retainer in the way
you can remove this bolt right here with a 5/16 socket and slide this rod out of
the way and remove it if you like we’re gonna leave the rod attached if we go to
the left-hand side of the frame just underneath the engine you’ll see right
where this retainer sticks out of the frame
if you push really hard right here and downward that’ll move that retainer just
out of the way far enough we can get our belt off with the retainer pushed down
out of the way now we can slide our belt off and slip it right in between the
pulley and the retainer now you’ll have to be very careful we can slowly slide
the deck just a little bit you still can’t remove the mower deck
and need to remove this cable right here and there’s a pin holding on the cable now
we’ll twist our pin slide it out with the pin off then we’ll be able to pull
the cable through the mower deck slide that off to the side now we can slide
the deck from underneath the tractor give us a little bit more room and we
still have to remove this spring right here what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
push on this idler right here that’ll give us enough room to remove this
spring once we push the idler pulley gives us plenty of room remove the
spring with everything unhooked now check out the tractor with the mower
deck removed now we can go ahead and remove this rod just by sliding that out
the front you can take that off if you’d like to mount up a snow plow or snow
blower with the mower deck removed now you can check over your belt your idler
pulleys and you can lift the deck up and clean out from underneath the deck to
install the mower deck we’re just going to do the same procedure but in Reverse
while we have the deck out from underneath the tractor now it’s a good
time to show you how to hook up the spring and how to hook up the cable you
want to push on this idler pulley and that will move that arm out far enough
to where you can slide that spring right into that slot when you release the
idler pulley the spring will lay underneath this rod
and underneath the belt and it will hook right into here after you have your
spring connected you can push on the idler pulley again and what you’ll do is
you’ll feed the cable through this slot right here on the right hand side hanger
and once that comes through you’ll be able to take your quick pin and pin it
this is what the end of the cable looks like that’s the hole where the pin is
going to go through and that’s what the spring looks like now we want to slide
the deck in just far enough so we can hook up our spring now we’re going to
push on the pulley to hook up our spring with the bracket pushed all the way back
now you can slide your spring in like that and hook it right up once you have
your spring hooked up you can reach underneath there push on the pulley if
you need to slide your cable right through the slot and now we’ll push our
pin right into place with the spring hooked up underneath the
belt underneath the rod we have our clip in place now we can slide the mower deck
back underneath the tractor take our belt slide it through the belt
guide back onto the pulley we’re gonna push right here on the belt guide to get
it to come back through the hole don’t forget to put your belt guide back in
place or else the belt can slip off and you could break a belt now it’s time to
put the front rod back into the hole that’s marked 42 and we’ll install the
clip we can go back up on top of the fender on the right hand side and lower
the mower deck all the way down in its lowest position we’ll install the left
links on each side make sure you don’t forget to install the lift link on the
left side now we’ll install the clip on the left hanger and we’ll put the clip
back on the lift frame on the right hand side and that’s it it was pretty easy we
got our mower deck back on again and we’re ready to go mow and so that’s how you remove and install the
mower deck on the LX42 with the manual pto if you have any comments leave them
in the comment section below can also join my facebook group that’s
TractorTread – used tractors for sale I’m mark with the TractorTread YouTube
channel we’ll see on the next one

74 comments on “Cub Cadet XT1 and XT2 deck removal – with manual PTO”

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  2. Anthony Jerome says:

    THANK YOU for this. The cable isn’t shown in the manufacturer video. So that was a nice surprise. Thanks for showing this. Do you have any videos of a snowblower attachment for this machine?

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  6. TractorTread says:

    Thank You for the positive comments.

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  8. R AYALA says:

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  10. Bradford Frotten says:

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    I'm an old man, memory is not very good. All set now, thanks to you!

  11. Veracity says:

    Best most clear video I have found on the deck removal and replacement I have found. Thanks for the clear instructions. I was going to just jack the tractor up to replace the blades but I think I can use this video to walk me through removing the deck instead. Thanks!!!

  12. Stephen Donahue says:

    Great video! Watching it greatly assisted me in reinstalling my mower deck!!

  13. 1IDSINES says:

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    This was a fantastic video and you saved me hours of my life. Thank you. I used this video to help me remove the deck to change the blades. If I ever find the person that tightened the bolts on the factory blades, I'm gonna strangle them. I had to take the deck to a local body shop to have them use the compressor wrench. But that's another story. Thanks for posting a great video.

  16. Jerry Oldenburg says:

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    Bravo! my old 2135 (23 years old) is easier to get the deck off since I don't have to mess with a cable but you give me confidence I can do this. Thank You.

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  23. Aaron Wilson says:

    Perfectly explained! Great video, that was very helpful. Thanks!

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  25. Nintendude says:

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  28. Stuart O'Day says:

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  29. John Villegas says:

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  30. Pieter Otten says:

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  31. Pieter Otten says:

    Thanks, this video was of great help

  32. James Collias says: mower is the same as this video..been rattling badly for a few weeks and the drive belt fell off today. its not broken but theres uneven wear and threads showing. I want to replace it and need a video on how to

  33. Carlisa Smith says:

    What an awesome teacher! I'm a 62 y/o woman and I just might give this a whirl since my belt slipped off. So thorough and you make it seem easy! Thanks!!!

  34. Dale Baranoski says:

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    Any help appreciated. I dropped a video online to show how it looks

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  58. gorillaonrye says:

    Changed belt on my cub cadet endure series XT1…..blades engage when I start up, even though lever is in the disengaged position……too small a belt?…..anyone?….

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    I followed the video carefully, and the deck came off without a hitch, besides me needing three hands to do so, it was great help. Now I repaired the jammed blades and when I tried putting it back on, the two rear hangers will not line up. No matter what I do I cannot get them into place to reattach and put the pins in, anything I’m missing, the video is so straightforward that it’s frustrating…

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  68. Evan Greenwald says:

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  69. mark barron says:

    Very near the end of the file you will see,
    Line : 2. loop on hook attached to the frame that holds the tensioning spring.
    It should read: 2. loop onto the back of the spring which is held to frame by a brass hook.

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