Cub Cadet zero turn review – RZT LX46

hey guys I’m mark with the TractorTread
YouTube channel and today we’re going to do a review on the Cub Cadet RZT LX
46 this Cub Cadet zero-turn features a 46 inch fabricated mowing deck a twin
cylinder Kawasaki engine and plenty of room to get on and off the machine at
the front of the unit this mower is ideal for medium-sized properties
relatively flat up to about 2 acres first thing we’ll take a look at is the
seat and we can see it’s made of a hard durable vinyl the armrests do lift up
Cub Cadet is in raised white lettering seat backing is made of a hard plastic
looking underneath the seat you can see the seat adjustment lever if you’re
looking down on the left hand side you can lift up on the seat adjustment lever
and hold it and you can move the seat forward or back you steer this mower
with two lap bars one on the left side and one on the right side if we look
down along the left side at the bottom we can see there’s several adjustments
to raise or lower the lap bar on each side looking down on the left-hand side
we can see we have some warning labels we have some instructions on how to
start the unit and some instructions on how to mow in Reverse right behind the
warning label is the gas cap for your gas tank the gas tank holds 2.8 gallons
if we look down the left-hand side we can see exactly how much gas is in our
tank we lift the seat up take a look underneath the seat we can see the
battery and if you want to take the battery out just remove that screw right
down there remove this wire here and just connect the two wires and the
battery will slide back and lift right out taking a look at the back of the
machine we have the kawasaki 18 horsepower twin cylinder FR600V
engine if you’d like to change your air cleaner you can lift up on these tabs
and if you loosen this screw right here that’ll loosen the clamp you can remove
your air cleaner install the new air cleaner
tighten it back up again and then you can close the flap click it right back
into place and as we look around the engine we can see the carburetor
valve cover spark plug right behind the valve cover on the left-hand side we
have valve cover and spark plug right behind that can look up the left-hand
side of the engine you can see the fuel filter there’s also a fuse for the
ignition down on the right hand side of the engine we have dipstick if you’d
like to check your oil turn the cap counter clockwise lift it out
wipe the end off with a rag and insert the stick back into the tube do not
screw this in pull it back out and your engine oil should be between two lines
on the dipstick when you’re done just insert the stick back into the tube turn
it clockwise and tighten it down right underneath the dipstick you’ll see your
oil drain and the drain the oil remove this cap right on the end you’re going
to twist this yellow fitting and you’re going to pull on it and that’ll release
the oil making sure you have a tube on the end either going out the back or
through this hole here after you drain your oil make sure that you twist and
lock this back into place and then put the cap back on before you put the new
oil in your engine right behind your oil dipstick is your oil filter take a look
at the back of machine we will see it does not have a tow hitch at the back of
machine you do have two hydro release levers one on the left hand side one on
the right hand side and if you pull on that spring lever and lock it into place
do that on each side then you reach up and you pull the handles together that’ll put the unit in neutral and then
you’ll be able to move the machine around your garage without starting the
engine when you’re done make sure you release the levers and just set them
right back into place again if we look underneath the unit we’ll see that the
unit has to drive units that’s the hydro gear ezt 2200 transmissions and on the
very bottom of the engine we’ll also see the electric PTO clutch and the routing
of the belt the rear wheels are 18 8 he bite front wheels have a smooth tread
pattern and they’re thirteen five by six there is a grease fitting on each front
wheel 46 inch mower deck is a welded fabricated reinforced steel deck this
deck has two anti scalloped wheels one on each side does have a grease fitting
you can adjust this wheel up or down you want to adjust this wheel so we it
grazes the top of the grass and then if it hits a bump it raises the deck up off
the ground you do not want to set this wheel down on the ground the 46 inch
mower deck has two blades two spindles they are not serviceable there is no
grease fittings on the mower deck you can remove the mower deck by pulling on
this pull pin and locking it into place there’s one on each side up on the front
of the mower deck you will need to pull off this quick pin remove the rod and
remove the belt and then you can slide the mower deck out from underneath the
machine right below your pull pin there is an adjustment nut to adjust the
height of the deck from side to side up on the front of the mower deck you have
an adjustment rod the jam nut on the end of it this is so you can adjust the
pitch of the mower deck from front to back on the right hand side of the mower
deck you have the mower flap you can lift this up that we can get through a
gate or get in your shed now we’ll take a couple measurements of the mower if we
line up the tape measure with the front wheel come all the way back here to the
back you’ll see it measures just over six foot at seventy six inches now we’ll
measure the mower deck we know from blade tip to blade tip it’s a 46 inch
cut where we line up our tape measure right here at the left side of the
mowing deck take a look at the other side right at the end of the chute and
we can see it’s 57 inches if we lift up on the flap you can see that the mower
deck width is 48 inches on the right hand side of the mower you have a deck
height adjustment lever with positions 1 through 8 the lowest position will cut
at an inch and a half in the highest position will cut it four inches on the
right hand side we have a control panel with a throttle control this controls
speed of the engine moving that all the way up is fast
all the way down is slow to the right of that you have your choke control when
you go to start the engine cold you’re gonna pull up on the choke
after the engine starts up push down on the choke control to turn it off right
above the PTO switch you have a battery voltage meter and a hour meter and you
first turn the key switch on you’ll see the battery voltage then automatically
switches over to the run time hours of the machine just below that you have
your PTO switch it’s power take off that turns the mower deck on when the
engine is running you pull up on that switch that’ll turn on the mower deck
push it back down to turn the mower deck off below that you have your key switch
you have stop position mow in Reverse position mow in the forward position and
start so when you go to start the machine you’re going to put the throttle
halfway up pull your choke up and turn the key all the way over to start and
right after the engine starts we’re going to push that choke off one of the safety features on this mower
is the Mow in reverse feature after you start the engine key switch will come
back to the normal forward mode position can drive the unit forward you can drive
it in Reverse but if you have the mower deck on the mower deck will shut off if
you try to mow in Reverse you need to switch over to the reverse
forward mow position press the orange triangle the red light will light up
then you can back up and mow as much as you like just always be sure to check
behind you before you mow in Reverse behind the key switch is a cup holder
and a place to put your phone or the garden tools after you start the machine
pull your lap bars to the neutral position if you move them forward
that’ll move the machine forward the harder you press the faster you will go
if you’d like to go in reverse pull the levers toward you
that’ll move the machine in Reverse if you’d like to go to the right push on
the Left bar that’ll make the Machine go to the right if you’d like to go to the
left push on the right bar and then the machine will turn to the left if you’d
like to do a zero turn the left push on the right bar while pulling on the left
bar and machine will zero turn to the left same thing if you’d like to go to
the right push on the left bar while pulling on the right bar and the zero
turn will zero turn to the right if you’d like to apply to brake pull the
bars back to the neutral position and spread them back out again
and that will apply the brake another safety feature is if you turn the mower
deck on and you hop up off the seat the mower deck will shut off now we’ll do a little mowing with the
unit and before you start the unit you will need to put the arms all the way
out in order for the machine to start put the throttle half way up sometimes
you will need to use a choke we’ll turn the key on turn the throttle up turn our
mower back on pull your handles in you’ll see if we try to mow in Reverse
the mower will shut off the mower did shut off got to turn your
mower off pull it back on again switch over to the mow in reverse
feature press the orange triangle look behind us and you can see we can mow in
Reverse as much as we need to you want to always look behind you before
mowing in Reverse see how nice every new cub cadet will come with an
operator’s manual a key some models will have an oil drain hose and a deck
washout plug and when you’re all done mowing you may want to try washing the grass
clippings out from underneath the mower deck and you’ll use your deck washout
plug screw this end onto the end of the garden hose this end here just pull back
like that slide it over top of the deck washout fitting turn your hose on
full-blast hop up on the seat of the machine start it up turn on the mower deck and
let the grass clippings wash out from underneath the mower deck you may want
to do this in your yard if you do it in the driveway may make a big mess in your
driveway then when you’re all done turn off the machine turn off your water
disconnect the hose and the fitting so that’s my review of the cub cadet RZT LX
46 zero turn mower I know what the RZT stands for residential zero turn I know
L stands for lap bar I think X stands for extra you guys
leave your comments in the comments section below you tell me what you think
X stands for thank you for watching all my videos please subscribe we’ll see on
the next one

11 comments on “Cub Cadet zero turn review – RZT LX46”

  1. Josh Shaw says:

    Do a toro review on the time cutter mx my ride toro engien

  2. Alex Stickney says:

    What's the difference between the RZT-L and the RZT-LX? I ask because I own the L version. Thx!

  3. Sophie Nash says:

    The L has the Kohler engine, the LX has the higher performing Kawasaki engine. There is also a L 46 H which has the Honda engine.

  4. Nexus Hexus says:

    Such a low end Zero turn.

  5. larry murphy says:

    Excellent demonstration of that Cub Cadet.

  6. Bazza Mow says:

    It would be great if you could show the transmission sir

  7. Ken Holloway says:

    Thank you for your comprehensive review! I recently purchased this mower from a big box store with the initials H.D. at a close at model year end sale. I bought it for half of the retail price and was very excited until I went to pick it up and it would not start! We replaced the dead battery but it still wouldn’t start. We tested the fuel with a q-tip that the lawn and garden manager furnished and the gas was bad. It had been sitting with gasoline in it for a long time possibly a year or longer. We drained all of the gas and ran some SeaFoam through the engine but it still won’t start. Any thoughts on why it’s not starting or ideas on what we can do to get it running?

  8. Josh The Inflatable And Tractor Guy says:

    Transmission no good

  9. Rebecca Valera, REALTOR, GRI says:

    This is so informative! You really know your stuff.

  10. Sidney Mathious says:

    I have the RZT LX with the 50" mower deck on it and is trying to get some wire from under the center spindle as I got the rest away from the outer spindles easily. My dog dragged the wire into the yard at some point from somewhere else and I accidentally ran over it. I may have to remove the mower to get that wire out, but trying to do it without removing the mower.

  11. Jason Herrity says:

    Mate, hands down the best review I've seen yet and I've watched a hell of a lot. Well done and thank you

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