28 comments on “Deadline missed to pay for crane demolition at Hard Rock”

  1. Mr Smith says:

    Anyone ever seen a competent government inspector ? I never have.

  2. spambot71 says:

    the exact time for these closures is still un

  3. Nicholas Sway says:

    This is what happens when cities are run by democrats. They are corrupt and only care about money. The city "inspectors" should go to prison.

  4. xsarchitect says:

    So, you're saying it's difficult to demo something that's been damaged? Reminds me of something….. building 7

  5. Network126 says:

    What a disaster this has turned into.

  6. Society News Network says:

    I can chip in a dollar

  7. R. Ive says:

    $5 million to bring that crap down??

  8. JoePJack1 says:

    I predict it doesn’t go as planned…yes I’m psychic

  9. Michael Kuhl says:

    Follow the money, folks, if you wonder why this is taking so long.

  10. Hurricaneplays says:

    At first I thought that guy’s hat said “MOFO” which sounded okay for New Orleans.

  11. Carl Spackler says:

    "It's an eyesore"
    Shut up stupid.

  12. Uncle Timo says:

    no one is to blame, and the evidence will soon be hurry up! destroyed

  13. troy lea says:

    5Mil? Lol talk about gouging. Inwould of wrecked the cranes and building for that.

  14. Don 808 says:

    7 Union Ironworkers showed up at this tragic job site shortly after the collapse with a 500 ton hydraulic crane and volunteered to take down the two tower cranes in a day Safely ( is what they do ) and were thrown off this job site, Kailas & Citadel the contractor should be removed from this construction site and jailed, their greed has caused irreparable damage to this community,

  15. Stan Jelinek says:

    This is how DEMOCRATS do things

  16. Ktkahghierm_quake 2020 Ddd Yyy says:

    Why wouldnt they shore the cranes jp and use them to demolition the buildkng.

  17. lextacy2008 says:

    When cranes make "breaking news"

  18. Euan Seaton says:

    What happened?

  19. YoYO Semite says:

    How lame, "It's an eye sore" more like it's a fatal accident scene

  20. pkasb90 says:

    Give concrete enough time to dry up.

  21. ThatCableGuy says:

    Epstein didnt kill himself

  22. RedNeckRacing 88 says:

    That lady's ridiculous it's a an eyesore it's got to come down right away we no care concern about the people who just died all she's worried about is getting rid of it cuz it's an eyesore someone needs to fire her for lack of compassion for the dead and for the families how about that lady named Karen

  23. Diesel Ramcharger says:

    you want things to be delayed, handled poorly and generally mismanaged? put a black in charge.

  24. September 19 says:

    5 million dollars to take the crane down. My buddy juan would do it for 20k

  25. Jared Lumbert says:

    Guaranteed these developers are going to screw over all kinds of people that have missed work because of this. This is just the start of their failure to pay.

  26. Trinnasith W. says:

    Hard Rock : hold my guitar

  27. white zebra says:

    Another KIM FOXX HERE

  28. Charles C. Parker says:

    Haste makes waiste.

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