Custom LEGO intermodal container gantry crane (STS) MOC complete!

all right everyone this is it my
ship-to-shore container gantry crane is done for now I say done for now because
now custom creations are never truly done there’s always opportunities for
improvement over time but everything is working about as as well as I could ask
and it fits into the originally designed space everything is is as functional as
I would like it to be things move pretty smoothly I’ve put in just some final
details I’m gonna use this as a kind of overview video for the whole thing as
well so I will show this in my my cargo Harbor dock area to give you more
context final context for how it really works last things that I added on in
this series of videos showing progress of it being built where the little cable
reel on the side which isn’t actually hooked up exactly the way it ought to be
but it gives a good suggestion of what you would kind of expect to see and in
roughly the place you would expect to see it added a little bit of detail down
here at the bog ease just to give kind of a suggestion of the motors that
control the whole thing sliding back and forth
of course the ladder is still there and that goes up to a platform that allows
the operator to get to the cab when the cab is brought all the way back when
it’s not actually in use but that lines up right there and I just add it on a
little bit of access to the they call this the Machine room back here in the
real things this would house some of the mechanisms some of the winches and I
believe some transformers also some switch panels and such but in this case
in the model I’ve just used it to house well mostly I’ve just used it to just
have the looks you notice all of these real container gantry cranes have this
big old box there when they’re this size but I’m using it to house the the
winches of real working winches for the retractable boom so that when this thing
is not in use you can pull that up and I’ve just got the white gear off
on the side to allow that to work so it’s something like this and it just has
a single spool inside of there for that and then the other the other string the
other end of the string it’s all just one string with the other hand is just
secured inside there’s a little bit of detail inside of the Machine room but
not much but it just gives me the ability to have a place to house some of
this stuff and that’s able to come up just how much I want and when it comes
back down it’s able to allow the whole trolley system to move across smoothly
that’s just running on some simple simple wheels going across tiles so from
the top when it’s all the way back behind the machine room you can see the
little winches of the dual spool winch set up to actually lift the spreader and
also to let it down that’s all one single string and it just goes through a
bunch of effectively pulleys only move this slide it to the side to give you
one more look at all that together so as that works it’s just a single string
kind of being moved around in various ways and then this is able to do slide
all the way down basically right there I think
right there you might see is where the the joint is between the retractable
part of the boom and the stationary kind of trolley rail section there so that’s
where it separates out but when it comes back together and it’s nice and flat
it’s able to just continue straight on the cab ended up having not very much
space in it but at least it has enough space to hold one happy worker
minifigure who was the operator in there and he’s able to get in and out kind of
or at least pretend to get in and out because when this is all the way back at
the entrance section this does open up it is a full minifig in there but it is
kind of difficult to get them in and out because of just how small the space is
and this does have the the gearing inside of there and that’s
required to make everything work with the knob from the outside so nothing is
motorized here there just really is not any reasonable way to motorized any of
this with real LEGO pieces without making it much much larger or without
having just cables all over the place and huge motors that just don’t fit into
the scale of this at all oh wow one other last thing that I did was I got to
clean up the boom a little bit originally when I showed this working I
had a couple of humps here and if you just reduced that down so it’s just a a
cleaner look overall and there it is in place in my Harbor such as the Harbor is
at this point the most complete thing in this area except for the main container
ship there but this doesn’t have the most realistic of proportions I noticed
more and more as a kind of approached completion on it it ought to have a much
longer boom but this is really purpose design designed specifically to work
here it can actually accommodate a ship that is wider than this that has three
columns or rows of containers on it but not much more than that
but it is designed to be able to handle having a train line beneath it and being
able to load onto and off of a truck that can come through here and you know
obviously if I had a lot more space than I’d be able to have a whole run of those
to be able to go through but it can also service the second train track over here
these aren’t the appropriate types of cars right now but you know it’s it’s
really covering this entire yard and now with this in place and like I said
complete for an owl be able to start paving in more of this you know it’s all
very plain right now but I’ll make it look a lot more complete be able to put
in kind of the the faux lanes a little office and everything a little bit of
warehousing facility hopefully just something very small over here and then
I’ve got my whole other dock my second pier
work on as well but this was a major thing that I’d been looking forward to
having for almost four years now I believe that it’s been since I at my
previous house initially put up kind of a mock-up of just a suggestion for where
I would have at least one of these things and at that time I was thinking
of it being something much much smaller than this so it’s kind of fun that it is
has grown but I especially am happy that it does really fit into the space and it
really fills up the space and it has good utility and it was enjoyable to put
together it also didn’t even take me all that long to take it from kind of
initial mock-up for this this final push to having it nice it complete for now
there are many details that can definitely be improved on this in the
future and I’m sure that as I see little things I’ll I’ll change them here and
there but for now it is time for me to move on to other things
and kind of spread the love out a little bit you know maybe over to this other
side of course I’ve got all that as of the time of the recording of this video
that’s being built up all that terrain there and I have a whole city to build
both the the above-ground area and the below ground area as well so a lot of
projects remain to be done but at least one can take a break for now and that
leaves room in the schedule always a good thing so you better work on next
thanks for watching thanks for following along on my progress and hope to have a
chance to talk to you again very soon you

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